The 10 Best Internet Providers in Houston, Texas

Undoubtedly, the best internet provider in Houston needs to be a good balance of fast, high-speed internet service at a reasonable price. 

That may be easier said than done. So if you are struggling to find an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that meets your needs, we’re breaking it down to make the decision easy based on your needs. 

Here is our official review of the best internet providers in Houston, Texas.

A Summary of the Best Internet Providers in Houston 

Houston is a big city, giving you a wide range of options. And at-a-glance view of the top contenders would look like this:

1. AT&T Fiber

Speed (Up To): 1 Gbps

Cost (Starting At): $35 per month

Coverage: 99%


2. Xfinity Fiber

Speed (Up To): 2 Gbps

Cost (Starting At): $20 /mo.

Coverage: 96%


3. HughesNet

Speed (Up To): 25 Mbps

Cost (Starting At): $59.99 /mo.

Coverage: 100%


4. ViaSat

Speed (Up To): 100 Mbps

Cost (Starting At): $49.99 /mo.

Coverage: 100%


5. EarthLink

Speed (Up To): 1 Gbps

Cost (Starting At): $49.95 /mo.

Coverage: 70%


6. CenturyLink

Speed (Up To): 100 Mbps

Cost (Starting At): $50 /mo.

Coverage: 7%


7. Suddenlink

Speed (Up To): 1 Gbps

Cost (Starting At): $40 /mo.

Coverage: 7%


8. Rise Broadband

Speed (Up To): 50 Mbps

Cost (Starting At): $40 /mo.

Coverage: 12%


9. Spectrum

Speed (Up To): 300 Mbps

Cost (Starting At): $49.99 /mo.

Coverage: 2%


10. Frontier

Speed (Up To): 100 Mbps

Cost (Starting At): $32.99 /mo.

Coverage: 1

But let’s get into this list even more - with some reviews, pros, and cons of each. We’re rating these companies on a variety of factors to help you find the best internet provider in Houston based on your specific needs, whether that’s lightning-fast speed, easy installation, low prices, or something else entirely.

We’ll start with the best overall home internet service and end this list with one of the cheapest internet providers in Houston, Texas - so read to the end.

1. Best overall: AT&T Fiber

AT&T offers internet plans starting at $35 per month with speeds up to one gig. Its support for fiber optic internet makes it one of the best providers in the area, if not the best internet provider in Houston. Few others can keep up, which you'll see in just a minute.

Because AT&T makes up one of the largest internet companies in the world, its presence in Houston and the surrounding area is significant. This is proven by its excellent customer service and coverage of 99% of Houston. 

AT&T's data caps through AT&T also make up some of the most generous, often going up to one TB of space. The extended space requirements make AT&T Fiber one of the most convenient options on this list, making it the best overall in Houston. 


  • Excellent customer service
  • Coverage for (almost) all of Houston
  • One of the few fiber providers in the area


  • Not the fastest internet company 

Compare AT&T Fiber internet service plans in Houston, Texas

2. Fastest internet speeds: Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity is the other top fiber internet provider in Houston and the surrounding areas, offering pretty high speeds. Regardless of the internet packages you want, you'll find something that fits your needs here. With rates up to 2 gigs, most people are surprised the first time they plug it in.

Despite this, it does manage to have pretty reasonable costs. However, you'll find that when you start needing that tremendous speed, it does get a bit pricey. Xfinity makes it clear that you are paying for a premium product. 

With fast coverage for most of Houston, you can expect to get Xfinity's services anywhere. If you demand the fastest speeds, Xfinity is your choice.


  • One of the best fiber internet providers
  • Offers download/upload speeds that are incredibly high 
  • Coverage for most of the city


  • Annual contracts can get expensive
  • Customer service is less emphasized

Compare Xfinity fiber internet service plans in Houston, Texas

3. Easiest to use: HughesNet

HughesNet is not the fastest internet provider in Houston. Instead, it emphasizes being the most available, offering satellite internet services. The result is that you can get internet from anywhere with access to the skies.

Because HughesNet works with rural communities, it needs to keep a highly trained customer service group. This group specializes in explaining the internet to people who aren't tech-savvy. So you'll find people who work with you, not against you.

