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Today, RCN Telecom Services consistently ranks as one of the top 10 American cable Internet providers concerning reach and customers. Founded in 1993, the company now serves as the second-largest fiber-optic provider in the country as well. Also, RCN customers have access to numerous high-speed Internet options, which can include high-definition television as well as home phone landline services. RCN Telecom Services Facts: * Many major cities throughout the United States have RCN availability. * Those who purchase RCN services do not need to agree to long-term contracts. * Even though no usage contact is required, all RCN customers receive a 3-year price guarantee to ensure optimal service. * RCN proudly starred on PCMag as a leading Internet service provider thanks to its high-quality customer interaction and support. * Any unsatisfied RCN customer is eligible to receive a full refund if they cancel the service in the first 30 days of a recently purchased plan.

RCN Telecom Services Internet Plans & Pricing

NameDownload SpeedsData CapPrice
10 Mbps Internet10 mbpsN/A$29.99
25Mbps Internet and Digital Basic TV25 mbpsN/A$29.99
Digital Basic TV and PhoneN/A$32.99
50 Mbps Internet50 mbpsN/A$34.99
155 Mbps Internet, Digital Basic TV155 mbpsN/A$34.99
155 Mbps Internet, Digital Basic TV, Phone155 mbpsN/A$34.99
50 Mbps Internet and Digital Basic TV50 mbpsN/A$39.99
330 Mbps Internet, Digital Basic TV330 mbpsN/A$39.99
330 Mbps Internet, Digital Basic TV, Phone330 mbpsN/A$39.99
155 Mbps Internet155 mbpsN/A$44.99
25Mbps Internet and Phone25 mbpsN/A$44.99
50 Mbps Internet and Phone50 mbpsN/A$49.99
330 Mbps Internet330 mbpsN/A$54.99
50 Mbps Internet, Digital Basic TV, Phone50 mbpsN/A$55.99
25Mbps Internet, Digital Basic TV, Phone25 mbpsN/A$59.99
50 Mbps Internet, Signature TV50 mbpsN/A$64.99
50 Mbps Internet, Signature TV, Phone50 mbpsN/A$74.99
25 Mbps Internet, Signature TV, Phone25 mbpsN/A$74.99
155 Mbps Internet, Signature TV, Phone155 mbpsN/A$84.99

RCN Telecom Services offers Internet service via the following technology: Cable.

RCN Telecom Services is available in the following cities: New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Brooklyn, NY, Bronx, NY, Washington, DC, Boston, MA, Baltimore, MD, Staten Island, NY, Arlington, VA, Allentown, PA, Lowell, MA, Cambridge, MA, Columbia, MD, Quincy, MA, Reading, PA, Germantown, MD, Newton, MA, Cicero, IL, Somerville, MA, Arlington Heights, IL, Evanston, IL, Bethlehem, PA, Schaumburg, IL, Silver Spring, MD and Palatine, IL and many more.

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RCN Telecom Services is available in the following states: District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.