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Sonic's Most Popular Service Plans

Sonic's plans vary by region, so be sure to verify pricing and plan terms with them before ordering service as all plans or promotions may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time.

Sonic Gigabit Fiber

Speeds Up To: 1 Gbps
Starting at: $49.99/mo
No Data Caps
Free Installation
The fastest speeds available, handle anything that you could possibly want

Sonic 50Mbps

Speeds Up To: 50 Mbps
Starting at: $59.99/mo
No Data Caps
Free Installation
Connect to the wider world online

Sonic 100 Mbps

Speeds Up To: 100 Mbps
Starting at: $69.99/mo
No Data Caps
Free Installation
Fast enough for all of your gaming and streaming needs

Pros & Cons of Sonic

Sonic Pros
  • Offers fiber service
  • Zero data caps
  • Offers some of the fastest speeds in California
  • Offers residential and commercial services
  • Free standard installation
Sonic Cons
  • Only available in California
  • Uses a mix of DSL with fiber available in limited areas
  • Has a 12-month term
  • Equipment costs

Summary of All Internet Plans for Sonic

NamePromotionPriceSpeedData Cap
Sonic Gigabit Fiber-$49.991 Gbps-
Sonic 50Mbps-$59.9950 Mbps-
Sonic 100 Mbps-$69.99100 Mbps-
Sonic's plans vary by region, so be sure to verify pricing and plan terms with them before ordering service as all plans or promotions may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time.

Sonic Internet Service

Sonic is a DSL internet provider operating out of the state of California. It’s the eighth-largest DSL provider in the nation with service available to nearly 3 million customers. Sonic has also started offering its service through fiber and copper lines, expanding its service to meet the growing demand for fiber service. Though fiber availability through Sonic is relatively limited at this time, with about four-hundred thousand customers having access to Sonic fiber, they are actively in the process of expanding coverage.

Sonic began as a way to provide internet access to Santa Rosa Junior College. Founded by Dane Jasper and Scott Doty, they wanted to provide DSL internet service in a time when most people hadn’t even heard of the internet, let alone had uses it. In 1994, Sonic expanded its service to provide internet to customers who were not staff or students at Santa Rosa Junior College and have continued to expand with service now in nearly 500 zip codes stretching up the California coastline with particularly high coverage in Northern California. The company even services major metropolitan areas such as Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Sonic has created an interesting space for itself in the ISP market. With a focus on user privacy and anonymity, denying multiple orders from the U.S. government to provide user data in regards to torrent downloads and specific users’ involvement with Wikileaks and Tor.

Sonic’s DSL coverage is the backbone of its internet service though they are trying to change that. In 2015, Sonic partnered with AT&T to increase its fiber-to-the-node access, increasing speeds as a result. Beyond that, Sonic has begun to install its own truly fiber lines allowing customers in select areas to reach up to one thousand Mbps, a speed that was previously unattainable. Alongside internet service, Sonic also offers a number of options in the home, offering home phone service and partnering with Dish Network to provide television.

Sonic has maintained a reputation as not only a company that delivers a reliable high-speed connection to its customers but also a company that stands by its ethics. Both Dane Jasper and Scott Doty have spoken up on numerous occasions to combat the ever-growing lack of privacy on the web. They have implemented policies that reflect this. In 2011, they reduced the amount of time that they store user data to just two weeks in the face of an ever-growing tide of legal requests for its users’ data. That same year, Sonic alongside Google fought a court order to hand over email addresses who had contacted and had a correspondence with Tor developer and Wikileaks contributor Jacob Applebaum. When asked why, CEO Dane Jasper responded that it was “rather expensive, but the right thing to do.”

Sonic has made a habit of doing the right thing, both for its customers and the larger world. It’s a conscientious company that delivers on what is promised and goes the extra mile for its subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sonic

Does Sonic offer internet service in my area?

Sonic offers internet access throughout California.

What is the charge if I go over my allotted data?

With Sonic, there is no data caps and zero overage charges.

What are the fastest speeds that Sonic offers?

Sonic offers up to 1 Gigabyte per second.

Does Sonic offer other services besides the internet?

Sonic also offers home phone service.

How much does commercial internet cost through Sonic?

Commercial internet plus phone starts at $90/m.

If I bundle multiple services together, is it cheaper than the services alone?

The total cost will be higher but you will save on both services in total.

Does Sonic require a contract for residential services?

All new accounts come with a 12-month standard contract.

What are the installation costs with Sonic internet?

There are zero installation fees through Sonic.

If wired lines aren't available at my house, does Sonic offer any wireless options?

All of Sonic's services run through wired lines.

How much does Sonic internet cost?

That is entirely dependent on the internet package you choose.


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Summary of Top Cities Served by Sonic

CityCoverageMax SpeedAvg SpeedType
San Jose, CA12.39%80 Mbps29 MbpsCopper and DSL
San Francisco, CA54.54%1 Gbps190 MbpsCopper, DSL and Fiber
Oakland, CA33.60%1 Gbps99 MbpsCopper, DSL and Fiber
Santa Rosa, CA36.28%1 Gbps31 MbpsCopper and DSL
Hayward, CA22.42%80 Mbps31 MbpsCopper and DSL
Sunnyvale, CA19.46%80 Mbps29 MbpsCopper and DSL
Santa Clara, CA18.41%80 Mbps29 MbpsCopper and DSL
Berkeley, CA67.95%1 Gbps309 MbpsCopper, DSL and Fiber
Daly City, CA16.89%80 Mbps30 MbpsCopper and DSL
San Mateo, CA20.37%80 Mbps29 MbpsCopper and DSL
Data provided by various data sources including the FCC. For more information please view our sources page.

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