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The 10 BEST Internet Providers Denver, CO (for 2024)

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#1 Best Choice
95% Coverage
Customer Rating: 4.4/5

EarthLink offers internet in Denver, CO.

Offering DSL Internet and Fiber Internet.

  • Get up to a $300 gift card with new qualifying service
  • EarthLink serves millions of customer nationwide
  • EarthLink offers no teaser pricing with professional installation
  • EarthLink provides fiber optic internet service with low latency and reliable speeds
  • EarthLink also offers security suites to protect your family and devices while online

Speeds up to

5 Gbps

Price starting at


75% Coverage
Customer Rating: 3.6/5

Quantum Fiber offers internet in Denver, CO.

Offering Fiber Internet.

  • Blazing fast internet for any needs
  • Reliable fiber connectivity
  • High performance WiFi included

Speeds up to

940 Mbps

Price starting at


100% Coverage
Customer Rating: 3.6/5

ViaSat offers internet in Denver, CO.

Offering Satellite Internet and Phone.

  • Built for rural areas without access to DSL, cable, or fiber lines
  • All that’s need to connect is a clear line of sight to the southern sky
  • Multiple plans with multiple speeds to meet any lifestyle and budget
  • Free standard installation on all new orders

Speeds up to

150 Mbps

Price starting at


92% Coverage
Customer Rating: 3.8/5

CenturyLink offers internet in Denver, CO.

Offering DSL Internet, Fiber Internet and Phone.

  • Great speeds at a low price
  • Unlimited plans so you can stay connected as long as you want
  • Stream, game online, upload and download content instantaneously
  • Super simple, easy-to-understand pricing
98% Coverage
Customer Rating: 4/5

Xfinity offers internet in Denver, CO.

Offering Cable Internet, Television and Phone.

  • The nation’s largest internet network within 40 states and with over 100 million subscribers
  • A long history as an internet provider having started in 1996
  • Xfinity WiFi available across one million hotspots for customers subscribed to the “Performance” tier or better

Speeds up to

2 Gbps

Price starting at


54% Coverage
Customer Rating: 3.1/5

Rise Broadband offers internet in Denver, CO.

Offering Fixed Wireless and Phone.

  • Rise Broadband uses cutting edge fixed wireless technology
  • Offers service to many areas that have traditionally been underserved or entirely un-served
  • Rise Broadband’s customers can access speeds ranging from 3Mbps to 1000Mbps
100% Coverage
Customer Rating: 4.4/5

HughesNet offers internet in Denver, CO.

Offering Satellite Internet and Phone.

  • National satellite Internet service provider with A+ BBB Rating
  • Free Installation on Leased Equipment
  • Unlimited Data - No Hard Data Limits

Speeds up to

100 Mbps

Price starting at


Dish Network logo.
Customer Rating: 4.5/5

Dish Network offers television service in Denver, CO.

Satellite Television with over 80,000 On Demand titles.

  • DISH is ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Power for the third year in a row.
  • 2-Year TV Price Guarantee.
  • Free Google Voice Remote and Smart DVR Included.
  • Record up to 16 shows at once.
  • FREE Standard Professional Installation

Channels up to


Price starting at


Customer Rating: 4.5/5

DIRECTV offers television service in Denver, CO.

Satellite Television with HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax free for first 3 months

  • Best entertainement options for any sports fan over Cable TV, including NFL Sunday Ticket!
  • Includes local channels
  • Free upgrade to Genie HD-DVR
  • Free professional installation in up to 4 rooms

Channels up to


Price starting at


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Denver, CO has a total of 12 providers including 1 Cable providers, 2 DSL providers, 3 Fiber providers and 3 Fixed Wireless providers.

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Top Internet Service Providers for Denver, CO

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Internet Service Providers Ranked for Denver, CO

What are the best internet providers by usage in Denver, CO?

  1. EarthLink - 5 Gbps
  2. Xfinity - 2 Gbps
  3. CenturyLink - 940 Mbps
  4. Quantum Fiber - 940 Mbps
  5. ViaSat - 150 Mbps
  6. Rise Broadband - 50 Mbps
  7. HughesNet - 100 Mbps

What are the cheapest internet providers in Denver, CO?

  1. Xfinity - Starting at: $20.00
  2. Rise Broadband - Starting at: $40.00
  3. ViaSat - Starting at: $49.99
  4. CenturyLink - Starting at: $50.00
  5. Quantum Fiber - Starting at: $50.00
  6. EarthLink - Starting at: $54.95
  7. HughesNet - Starting at: $79.99

What are the best internet providers in Denver, CO?

  1. EarthLink - for Overall Usage
  2. EarthLink - for Fastest Speeds
  3. EarthLink - for Online Gaming
  4. EarthLink - for Streaming
  5. ViaSat - for Availability
  6. HughesNet - for Light Usage

What are the internet providers with the widest coverage in Denver, CO?

  1. ViaSat - 99.51%
  2. HughesNet - 99.51%
  3. Xfinity - 98.30%
  4. EarthLink - 94.61%
  5. CenturyLink - 91.70%
  6. Quantum Fiber - 75.12%
  7. Rise Broadband - 53.60%

What are the highest rated internet providers in Denver, CO?

  1. EarthLink -
  2. CenturyLink -
  3. Quantum Fiber -
  4. Rise Broadband -
  5. HughesNet -
  6. ViaSat -
  7. Xfinity -

What are the internet providers with the fastest download speeds in Denver, CO?

