Best Fixed Wireless Internet Providers for October, 2021

Fixed wireless is a form of internet that uses directional radio antennas to connect to your home or business. Great for areas that don't have access to cable, DSL, or fiber, it allows you to have internet access without the often prohibitory price tag that getting those lines laid would cost.

What are the best fixed wireless internet providers?

Rise BroadbandRise BroadbandAT&TAT&TMetronetMetronetCenturyLinkCenturyLinkWindstreamWindstream
TWN CommunicationsTWN Communications
Benton Ridge Telephone CompanyBenton Ridge Telephone Company
Pixius CommunicationsPixius Communications
LTD BroadbandLTD Broadband
Wisper ISPWisper ISP
StarTouch BroadbandStarTouch Broadband
Viaero WirelessViaero Wireless
Florida High Speed InternetFlorida High Speed Internet