Complete List of Fiber Internet Providers in the U.S.

What Is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet connects to the internet by transmitting light pulses through a transparent glass fiber, which are about the same size as a human hair. An optical transmitter converts a light signal into an optical signal so that it is able to travel down the optic fiber. Optic fibers are routed underground and contain optical receivers that transmit the information to your computer.

Who Are The Top "Fiber" Providers?

  • Verizon Fios: Verizon Fios is able to offer customer the fastest symmetrical connection where they get the same download and upload speeds.
  • Frontier Fios: Frontier purchased fiber lines from Verizon to increase coverage across Florida, California, and Texas.
  • CenturyLink: CenturyLink is able to deliver blazing fast speeds of up to 1 Gbps in select areas in the U.S.
  • AT&T Uverse: AT&T waives all installation and equipment fees for fiber optic customers.
  • Google Fiber: Google Fiber brings their customers up to 1000 Mbps of speed and crystal clear, high definition TV.

Who Is The Largest Fiber Provider?

Verizon Fios is the largest fiber optic provider in the U.S. Because of its limited availability, Verizon Fios is able to reach slightly over 32 million customers in 10 states.

How Fast Is Fiber Internet?

Fiber optic is the fastest internet option but unfortunately its availability is limited across the U.S. If you have fiber optic available to you, you would be able to purchase speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

How Much Does "Fiber" Internet Cost?

Depending on what fiber tier you select, plans start at around $50 and go up to $150 per month. Because you are buying an upgraded service, many providers include benefits such as free installation or free premium television channels for a year.

Why Should I Get Fiber Internet?

Fiber is the fastest option compared to any broadband service if it available in your area. You also get more reliable and constant internet connection. The fast speeds can be attributed to the fact that fiber optic lines are dedicated lines, meaning your speed will not be slowed by the amount of users.

Lake Connections10,9251(888) 262-7971
City Light Gas & Water10,7841(573) 888-5366
iTV-310,6111(309) 689-0711
Home Net10,5821(610) 683-5722
Arkwest Communications10,5281(479) 495-4200
Highlands Fiber Network10,4771(425) 427-0999
Midstate Communications10,4611(605) 778-6221
Unitel10,4111(207) 948-3900
Stealth Communications10,3981(212) 232-2020
Mulberry Cooperative Telephone10,2771(765) 296-9900
Ralls Technologies Fiber Solutions10,1031(573) 985-3600
West Iowa Telephone Company10,0642(712) 873-5711
Empire Access10,0521
Highland Communication Services10,0311(618) 654-1519
Albion Telephone Company9,9972(208) 673-5335
Spring Creek Cable9,9261(970) 249-4506
Panora Telco9,9111(641) 755-2424
St. Olaf College9,8591(507) 786-3830
Holyoke Gas & Electric9,7461(413) 536-9300
TDS9,5921(866) 571-6662
Pulaski Electric System9,4471(931) 363-2522
Hardy Telecommunications9,4091(304) 897-9911
Albany Mutual Telephone Association9,3841(320) 845-2101
Huxley Communications Cooperative9,2401(800) 231-4922
Shawnee Communications9,2391800461356
Pinnacle Communications9,1332(479) 674-2211
Runestone Telephone Association9,0061(320) 986-2013
Marne & Elk Horn Telephone Company8,9801(712) 764-6161
Socket Telecom8,9031(800) 762-5383
Minford Telephone Company8,7541(740) 820-2151
Barbourville Utility Commission8,7511(606) 546-3187
GTC Broadband8,6111(417) 472-6211
Partner Communications Cooperative8,4461(877) 433-7701
West Central Telephone Assn.8,3921(218) 837-5151
Western Iowa Telephone Association8,3561(712) 873-5711
US Sonet8,3341
Northland Communication8,2421800499842
Brazos Communications8,2361
Citizens Mutual Telephone Cooperative8,1421(800) 746-4268
Blue Ridge InternetWorks7,9941(877) 658-4146
Corn Belt Telephone Company7,9891(712) 664-2221
Madison County Telephone Co.7,9871(479) 738-2121
Lynxx7,9531(608) 427-6515
Siuslaw Broadband7,8871(541) 902-5101
Central Arkansas Telephone Cooperative7,8671(501) 865-3333
QCOL7,8122(724) 329-1121
Bloomer Telephone Company7,6861(715) 568-4830
Race Communications7,6591(877) 722-3833