Internet Service in MT.

Absarokee, MT7
Anaconda, MT5
Ashland, MT5
Baker, MT4
Belgrade, MT7
Big Sky, MT3
Big Timber, MT5
Bigfork, MT7
Billings, MT12
Black Eagle, MT11
Boulder, MT4
Bozeman, MT8
Bridger, MT7
Browning, MT7
Busby, MT7
Butte, MT9
Chester, MT6
Chinook, MT5
Choteau, MT9
Clancy, MT6
Clinton, MT10
Colstrip, MT7
Columbia Falls, MT7
Columbus, MT9
Conrad, MT6
Corvallis, MT6
Crow Agency, MT7
Culbertson, MT4
Cut Bank, MT8
Darby, MT6
Deer Lodge, MT7
Dillon, MT6
East Helena, MT6
Ennis, MT6
Eureka, MT3
Fairfield, MT9
Fairview, MT5
Florence, MT7
Forsyth, MT7
Fort Benton, MT10
Frenchtown, MT11
Gallatin Gateway, MT7
Gardiner, MT5
Glasgow, MT5
Glendive, MT5
Great Falls, MT12
Hamilton, MT7
Hardin, MT9
Harlem, MT5
Harlowton, MT4
Havre, MT5
Hays, MT5
Helena, MT8
Hungry Horse, MT7
Kalispell, MT7
Lakeside, MT7
Lame Deer, MT5
Laurel, MT12
Lewistown, MT8
Libby, MT4
Lincoln, MT3
Livingston, MT5
Lolo, MT10
Malta, MT5
Manhattan, MT6
Marion, MT7
Miles City, MT6
Missoula, MT11
Pablo, MT6
Park City, MT8
Philipsburg, MT5
Pinesdale, MT5
Plains, MT4
Plentywood, MT4
Polson, MT7
Poplar, MT4
Red Lodge, MT7
Roberts, MT6
Ronan, MT7
Rosebud, MT6
Roundup, MT3
Scobey, MT3
Seeley Lake, MT9
Shelby, MT7
Sidney, MT6
Somers, MT7
Stevensville, MT7
Superior, MT3
Thompson Falls, MT3
Three Forks, MT6
Townsend, MT5
Troy, MT5
Ulm, MT12
Victor, MT6
West Yellowstone, MT5
White Sulphur Springs, MT6
Whitefish, MT7
Whitehall, MT3
Wolf Creek, MT4
Wolf Point, MT4
* availability only includes locations with greater than 50,000 residents


With 56 Internet service providers and an average download speed of 21.80 MBPS, Montana is ranked as the 50 most connected state in the U.S. Regarding Internet competition within the state, 66% of the population of Montana has access to two or more ISPs. This means that about 34% of the population lives still in an under served area (where there is no provider or only one provider).


Gigabit speed Internet service has become the aspiration of Americans everywhere. Only 0.30% of the people of Montana have access to Gigabit service. At least 98.40% of the people here do not have access to 100 MBPS Internet service.

In 2014 the FCC designated 25 MBPS as the minimum download speed for an Internet provider to call their service "broadband" speed Internet. 77.50% of the Montana's population does not have access to broadband Internet service.


Wired access includes technologies such as DSL, Cable, Copper and Fiber Optic Internet services. Most people here have access to one or more of these technologies, but 9.80% still do not have access to any type of wired Internet access technology.

Mobile broadband is defined as accessing the Internet via cell phone towers. Speeds vary depending upon the type of technology (3G, 4G, LTE, etc...). 96.40% of Montana's population has access to one or more mobile broadband providers.

Fixed wireless internet is internet from an Internet service tower. Usually these services are set up to provide broadband service in more rural areas. 66.80% of the population here has access to one or more fixed wireless providers.