What's the Cheapest Internet Provider in 2023?

While most of us want a reliable internet connection in our home, we also want to find and compare cheap internet providers available in our area. 

Sound like you?

Check out our list of the 10 cheapest internet providers in 2023. These are sorted by least expensive to most expensive (though all still very affordable) in order to help you find an internet provider that offers the best value in your town. 

Just remember that not all providers will offer service in all areas. The best way to know for sure is to search for internet providers by zip code, sorting the results by price. And, while we do our best to keep this list updated (these numbers are valid as of 2023), all internet costs are subject to change.

1. Xtreme by Mediacom

Xtreme by Mediacom has the lowest introductory price available on this list. Starting at $30 per month, even the cheapest internet providers aren’t able to match this intro pricing. Renewal pricing keeps Xtreme on the lower end of pricing scale too. Costs for its more inexpensive plans renew at $40. 

As you might imagine, these inexpensive pricing options aren’t at fiber-optic internet levels. However, their initial plan is still above (or rather below) average, with fair pricing under 200 Mbps. 

Further discounting comes through when you use their bundling, though discounts are offered on a case-by-case basis. If you don’t need television or phone services, this might not be helpful, but Xtreme by Mediacom still offers a healthy balance of speed and cost-effectiveness. 


  • Incredible speeds given the lower price
  • Faster plans have below-average pricing
  • Bundles with TV and phone for further discounts


  • Has data caps at lower pricing tiers
  • Business plans require 12-month contracts

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2. AT&T

AT&T is a top-rated internet provider. You wouldn’t usually put them on a list of the cheapest internet providers, but their more inexpensive plans fit most budgets. 

Their starting price is $35 a month (renewal at $45) for those who want 300 Mbps. The speed is better than Mediacom while only being $5 higher. Paying an extra five bucks for 100 Mbps isn’t a bad deal. 

AT&T manages to keep this lower pricing mainly because it is a large company. Despite this, it maintains excellent customer service ratings. It also heavily encourages you to bundle, which is where these lower prices come from. So, again, depending on your priorities, AT&T might not be suitable for you. 

Keep in mind, the low average costs only include the standard AT&T internet plans. While you won’t get the speeds of AT&T Fiber, you will still get great value.


  • Excellent customer service ratings
  • Incredible speeds at low prices 
  • Good rates on bundling


  • It saves you money mainly through bundling
  • Not available in most locations 

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3. Cox Communications

Cox is a unique provider that has pricing as low as $20. Much of this starting rate comes from bundling their cable services and most people looking for decent speeds will want to pay closer to $40.

Cox is available in a small number of states, servicing rural areas among those. And those who need professional installation will pay a bit more up front.

Speeds are decent, typically ranging from 50 to 200. In some regions, you might be lucky to get 940 Mbps. 

Cox might not have the same coverage as some of the other cheap internet providers, but they do offer unbelievable flexibility when it comes to creating custom bundles and Cox WiFi plans designed to meet your exact needs. Those who want all their services in one place can save a lot of money. 


  • Offers excellent deals for bundlers
  • All packages include WiFi coverage
  • Speeds up to (nearly) one gig


  • Has weaker customer service ratings
  • Most regions don’t get higher speeds

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4. RCN

RCN is one of the cheapest internet providers, but also another one with limited spread. Unlike Cox, they are more likely to be in towns and cities than rural areas.

Those who are lucky enough to have RCN will be able to take advantage of the internet for as little as $30 per month. Those costs go up when you account for equipment rental - and if you want faster speeds with fiber-optic internet - but they’re still reasonable.

RCN also has solid customer service ratings, making them an underrated provider. The only thing holding them back is their availability in most zip codes. 


  • Inexpensive rates on fiber-optic internet 
  • Great intro pricing 
  • Solid customer support ratings 


  • No rural coverage 
  • Equipment cost is higher than average

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5. Rise Broadband

If you’re looking for the cheapest internet provider in Houston (or the surrounding areas), Rise might be your go-to, offering coverage in 16 states, including Texas and much of the Midwest. It also provides that coverage to most rural areas, servicing underserved communities. 

Rise takes up the “service the unserviceable” motto, which might be why it falls into the mid range on this list. The fixed wireless approach is about $45, making it a more expensive - though widely available - cheap internet provider. 

Additionally, Rise’s rural-centric focus means you won’t see fast speeds. Often, people are stuck with 5 Mbps, which makes it unsuitable for streaming or playing video. 

However, if you live outside of your town and don’t want to drive to your local library to check the email, Rise Broadband works for you. Its savings primarily come from reducing your need to leave your home. 


  • It offers coverage in places that don’t usually receive coverage
  • It prevents people living in rural areas from having to drive to town for simple internet tasks
  • Decent pricing compared to similar rural internet providers 


  • Incredibly slow internet speeds in certain areas
  • Often overtaken by similar rural providers (like HughesNet)

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6. Sonic

Sonic is a great provider if you are moving to or live in California. It services three million customers, making up a small portion of the state’s nearly 40 million residents. Still, serving this state is enough to make Sonic among the top 10 internet providers (concerning the number of customers) in the US.

