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The process is to search for service in your area, choose a provider than call or order online.  The majority of US States have over 80% coverage with many having over 90% coverage.  There is sure to be the perfect Internet Service Provider for you!

CompanyStarting Price
Rise Broadband$40.00

Types of Internet Service Providers Nationwide


A Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a method of connecting to the internet through an existing telephone line. Faster and more reliable than dial-up, DSL has been the choice for most Americans ever since it gained traction in the late 1990's. Seeing as all that's needed is a telephone line, most households and businesses will have some form of DSL to choose from.


  • Available to most addresses
  • Highly reliable connection
  • Affordability


  • Reduced upload speeds
  • Slower than other lines


Using the same infrastructure as cable television, cable internet access has quickly grown in popularity among ISPs and consumers alike. Generally offering faster speeds than a DSL line, it's often the first choice when looking to use the internet for things such as streaming, gaming, or just visiting some of your favorite sites.


  • Increased download speeds
  • Widely available


  • Shared bandwidth
  • Reduced upload speeds


With the fastest speeds available through fiber, it's the perfect choice for the modern user. Through fiber internet, fiber-optic lines carry the signal back and forth from your home or business at near instantaneous speeds. It's one of the newest technologies on the market and demand is growing faster and faster.


  • Lightning fast download speeds
  • Highest upload speeds


  • Higher cost
  • Lower Availability


Really meant for homes or businesses without grounded lines available, satellite internet access can be found almost anywhere. Using a geostationary satellite to connect you with the wider world online, all that is needed is a clear line of site to the southern sky and you'll have no problem connecting to the web.


  • Available almost anywhere
  • Multiple plans available


  • Lag when gaming
  • VPN incompatible
  • Data restrictions

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless is a form of internet that uses directional radio antennas to connect to your home or business. Great for areas that don't have access to cable, DSL, or fiber, it allows you to have internet access without the often prohibitory price tag that getting those lines laid would cost.


  • Fast download speeds
  • No lines required


  • Weather affected
  • Antenna required