With 100% coverage, HughesNet knows what it's good at: providing internet to everyone. Despite not being fast, it is there most often compared to others. 


  • Great coverage for the outskirts of Houston
  • Reliable internet for those who have clear skies
  • Good customer service that works with everyone
  • No data limits 


  • Stormy weather is more likely to take out your internet
  • Not fast enough for online gaming 

Compare HughesNet internet plans in Houston, Texas

4. Best Houston coverage: ViaSat 

ViaSat is a HughesNet alternative that is slightly cheaper. Despite this, it is also significantly faster, up to 100 megabits per second. Compared to the 25 HughesNet offers, that's a significant upgrade.

ViaSat is also suitable for usage on the outskirts of Houston. It offers multiple payment plans for anyone with a clear site line to the sky. 

ViaSat also needs to train a good customer service group. However, smaller than HughesNet, it tends to struggle more with long wait times and weaker customer service. However, it still works as a reasonably cheap internet plan for those looking for decent rural speeds.


  • Great rural coverage outside the city limits
  • Good if you have clear skies 
  • Decent customer service for less tech-savvy people


  • Cloudy weather can kill your internet connection
  • Not great internet for gaming
  • Longer wait times on customer service

Compare ViaSat internet service plans in the Houston area

5. Best security options: EarthLink

EarthLink is a lesser-known internet provider in Houston, also offering fiber internet services. However, its weaker coverage is around 70%, making it a "hit or miss" on whether you can have it. 

It offers better protection on security suites to compensate for this weaker coverage. Few internet providers offer internet access alongside antivirus programs. You can also manage your family's usage, but you can do that with a bit of knowledge and a router. 

With speeds up to one Gbps, you'll find that this offers faster speeds compared to most providers. So if you manage to get EarthLink in your area, you should try it out! 


  • Good home internet speeds 
  • Suitable for gaming and streaming 
  • Offers security tools and family limits


  • A bit more expensive than the best internet providers in Houston
  • It doesn't have the best coverage.

Compare EarthLink internet service plans in Houston, Texas

The runners up: Other internet providers in Houston, Texas

As you know, there are a lot of things to compare when looking for home internet service. So we want to give you enough options to help you make the right choice.

The next five aren’t always topping lists of the best internet service providers in Houston, Texas. However, they offer a fair balance of coverage, price, and speed for the average home internet user. These are certainly not to be overlooked. 

And, while coverage may not be as far-reaching as our top five internet providers in Houston, a quick 30-second search of internet providers by zip code will confirm whether or not they service your neighborhood. 

6. Good DSL and cable options: CenturyLink

While CenturyLink doesn't provide fiber internet in Houston, its reliance on traditional DSL and cable internet options is still solid. The result is reliable internet from a relatively smaller company. Most likely, you'll be more familiar with this small team than you would with some of the larger providers.

CenturyLink isn't a slouch when it comes to capabilities. You can still stream, play video games, and download at reasonably competent speeds. But don't expect that "wow" moment you get with Xfinity. 

As long as you understand these limits, CenturyLink can be a great alternative. The pricing is also very transparent, meaning you don't have to worry about any hidden fees. 


  • Simple and transparent model
  • It tends to be run by smaller teams 
  • Decent speeds 
  • Good customer service 


  • Weak coverage 
  • Slower than most providers 

Compare CenturyLink internet service plans in Houston, Texas

7. Good local cable service: Suddenlink

Suddenlink specializes in offering cable solutions, providing the fourth-largest cable network in the United States. With coverage in about 19 states, it is not the most prominent provider. However, it does have the potential to grow. 

Suddenlink also is planning an expansion of its fiber network. With costs starting at a pretty reasonable rate, Suddenlink does have the chance to bring fiber internet to the broader area of Houston. 

The expansion does mean it has room to grow, only providing 7% coverage. Despite this, you might be one of the lucky ones able to take advantage of its early fiber pricing.  


  • Specializes as a cable provider with decent speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Has plans to expand its fiber network 
  • Offers combined plans of internet, television, and phone 


  • It doesn't have the same spread as the best internet providers in Houston
  • Mediocre customer service ratings 

Compare Suddenlink cable internet service plans in Houston, Texas

8. Good rural coverage: Rise Broadband 

Rise Broadband offers a wide variety of speeds in most regions. Its Houston-based services have speeds up to 50 Mbps. However, you can also see download/upload speeds as low as three megabits per second. So Rise focuses a lot on offering internet that cuts down on costs. 