Sonic has pricing around the $40 mark, putting it slightly above average when compared to this list of cheap internet providers. Most of their discounts also come from a focus on providing 12-month plans, as you won’t find month-to-month options. 

Sonic also offers internet to underserved customers through DSL internet plans. However, you’ll want to avoid those if you can, as 10 Mbps isn’t much. Instead, you’ll want to shoot for its cable and fiber internet offerings. 

Sonic charges for anything advanced. However, it does offer discounts on free standard installation, applying to most customers. Even with long contracts and a few extra fees Sonic is one of California's fastest (and cheapest) internet providers.


  • It offers a great deal of coverage for California residents
  • Provides plans with incredible internet speeds
  • Free standard installation with most services


  • Charges for anything that requires advanced installation (where wires aren’t already there)
  • There are cheaper internet providers and plans available 

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7. Sparklight

Sparklight is one of the cheapest internet providers in 2022. However, it comprises the bottom of that list, with plans starting at $45 per month. We really wanted to keep this one on this list when looking at how it compares to other rural providers.

With starting speeds at 100 Mbps, Sparklight outpaces most rural providers in both speed and pricing. But it does fall behind other city-based providers. Sparklight’s $45 a month is incredibly weak compared to AT&T, offering plans that are $10 cheaper with three times the speed. 

You can save more money with bundling and a willingness to self-install. You also get guaranteed six-month pricing, which means you can save a bit of money on promotional pricing. While it isn’t the most inexpensive option, it does offer speeds most rural communities don’t get. 


  • Focuses on underserved rural communities
  • Provides six-month promotional periods 
  • Allows you to self-install to save money 


  • Not the best choice when compared to other cheap internet providers here
  • The promotional period is minimal 

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8. Suddenlink

Suddenlink is another deceptively large and delightfully cheap internet provider. Its minimum pricing plan starts at $25 per month, making it one of the cheapest internet providers in 2022. However, this pricing varies greatly depending on location, changing the minimum price.

Its next level is $40 per month. It follows a similar pattern to CenturyLink in its “price guarantee.” Lifelong customers of Suddenlink can reap some decent benefits. 

Suddenlink’s other weakness comes from its limited spread. Like other smaller providers, it doesn't reach some areas. You’ll also have to pay for equipment costs when renting. 

Thankfully, you aren’t stuck in any contracts (unless you want that guaranteed price for life). So Suddenlink doesn’t trap you with promotional pricing and tricky fine print. 


  • Offers better rates for long-term customers (price for life)
  • No data caps
  • No contracts


  • Not available in most locations 
  • Lower-cost internet pricing varies by location 

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9. WOW!

WOW!, or Wide Open West, is an internet company known in the Southeastern United States. It provides DSL, cable, and fiber internet services. Its cheapest internet service hits the higher end of this list at $40.

Discounts are available through phone and television bundled plans. Like other plans on this list, its equipment and installation fees aren’t included. So initial charges will be a bit higher.

The other issue that bumps this one lower on the list is early-termination fees. Required contracts and ETFs aren’t a fun combination. However, if you last for a year, no further contracts are required. 

Their system is relatively similar to Xfinity but a bit less refined. So if you are looking for Xfinity but live in the southeastern US, WOW! is a suitable replacement.


  • Good available speeds
  • Offers bundle deals for discounts
  • Decent clarity on charges


  • Includes early termination and equipment fees
  • Bundles don’t take as much off

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10. Ziply Fiber

Ziply Fiber is a growing company that offers services in Washington and Oregon. Its intro pricing starts at $20, which makes it one of the cheapest internet providers on this list. Its limited availability is what kept it lower on this list.

Those who live in the two states will also find an incredible jump in speeds. Its initial speed is only 30 Mbps but relies on a shared fiber-optic network. Meanwhile, 100 Mbps costs $40 while one gig costs $60, making it a broad jump.

While Ziply Fiber is one of the cheapest internet providers of 2022, some in-between speeds might suit people who want more cost and speed balance. 

The good news is that each modem acts as a wifi hotspot. So when you acquire Ziply’s equipment, it works across both. If you live in Washington or Oregon and want cheap internet without compromising on speeds, this is likely your best provider.


  • Offers excellent price for gig internet
  • Provides services for as little as $20
  • Sometimes provides cables and equipment 


  • Only available in two states
  • No pricing for people who want medium speeds

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How do you find cheap internet providers in your area?

Before you dive into your search, use these final tips to find the cheapest internet providers:

  • Be careful about introductory pricing 
  • Avoid unnecessary equipment rental fees 
  • Ask if self-installation is available to save initial fees
  • Be willing to take long-term contracts to lock in low prices
  • Know if you are willing to sacrifice internet speeds or customer service
  • Look for bundle deals 

Now, to quickly find the cheapest internet providers in your area, use InternetAdvisor’s “Find Provider” tool for instant results. Once you get the full list of available providers you can use our filter features to sort by budget.

Here is how you do that:

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  • Use the filters to narrow your search 
  • Focus on filters related to your internet budget

Clicking the buttons under “budget” will automatically sort the cheapest internet providers.

Using our tool and this list of cheap internet providers should help save time and money when it comes to your internet service. 

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