A Comparison of Cox WiFi Plans

You deserve good internet. So when looking for the best internet, you’ll find some common providers. Cox is one name that comes up for most people looking for good internet. So a comparison of Cox WiFi plans can help you figure out what works best.

First, a common question: what is Cox? Here’s a 30-second rundown.

Cox Communications is the fifth-largest broadband company in America. It has about 6.5 million commercial and residential customers. Cox is also one of the few privately-held internet companies. The Cox Family (who still owns the Cox Enterprises parent company) continues to own it. So the company is one of the most successful private internet companies globally - and doesn’t have any stockholders to answer to.  

Why is this all-important for an internet provider? Because Cox answers to nobody but its stakeholders. That means they absolutely must pay attention to your needs and the needs of your fellow customers in order to keep growing and earning profits.

Is Cox internet good? (pros & cons)

We’ll get into the very nitty-gritty in this article. But if you are looking for and considering one of the Cox WiFi plans, consider these high-level pros and cons first:


  • Expect a strong cable internet network (making them excellent at mid-range speeds)
  • Bundling with television, phone service, and security systems is possible
  • Cox internet prices start as low as $20
  • Cox WiFi plans are also part of all bundled packages and services
  • They are not known to practice data throttling
  • Reasonable terms when going over data usage limits 


  • Installation costs exist when you need a professional
  • Internet services are only in locations with established physical lines
  • Not available in more than half of the US
  • A credit check might be required before getting a service
  • Cox internet prices are typically a bit higher than other providers
  • All gateways and routers work as public hotspots (similar to Xfinity)

Cox WiFi plans - only internet 

Now, let’s get into some of the details. If you just want home internet service here is a list of all the Cox internet plans currently available, along with the Cox internet prices for each: 

Starter 25

  • Internet speed: 25 Mbps
  • Cost: $359.88 per year
  • Max device count: Three 

Essential 50

  • Internet speed: 50 Mbps
  • Cost: $479.88 per year
  • Max device count: Five 

Preferred 250

  • Internet speed: 250 Mbps
  • Cost: $719.88 per year
  • Max device count: Seven 

Ultimate 500 

  • Internet speed: 500 Mbps
  • Cost: $959.88 per year
  • Max device count: Nine


  • Internet speed: 1 Gbps
  • Cost: $1199.88 per year
  • Max device count: Nine (or more)  

For even more flexibility, customers can take advantage of prepaid Cox internet plans with StraightUp internet. This service is more expensive than Essential 50 at $50 per month, though it comes with some obvious benefits, like having commitment-free internet access. You also get a WiFi modem to keep, making the price pretty reasonable in the short-term.

Cox also offers discounts under their Connect2Compete program. Parents on government assistance with a K-12 student in the household can get pricing at $9.95 for 100 Mbps. You can connect up to five devices, making it excellent for low-income families.

Cox plans: internet and TV bundles

You can take advantage of great Cox internet prices by bundling with their television services, which come in two forms: Contour Stream and Contour Preferred. 

Contour Stream provides you with a streaming player similar to Roku. It includes Peacock, Tubi, Pluto TV, and Xumo. All of these are free services with your plan, save for Peacock (which is $5 per month). Other streaming services (like Netflix) still require an additional third-party payment.

Cox Contour stream bundle plan pricing depends on the internet service you want: 

  • Essential 50 + Contour Stream: $539.88 per year
  • Preferred 250 + Contour Stream: $799.88 per year
  • Ultimate 500 + Contour Stream: $1019.88 per year
  • Gigablast + Contour Stream: $1259.88 per year

Contour TV Preferred includes over 140 popular channels like ESPN, HGTV, and CBS. It also includes the streaming services above and a built-in DVR service. If you like TV, there is no shortage of options through this Cox plan.  

Here is the cost breakdown for Contour Preferred bundles:

  • Essential 50 + Contour Preferred: $1655.88 per year
  • Preferred 250 + Contour Preferred: $1895.88 per year
  • Ultimate 500 + Contour Preferred: $2135.88 per year
  • Gigablast + Contour Preferred: $2375.88 per year

From our list, you’ll find that the Starter Cox internet plan (the 25 Mbps plan) is not available for bundling. However, the speeds and device counts you see above apply to all bundles. 

Cox plans: internet and home phone bundles 

Cox WiFi plans and their speeds vary if you want home internet and phone service together. Here’s a list of options you can get from bundling home phone and Cox internet prices:

  • Essential 50 + Contour Preferred + Phone: $1895.88 per year
  • Preferred 250 + Contour Preferred + Phone: $2135.88 per year
  • Ultimate 500 + Contour Preferred + Phone: $2375.88 per year
  • Gigablast + Contour Preferred + Phone: $2615.88 per year

The Cox phone plan is known as Voice Preferred, their home phone network. It includes all the features you expect from a home phone line:

  • Speed dial
  • Three-way calling
  • Caller and call waiting ID
  • Call return 
  • A robocall blocking system 

Cox’s phone plans work by adding $20 per month to all packages. So if you want a phone and internet without TV, add $240 to any annual package on this page. 

Cox’s custom bundling system allows you to do this. To find out more about this system, keep reading.

Cox internet prices for smart home and security bundles

Cox HomeLife provides a combination of smart home features and security. The automated system includes the following:

  • An HD camera
  • Window (or door) sensor (two if you pay for the security package) 
  • One smart LED lightbulb. 
  • A motion sensor (if you pay for the security level)

Add-ons that include 24/7 professional monitoring, a smart thermostat, and continuous video recording are also available at an added cost. While your smart home features cost $20 and security costs $40, the bundles can save you an extra $10 per month. 