  1. EarthLink - 5 Gbps
  2. Xfinity - 2 Gbps
  3. Quantum Fiber - 940 Mbps
  4. CenturyLink - 940 Mbps
  5. ViaSat - 150 Mbps
  6. HughesNet - 100 Mbps
  7. Rise Broadband - 50 Mbps

Internet Service Details in Denver, CO

Denver is one of the most exciting cities of the past decade. Hometown of Tim Allen, the Lumineers, and Madeleine Albright, it'd be an understatement to say that they haven't impacted the nation as a whole. It's a city of immense beauty, sitting snuggly on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Denver has a lot to offer and in turn, the city's internet providers offer a lot back to the city.

Denver has more options for the internet than most cities. With eight different options, any consumer can find something they can get behind. Currently, the providers available are Xfinity, CenturyLink, Viasat, HughesNet, Rise Broadband, Verso Networks, Aerux Broadband, and iLOKA. With cable, DSL, fiber, satellite, fixed wireless, and copper options, figuring out what's best for you can a little daunting, but rest assured, any of these companies can provide a reliable service.

Among cable and fiber internet providers in the area, CenturyLink has the highest rate of coverage. With over half the city within their service area, they cover neighborhoods like Mapleton, Sheridan, Cherry Creek, Brighton, and Westminster. Among the areas that they do cover, about a third of that is fiber, delivering speeds that will handle anything from streaming in 4K to gaming to checking your Facebook and Instagram.

Xfinity is also a great option, particularly for those in the Westminster, Littleton, or Englewood areas. Providing internet largely through cable lines in the ground, Xfinity can provide blazingly fast speeds for over half the city. In addition, if you're looking for more than just internet, Xfinity also offers television and home phone service.

If you're looking for an alternative to cable internet, Viasat and HughesNet are both satellite internet providers and a good alternative. They have multiple plans available that can match any budget and any lifestyle.

Denver is a melting pot of ideas and culture and no matter who you are, when it comes to finding an internet provider, there's really not a wrong choice.

Summary of Internet Providers in Denver, CO

All Internet Providers in Denver, CO

 ProviderTypeCoverageMax SpeedAvg Speed 
EarthLinkDSL and Fiber 94.61%5 Gbps374 Mbps
XfinityCable, Television and Phone 98.30%2 Gbps926 Mbps
Quantum FiberFiber 75.12%940 Mbps221 Mbps
CenturyLinkDSL, Fiber and Phone 91.70%940 Mbps424 Mbps
Verso NetworksFixed Wireless 5.29%500 Mbps500 Mbps
ViaSatSatellite and Phone 99.51%150 Mbps20 Mbps
HughesNetSatellite and Phone 99.51%100 Mbps50 Mbps
Aerux BoardbandFixed Wireless 77.91%100 Mbps100 Mbps
Rise BroadbandFixed Wireless and Phone 53.60%50 Mbps8 Mbps
iLOKACopper 2.35%10 Mbps10 Mbps
Data provided by various data sources including the FCC. For more information please view our sources page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Denver, CO

Frequently Asked Questions for Internet in Denver, CO

Which provider offers the best internet service in Denver, CO?

EarthLink is the best internet provider in Denver, CO, with download speeds up to 5 Gbps and pricing starting at $54.95.

How many internet providers provide service in Denver, CO?

There are currently 7 providers that offer internet service in Denver, CO.

What providers offer internet service in Denver, CO.

EarthLink, Quantum Fiber, ViaSat, CenturyLink, Xfinity, Rise Broadband and HughesNet offer internet service in Denver, CO.

What is the cheapest internet provider in Denver, CO?

Xfinity is the cheapest internet provider in Denver, CO, with pricing starting at $20.00.

What provider has the fastest speeds in Denver, CO?

EarthLink is the faster internet provider in Denver, CO, with maximum speeds reaching 5 Gbps and average speeds of 374 Mbps.

Free wireless internet access points in Denver, CO

Athmar Park Branch

1055 S. Tejon Street

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 935-0721

Bear Valley Branch

5171 West Dartmouth Avenue

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 935-0616

Blair-Caldwell Library

2401 Welton Street

Denver, Colorado 80137

(720) 865-2401

Byers Library

675 Santa Fe Drive

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 517-1665

Decker Branch

1501 South Logan Street

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 733-7584

Denver Public Library

10 W 14th Avenue Parkway

Denver, Colorado 80137

(720) 865-1111

Eugene Field Library

810 South University Boulevard

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 777-2301

Ford Warren Library

2825 High Street

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 294-0907

Hadley Branch

1890 South Grove Street

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 935-4267

Hampden Branch

9755 East Girard Avenue

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 750-3885

Jefferson County Public Library

10200 W 20th Ave

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 235-5275

Montbello Branch

12955 Albrook Drive

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 373-0767

Park Hill Branch

4705 Montview Boulevard

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 331-4063

Pauline Robinson Branch

5575 E 33rd Ave

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 370-1530

Perl Mack Branch Library

7611 Hilltop Circle

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 428-3576

Rangeview Library District

11658 N. Huron

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 288-2001

Ross-Barnum Branch

3570 West 1st Avenue

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 935-1891

Ross-Broadway Branch

33 East Bayaud Avenue

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 777-4845

Ross-Cherry Creek Branch

305 Milwaukee Street

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 331-4016

Ross-University Hills Branch

4310 East Amherst Avenue

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 757-2714

Schlessman Family Branch

100 South Poplar Street

Denver, Colorado 80137

(720) 865-0000

Smiley Branch

4501 West 46th Avenue

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 477-3622


4690 Vine Street

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 295-4302

Virginia Village Branch

1500 South Dahlia Street

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 757-6662

Westwood Branch

1000 South Lowell Boulevard

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 936-8808

Woodbury Branch

3265 Federal Boulevard

Denver, Colorado 80137

(303) 455-3930

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