Best Cable Internet Providers for October, 2021

Using the same infrastructure as cable television, cable internet access has quickly grown in popularity among ISPs and consumers alike. Generally offering faster speeds than a DSL line, it's often the first choice when looking to use the internet for things such as streaming, gaming, or just visiting some of your favorite sites.

What are the best cable internet providers?

XfinityXfinitySpectrumSpectrumXtream by MediacomXtream by MediacomSuddenlinkSuddenlinkSparklightSparklightCoxCoxWOW!WOW!RCNRCNWindstreamWindstream
Blue RidgeBlue Ridge
Wave BroadbandWave Broadband
Vyve BroadbandVyve Broadband
Service ElectricService Electric
Consolidated CommunicationsConsolidated Communications
Zito MediaZito Media

Frequently Asked Questions about Cable Internet.

  1. What Is Cable Internet?

    Cable internet is form of broadband access that delivers internet connections through an infrastructure that previously supported only cable television. The connection is made through a cable modem that is connected to a coaxial cable, which delivers two-way communication through radio frequencies.

  2. Who Are The Top Cable Providers?

    Speeds and download rates are important when ranking cable internet providers. It is also important to look at service prices, ability to customize your bundles, and additional fees.

  3. Who Is The Largest Cable Provider?

    Based on the amount of customers served and states covered, the largest cable ISP is Comcast. They are able to serve over 100 million customers across 41 states.

  4. How Fast Is Cable Internet?

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defines broadband connection as having download of at least 25 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps. A cable internet connection can support download speeds that range from 8 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

  5. How Much Does Cable Internet Cost?

    There is a usually a one time setup fee from your provider that can range from $50-$100. After that your monthly bill is usually between $40-$50.

  6. Why Should I Get Cable Internet?

    A significant number of homes already have the proper wiring for cable TV, which makes adding internet a very easy task. Additionally, coaxial cables are able to handle a significant amount of bandwidth allowing the user to connect to the internet at a fast rate.