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HughesNet's Most Popular Service Plans

HughesNet's plans vary by region, so be sure to verify pricing and plan terms with them before ordering service as all plans or promotions may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time.


Speeds Up To: 50 Mbps
Starting at: $79.99/mo
100 GB of Priority Data
Unlimited standard data
Download speeds up to 50 Mbps
Upload speeds up to 5 Mbps


Speeds Up To: 100 Mbps
Starting at: $94.99/mo
200 GB of Priority Data
Unlimited standard data
Download speeds up to 100 Mbps
Upload speeds up to 5 Mbps


Speeds Up To: 100 Mbps
Starting at: $114.99/mo
Faster internet with combined satellite and wireless technologies
200 GB of Priority Data
Unlimited standard data

Pros & Cons of HughesNet

HughesNet Pros
  • Available in 98% of the country
  • All that’s needed to connect is a clear line of sight to the southern sky
  • Multiple plans in all markets to choose from
  • Free Installation on Leased Equipment
HughesNet Cons
  • Operates off of a 2-year contract
  • Requires a satellite dish to be installed
  • Has difficulty with VPNs

Summary of All Internet Plans for HughesNet

NamePromotionPriceSpeedData Cap
Select-$79.9950 Mbps-
Elite-$94.99100 Mbps-
Fusion-$114.99100 Mbps-
HughesNet's plans vary by region, so be sure to verify pricing and plan terms with them before ordering service as all plans or promotions may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time.

HughesNet Internet Service

HughesNet currently has the highest coverage area in the nation with all fifty states falling under its service area. One of the major satellite providers in the nation, HughesNet has focused the core of its business on providing internet to underserved or un-served areas, often rural or small towns. Its recently increased speeds up to 100 Mbps is the new HughesNet. This is satellite internet reinvented with faster speeds and lower latency. With ninety-eight percent of the country under HughesNet’s coverage area, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll be an option available to any consumer.

HughesNet uses geosynchronous satellites to provide its customers with broadband internet connections. Since HughesNet was initially founded, it’s launched multiple satellites with a previous launch occurring in 2017 with the “EchoStar XIX,” and the latest being JUPITER™ 3 (EchoStar XXIV) is powering HughesNet’s newest satellite internet. This launch allowed the company to reach broadband levels, increasing speeds to 100 Mbps across the board. It also increased the available bandwidth that HughesNet offered its customers as well as simplifying their pricing structure with unlimited standard data. HughesNet does operate off of priority data caps though its internet can be considered unlimited. At no point does HughesNet charge overage prices or shut the internet off if a customer goes over their “priority data” limit, instead just having to deal with reduced speeds until their next billing cycle. If a customer does need more priority data before their next billing cycle rolls around, HughesNet has made data tokens available, increasing priority data and increasing available speeds in the process.

HughesNet is a great choice for rural customers as wired connections are often completely unavailable in America’s more remote locations. Satellite internet allows them to access the world wide web at broadband speeds allowing for any activity. It does have its drawbacks though. The biggest activity this can be seen in is virtual private networks. A majority of latency issues have been solved by their new high capacity satellite, and Whole Home Wi-Fi with the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards and optional Mesh Wi-Fi Nodes for wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage. When using a VPN, download speeds even when within the priority data limit can take anywhere from fifty to seventy-five percent longer. This reduction in speeds is not guaranteed with some VPN users not having any issues whatsoever. With that being said, it is something to take into account when considering a satellite internet provider.

For many rural customers, satellite internet is going to be one of the only viable options open to them. That doesn’t make it a lesser product though. When choosing the right package for you, assess your needs, your internet usage, and your budget to choose the package that will leave you satisfied and meet all of your digital requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about HughesNet

Does HughesNet require a credit check?

HughesNet does require a credit check for all residential accounts.

If I want to cancel my contract, can I do so?

Yes, you can. All that’s needed is to pay an early termination fee.

Does HughesNet offer paperless billing and autopay?

All of HughesNet’s plans included paperless billing and autopay by default.

If I run out of data, do I just have to wait until my next billing period?

No, you do not. HughesNet has data tokens that can be purchased to increase your data limit.

Will HughesNet be fast enough to stream on services like Netflix and Hulu?

HughesNet offers broadband speeds more than fast enough to connect to your favorite streaming services.

Does HughesNet offer any wired connections?

HughesNet operates entirely off of a wireless satellite network.

How large are HughesNet’s data caps?

HughesNet offers multiple packages that range for those with just one user to packages fit for large families.

Does HughesNet offer any services besides internet access?

Beyond the internet, HughesNet also offers Voice Over Internet Phone or VOIP.

How long of a contract will I be in with HughesNet?

When you initially set up your account, the contract runs a 2-year term. After that, it goes month to month.

Can I access HughesNet’s internet network?

Nearly every area in the nation can connect to HughesNet with 98% of the US covered.


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Summary of Top Cities Served by HughesNet

CityCoverageMax SpeedAvg SpeedType
New York City, NY100.00%100 Mbps50 MbpsSatellite
Los Angeles, CA100.00%100 Mbps50 MbpsSatellite
Chicago, IL100.00%100 Mbps50 MbpsSatellite
Brooklyn, NY100.00%100 Mbps50 MbpsSatellite
Houston, TX100.00%100 Mbps50 MbpsSatellite
Queens, NY100.00%100 Mbps50 MbpsSatellite
Philadelphia, PA100.00%100 Mbps50 MbpsSatellite
Phoenix, AZ94.56%100 Mbps50 MbpsSatellite
Manhattan, NY100.00%100 Mbps50 MbpsSatellite
San Antonio, TX100.00%100 Mbps50 MbpsSatellite
Data provided by various data sources including the FCC. For more information please view our sources page.

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