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Xfinity's Most Popular Service Plans

Xfinity's plans vary by region, so be sure to verify pricing and plan terms with them before ordering service as all plans or promotions may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time.

Performance Starter+

Speeds Up To: 50 Mbps
Starting at: $20.00/mo
Good for 1-2 devices
Great for anyone just starting out on the internet. Check your email, visit your favorite sites, connect to the wider world online.


Speeds Up To: 400 Mbps
Starting at: $50.00/mo
Connect up to 11 devices at the same time
For the modern family who lives online. Never worry about not having high enough speeds.


Speeds Up To: 1.2 Gbps
Starting at: $70.00/mo
No limit on devices able to be connected
One of the fastest internet plans on the market. There’s no limit to what you can do online.

Pros & Cons of Xfinity

Xfinity Pros
  • America’s largest cable internet provider
  • Multiple products available to choose from
  • Offers internet speeds on par with the fastest in the nation
  • Offers both contract and no contract options
  • Multiple bundles to choose from
Xfinity Cons
  • Additional equipment costs
  • Wires lines only, no wireless connections
  • One time installation cost for internet accounts

Summary of All Internet Plans for Xfinity

NamePromotionPriceSpeedData Cap
Performance Starter+-$20.0050 Mbps-
Performance-$40.00100 Mbps-
Blast!-$50.00200 Mbps-
Extreme-$50.00400 Mbps-
Extreme Pro+-$60.00800 Mbps-
Gigabit-$70.001.2 Gbps-
Gigabit Pro-$299.952 Gbps-
Xfinity's plans vary by region, so be sure to verify pricing and plan terms with them before ordering service as all plans or promotions may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time.

Xfinity Internet Service

The largest cable and internet provider in the nation, Xfinity holds that title for good reason. Currently found in 40 states and serving over 100 million Americans, Xfinity has cemented itself as a company that can provide fast, reliable connections. First offering internet service in 1996, Xfinity has kept up with the times, constantly updating and upgrading their lines as more and more households are looking to connect to their favorite sites, streaming services, and gaming communities. 

When first connecting to the Xfinity network, customers are going to have multiple options to choose from. Firstly, Xfinity does not necessarily lock a prospective customer in a contract. The company offers both contract and non-contract options depending on their needs. With multiple plans available, from basic to lightning-fast speeds, there is an option for every household, every need, and every budget. Each of these is priced differently based on whether or not a contract is opted out of, the type of internet connection, internet speeds, and whether or not the customer decides to bundle the internet with additional Xfinity services.

Xfinity has strived and committed to evolving with the latest technologies. Operating off of a Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Network, they are able to deliver some of the fastest speeds in the nation. They’ve leveraged their ubiquity to create one of the largest WiFi networks in the nation. For Xfinity subscribers within the “Performance” tier or higher, as long an Xfinity modem and router are within range, they are able to connect almost anywhere. This makes using the internet on the go easier than ever. In addition, Xfinity has recently upgraded its service to meet the increasing demand for smart home integration. Revealing their Xfi experience in 2017, users are now able to connect their smart home devices with Xfinity TV and the Xfinity app to take control of their homes wherever they may go.

Xfinity uses cable lines to provide their customers with internet service.  Originally a cable TV provider, Xfinity first used its already considerable network to provide internet to its customers in 1996. At first, they partnered with other companies to provide internet service while they learned the unique challenges that offering the internet posed. By 2002 though, it had moved its nearly one million internet subscribers to their inhouse network and has rapidly grown since then. Today, over 26 million households are receiving Xfinity internet, and that number is only going to continue to grow.

Xfinity has made internet access available to many that would normally not be able to connect. Through their Internet Essentials, Xfinity offers low-cost options to those who qualify for reduced cost or free school lunches. This covers about 2.6 million households nationwide with over 200,000 households taking advantage of the program. This is an important feature as it provides families who would not normally have access to the wider world online. The Internet is no longer a luxury, and Xfinity has done its part to help every American have access to mobile banking, online learning, and social media.

Frequently Asked Questions about Xfinity

Is Xfinity available at my address?

Being the largest cable provider in the nation, Xfinity's coverage area is massive so chances are, it'll be available at your address.

How much is the installation cost for new accounts?

Xfinity charges a one-time fee of $89.99. Internet installations can also be completed by the customer through Self Install Kits (called "Getting Started Kits") depending on service address ($15 shipping fee).

How much does Xfinity charge to rent a modem?

Modems start at $14 a month to rent.

If I opt into a contract, how long is the term?

Xfinity contracts are for twelve-month terms.

What are the fastest speeds that Xfinity offers?

Xfinity Internet can reach speeds up to 2000 Mbps.

What services does Xfinity offer for residential customers?

Xfinity has internet, television, and home phone services available for all residential customers. Internet services can be upgraded with the xFi Complete package that includes Advanced Security plus unlimited data.

If I bundle multiple services together, do I receive any sort of discount?

Yes, by bundling multiple products together, you'll receive a discount on each of those services.

What are internet packages with Xfinity starting at?

The base internet package with Xfinity is $20/m for 25 Mbps.

If I opt into a contract and want to cancel after, what is the early termination fee?

If you want to cancel a contract early, it'll be $10 for each remaining month of the agreement.

What sort of lines does Xfinity use to provide internet service?

Xfinity uses a coaxial cable network to provide its customers with internet service.


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Summary of Top Cities Served by Xfinity

CityCoverageMax SpeedAvg SpeedType
Chicago, IL98.70%2 Gbps987 MbpsCable
Houston, TX95.69%2 Gbps987 MbpsCable
Philadelphia, PA99.50%2 Gbps945 MbpsCable
San Jose, CA98.20%2 Gbps987 MbpsCable
Jacksonville, FL97.90%2 Gbps987 MbpsCable
San Francisco, CA99.30%2 Gbps987 MbpsCable
Indianapolis, IN70.44%2 Gbps895 MbpsCable
Seattle, WA95.70%2 Gbps917 MbpsCable
Denver, CO98.30%2 Gbps926 MbpsCable
Detroit, MI99.20%2 Gbps916 MbpsCable
Data provided by various data sources including the FCC. For more information please view our sources page.

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