InternetAdvisor Data Sources

We searched high and low on the world wide web, public data sources, and secret databases for all of our data.

Here are some specific governmental citations:

  • The "National Broadband Plan" Report from the FCC
  • The "Broadband Performance" Report from the FCC
  • Quarterly "The State of the Internet Reports" from Akamai
  • "Pew Home Broadband Report" from
  • "Broadband Availability in America" from the FCC
  • "2015 Broadband Progress Report" from the FCC
  • "Broadband adoption rates and gaps in U.S. metropolitan areas" by the Brookings Institute

Where did we get this?

In short, the answer is from a ton of government sources. In general, data from the following government entities was useful: Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). But we supplemented and fact-checked all government data with countless hours of research into the providers themselves.

Also, for our TV research, we used data from Nielson, Inc. and NetFlix, Inc.

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