It also offers extended pricing options providing deep discounts on the internet. But these promotional prices do come with the cost of sacrificing some customer service. The customer rating of Rise is comparatively weaker than most. 

Regardless, it does offer an excellent alternative to those who live in an underserved zip code. So if you've struggled with other rural providers around the Houston area, Rise might be a good alternative. 


  • Decent speeds for rural communities 
  • Specialized in serving underserved regions 
  • It also offers phone services


  • It doesn't have the best customer reputation
  • Slower speed options are mostly worthless 

Compare Rise Broadband internet service plans in the Houston area

9. Trusted national name: Spectrum Internet 

Spectrum Internet is the third-largest internet provider in the nation. They offer clear pricing terms and work on a simple tiered system that includes a combination of internet, telephone, and television services. 

The only reason Spectrum isn't higher on this list comes down to local coverage. Spectrum only covers about 2% of Houston, which isn't a huge portion. You'll be lucky to find this internet provider available in your zip code of Houston, Texas.

If you do, speeds up to 300 Mbps make it a solid option among DSL and cable providers. However, it is what you would consider average regarding speed, giving it enough for most gaming and streaming applications. 


  • Decent speeds 
  • Great customer results 
  • Good customer service group, given the company's size
  • Clear pricing model 


  • It offers coverage to a tiny population of Houston residents.
  • Not ideal if you want fiber internet speeds 

Compare Spectrum Internet service plans in Houston, Texas

10. Cheapest internet service: Frontier 

Frontier is one of the cheapest internet providers in Houston, Texas. The starting price is far lower than most providers but not so intense that it undershoots anyone.

It manages to keep these prices low because it offers slower internet. Despite having fiber in some locations, Frontier manages to get speeds up to 100 Mbps, much lower than fiber typically provides. It tends to be best for those seeking the slower DSL internet style. 

Frontier does fine with streaming and offers substantial discounts. It also provides unlimited data, similar to mobile plans, but without convenience. Frontier's weaker customer service offering and speed limits are the only things holding it back. 


  • Good options for price-focused consumers 
  • No data caps 


  • Mediocre customer service reputation 
  • Coverage for only 1% of Houston residents

Compare Frontier internet service plans in Houston, Texas

FAQs: Houston internet providers

How do you choose between the best high-speed internet providers?

Ideally, it would be best to look for speed, reliability, and cost. By setting these three on a priority scale, you can better decide the ultimate provider for you.

For example, if speed is the highest priority, Xfinity is likely your best bet. Otherwise, you might choose AT & T if you want to look for a good balance. But if you live on the outskirts of Houston, HughesNet might be better. Choose based on your unique situation. 

Who is the cheapest internet provider in Houston?

This award goes to Xfinity, offering costs that start at $20. However, as you upgrade to higher levels, you might find that Frontier has a larger variety of cheap home internet options. 

Often, cost-cutting comes with cutting elsewhere (typically in the customer service area). Be aware of what you are giving up by paying less for internet service. For example, if you use the internet for your home business, you might not want to go cheaper. 

Can I find financial assistance for the internet in Houston?

The Affordable Connectivity Program offers an Emergency Broadband benefit for those who need the assistance. They can connect you with local resources to provide inexpensive (or free) internet. To qualify, you need to have a net income below the Federal Poverty Guidelines or participate in federal assistance programs (SNAP, Medicaid, Lifeline, etc.) 

Does Houston have fiber optic internet?

Yes, Houston is one of the largest cities in the United States. As a result, they have very reliable fiber internet in most locations throughout the city. 

However, you'll want to check ahead of time with providers and the address you plan on moving into. To avoid sales calls, use our search feature to see internet service providers by zip code.

Conclusion: Who is the best internet provider in Houston, Texas?

The best internet provider in Houston overall depends on your priorities. 

While Xfinity and AT&T are consistently named the top two, you'll find numerous options on this list. Always be picky and have your list of top priorities so you can find internet service that works for your household.

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