Here’s a breakdown of what this Cox plan might look like for you:

  • Preferred 250 + HomeLife: $959.88 per year
  • Ultimate 500 + HomeLife: $1199.88 per year
  • Preferred 250 + HomeLife: $1199.88 per year

You also have the option to include TV services through custom bundling. 

The HomeLife features without security cost $240 per year. If you choose to include security, it will cost $480 per year. 

The $10 per month savings you see amongst these are related to your willingness to pay for an entire year upfront. From another perspective, you can pay an extra $10 for month-to-month options. 

Cox custom bundle creation prices and add-ons 

The custom bundle creator available among Cox WiFi plans includes a breakdown of all services. Using it after a quick comparison of Cox internet in your area can give you an accurate analysis of exactly what you pay for which services. 

Optional internet add-ons include the following:

  • Panoramic WiFi - $13 / mo. - An equipment rental fee for Cox’s gateway and modem. Optional if you already have a router. This option is great if you want continuous upgrades to your WiFi every three years.
  • Internet term agreement - $10 / mo. - Allows you to get month-to-month internet, so you aren’t stuck for an entire year. If you only need internet for short-term periods (but not short enough to justify prepaid), paying extra eliminates the term agreement. 
  • Tech support bundle - $7 / mo (for 24 months) - Provides 24/7 expert tech support for in-home wiring and equipment repairs. 
  • Unlimited data bundle - $47 /mo. (for 24 months) - Provides unlimited data and includes what is available under the tech support bundle. 
  • Wireless 4K Contour Stream Player - $5 / mo. - The same as picking the Contour Streaming packages seen above. 
  • Elite Gamer Base Connection - $6.99 / mo. - Provides a faster path to PC game servers through an available checking system. 

The remaining pieces of this custom checkout builder include what we’ve already discussed:

  • Home phone service costs $20 per month
  • HomeLife smart home features cost $20 per month (with an extra $20 for security features)
  • Local TV costs $53 per month
  • Basic cable (includes local) costs $98 per month
  • Extended cable (includes basic and local) costs $139 per month

Custom bundling has the advantage of providing a clear breakdown of where your costs come from. Major kudos to Cox Communications here. Rarely do cable and internet service providers give potential customers this level of clarity and control over their services and plans.

In the end, the best Cox WiFi plans depend on your unique needs. Couples could get away with the Starter 25 or Essential 100 pretty easily. Larger families or people with multiple roommates will need to seek out their higher 250 Mbps plans. Determining how much internet speed you need comes down to what each person in your house uses the internet for and the total device count. Working from home, gaming, and video streaming requires the most bandwidth, while basic internet searches do the least.

Still not sure? Determining the amount of internet you need is free and easy using the InternetAdvisor Speed Wizard. After getting your results, you can find the right Cox WiFi plan to fit your needs.

Does Cox have introductory pricing?

When looking at Cox internet pricing, you’ll find that most of their prices are at introductory rates. However, this intro pricing is about $10 of your standard price.

Instead, most of the discounts you get through the above Cox WiFi plans come through year-long contracts. So an additional $10 per month is taken off when you pay for everything upfront. 

They also have a habit of encouraging upgrade-based pricing. A $20 per month increase seems small at first but can add up over a year. The only way to keep this entry-level price is through an upgrade. Just remember, you can always call to negotiate your Cox internet pricing and plans at any time. 

How do Cox WiFi plans compare to other providers?

When looking at other providers, here’s how Cox compares with others:

Cox vs. AT&T

AT&T Fiber offers some of the fastest services in similar big city environments to Cox. Introductory pricing at AT&T starts at around $35, making it more expensive.

Both Cox and AT&T have device limitations based on differing internet speeds. You can also expect bundles, but Cox does offer more flexibility and options with its smart home and security features. 

AT&T’s win comes through in customer service. The company averages a higher overall customer satisfaction rate, though loyal Cox customers appreciate that the company is family-owned. 

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Cox vs. CenturyLink

CenturyLink and Cox are pretty comparable on multiple levels. But CenturyLink does have a bit more availability compared to Cox - especially in rural areas. Given this focus in underserved areas, CenturyLink has slower average speeds across the board, though they both tend to be similar in cities. 

Centurylink also has higher general prices. On its DSL plans, you can end up paying $50 for 10 Mbps. However, when you service low population areas, you have better control over pricing. 

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Cox vs. Frontier

Frontier offers fiber optic and gig internet starting from 500 Mbps to 2 gigs, though most of their services tend to have slower speeds. In terms of coverage, both Cox and Frontier have limited fiber-optic internet infrastructure, and both are working on expanding this part of their business.

Comparing all services and all zip codes, Frontier has a slightly larger spread than Cox. Being available in 25 states means better coverage, but only by a little bit. Frontier’s more extensive spread has also resulted in some struggles with customer service. 

Overall, the two companies are close, Frontier is faster in a few locations but there is more customization and flexibility with Cox WiFi plans and bundling options.

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FAQs about Cox WiFi plans and more

Does Cox offer fiber-optic internet? 

Yes, Cox offers fiber internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps. 

Does Cox offer unlimited internet?

Yes, Cox offers unlimited internet (no data caps) under its custom bundle feature. It costs an extra $47 per month.

What is the cheapest internet through Cox?

To find the cheapest internet through Cox, you’ll need to be on government assistance. Costs for this level of service start at $10 per month. 

How much data do you usually get through Cox?

Cox typically has data caps at 120 Gbps. This number varies on the amount of internet you pay for. 

Is Netflix free with Cox?

No, you will need to pay a separate subscription. However, you can access it through both the cable box and stream box when done. 

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