Complete List of Cable Internet Providers in the U.S.

What Is Cable Internet?

Cable internet is form of broadband access that delivers internet connections through an infrastructure that previously supported only cable television. The connection is made through a cable modem that is connected to a coaxial cable, which delivers two-way communication through radio frequencies.

Who Are The Top Cable Providers?

Speeds and download rates are important when ranking cable internet providers. It is also important to look at service prices, ability to customize your bundles, and additional fees. When taking all of this into account, these are our top five cable internet providers:

  • Comcast: Comcast has very fast download speeds that are are supported by excellent security and a reliable infrastructure.
  • AT&T Uverse: AT&T Uverse allows customers to price lock their contracts, whereas most cable internet providers increase contract prices after one or two years.
  • Time Warner Cable: Time Warner provides their customers with a free modem and offers their customers multiple bundle options.
  • Charter: Charter Communication has no data caps on their internet service.
  • Bright House Networks: Bright House Networks offers customers the fastest upload speed compared to any cable internet provider.

Who Is The largest Cable Provider?

Based on the amount of customers served and states covered, the largest cable ISP is Comcast. They are able to serve over 100 million customers across 41 states.

How Fast Is Cable Internet?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defines broadband connection as having download of at least 25 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps. A cable internet connection can support download speeds that range from 8 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

How Much Does Cable Internet Cost?

There is a usually a one time setup fee from your provider that can range from $50-$100. After that your monthly bill is usually between $40-$50.

Why Should I Get Cable Internet?

A significant number of homes already have the proper wiring for cable TV, which makes adding internet a very easy task. Additionally, coaxial cables are able to handle a significant amount of bandwidth allowing the user to connect to the internet at a fast rate.

CenturyLink50,400,83235(855) 383-3770
Spectrum29,828,75130(877) 906-9121
Bright House Networks9,574,0315(855) 222-0102
XFINITY by Comcast112,890,62935(866) 487-7798
MegaPath141,651,57337(866) 270-7736
Cox Communications22,601,02516(866) 961-0027
TOAST.net16,219,7182(419) 292-2200
Optimum by Cablevision13,295,1694(855) 233-3333
Windstream Corporation11,322,70217(866) 444-2841
Business Only Broadband8,396,1703(855) 211-3746
Mediacom Communications Corp.7,285,02221(844) 351-3755
Suddenlink Communications5,989,43316(877) 694-9474
RCN Telecom Services4,098,8647(617) 859-2959
Cable One3,508,39419(877) 692-2253
FairPoint Communications3,218,75217(866) 984-2001
EarthLink2,942,01742(855) 349-4904
Internet Nebraska Corporation1,537,6291(402) 434-8680
Consolidated Communications1,459,4404(855) 224-2029
Service Electric Cable TV1,435,6692(610) 865-9100
Midcontinent Communications1,281,5314(800) 888-1300
Silver Star Telecom1,234,9151(888) 698-2912
Grande Communications1,152,7361(855) 286-6666
Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico1,064,7020(787) 355-3535
Cavalier Telephone1,037,6403(844) 263-2439
Transwave Communications Systems1,018,7351(800) 836-6668
MetroCast Communications922,2549(800) 952-1001
Cogeco Cable921,3756(800) 564-6253
Simply Bits877,8651(520) 545-0400
SawNet877,7822(888) 427-4865
General Communication697,3630(800) 800-4800
XO Communications671,25412(855) 551-0791
Wave Broadband664,8941(866) 928-3123
USAi.net658,3161(877) 873-8724
Northland Communications Corp.548,9419(844) 695-8485
Nexgen Integrated Communications488,6051(800) 531-5000
Earthlink Business Internet453,9652
Fidelity Communications414,1355(800) 392-8070
Union Telephone Company411,9823(715) 335-6301
Fox Valley Internet409,7741(847) 742-4623
USA Communications High Speed Internet386,9485
CNY Wireless363,4901
InfoStructure363,4901(541) 773-5000
Comporium Communications348,8252(888) 403-2667
Click! Network in Tacoma347,5861
Farmers Mutual Telephone Cooperative325,2046(180) 046-9351
XL Internet309,6811(815) 312-4454
Horry Telephone Cooperative306,8021(843) 369-7399
Premium Choice Broadband291,4421(888) 488-3638
McHenryCom Co.289,9711(847) 594-5111