A Collection of the Best Internet Deals for 2023

When shopping for internet service, you want to save the most you can. But shopping for internet deals can be tricky. How can you be sure that this bundle price is actually saving you money? 

Below, we are going to go through eight of the best discounted internet deals you can find. Regardless of where you are, you’ll find something that fits your needs. 

Eight of the best discounted internet plans you can get 

1. Best discounts - Xfinity 

  • Discounts available: Long-term contracts and bundling with television, mobile phone, and home phone
  • Best price: $30 per month

Xfinity by Comcast is one of the fastest internet providers you can get. Despite this incredible speed, it offers some pretty competitive rates. Pricing for Comcast internet deals starts at $30 per month.

Xfinity’s good pricing comes from a combo platter of things. First, you can get discounts for signing up for two-year contracts. Second, you can bundle television, smart home, home phone, and mobile phone packages. There are few providers that offer the same spread.

To get the most out of discounts with Xfinity, you need to renew your contracts every two years. Xfinity has no-contract options, but those raise your prices. 

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2. Insane introductory rates - Astound Broadband (formerly RCN)

  • Discounts available: Introductory rates and alongside television/home phone bundles
  • Best price: $19.99 per month

Astound Broadband, formerly RCN Internet, has some of the cheapest internet in the nation. Those who use RCN will note its incredible introductory prices, starting off at $19.99 per month. 

Many of these deals also include additional perks. You can often get gift cards, free months, and free installation. Different codes apply to RCN internet pricing and plans

Its fiber-optic internet pricing is also astounding, starting off at $49.99 per month. Other internet service providers charge more than double these rates. However, Astound’s incredible rates end at the one year mark. 

Astound sees average increases of $100+ per month for its services. It’s a bit of sticker shock, but they still offer pretty reasonable fiber rates after the introductory period ends. 

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3. Offers price for life deals - Suddenlink 

  • Discounts available: Price for life and home phone/television bundles 
  • Best price: $39.99 per month

Suddenlink’s claim to fame is its price for life offering. As the internet gets more expensive, having a consistent price can save you money long term. However, this isn’t where Suddenlink stops. 

Suddenlink also has a habit of providing gift cards and first-month discounts to new customers. In addition, customers of Optimum mobile can save up to $30 across both internet and mobile phone bills. You can also get HBO Max for free. 

Suddenlink offers television and internet bundles as well. So under this provider, there are plenty of opportunities to save.

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4. Offers gift cards on select plans - AT&T Fiber

  • Discounts available: Bundles across many services, introductory pricing, and autopay discounts
  • Best price: $55 per month

AT&T’s best internet price starts higher than most on this list. However, its deals on high-speed internet packages are pretty reasonable. AT&T also offers excellent bundling of internet provider services like TV and mobile phones.

AT&T internet deals also offer gift cards that can be as high as $250. New customers get pretty excellent incentives for moving more services over, often leading to more cards. 

AT&T isn’t the cheapest provider on this list. However, the introductory prices provide less sticker shock than Astound. Instead, most people pick AT&T because of its stellar customer service and reliability.

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5. Also provides gift cards - Verizon FiOS 

  • Discounts available: Bundles with mobile servicing
  • Best price: $25 per month

Verizon is heavily pushing for people to try out its new gigabit connection. New customers can get a free router, WiFi extender, and 2 GB of cloud storage. You can also get a free Disney+ subscription and Sony Pulse wireless headset. 

The amount of free stuff you get is pretty ridiculous, but the bundle discounts aren’t too strong. The most you get is $5 per month, which is the same you get for autopay. The Verizon FiOS internet deals are weaker than what it offers through mobile plans. 

FiOS internet also isn’t the best on reliability. Getting 5G internet means you have to run into speed drops. While the service is reliable, throttling can be an issue. 

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6. Offers a free gig upgrade for three months - Kinetic by Windstream

  • Discounts available: Free upgrade to gig internet 
  • Best price: $27 per month

Windstream is a strong provider of DSL internet service. However, the company is heavily expanding its fiber services. To show people how good it is on the other side, you can get up to three months of free internet. 

Windstream also offers a $200 visa prepaid card for call-in orders. If you qualify for copper internet (DSL, cable, etc.). So regardless of what you choose, you’ll find some pretty good discounts.

Windstream also offers secondary products through television, home phone, home security, and internet security. However, Windstream doesn’t emphasize bundle pricing from combining services. 

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7. Discounts on Apple TV devices and gift cards - Frontier 

  • Discounts available: Three months of Apple TV Plus, an Apple streaming device, and free installation.
  • Best price: $37.99 per month

Frontier offers a few excellent bundling options. At 500 Mbps download speed, you start with $49.99 per month. Those prices are pretty good for fiber. Those outside of the fiber network get slower speeds, but start at a lower price. 

Additional perks come as a $200 visa card and a free WiFi system. You also get three months of Apple TV and an included player. While not as many free things as Verizon, you still get a good chunk of stuff. 

Beyond this, Frontier provides a price lock of free years. When high-speed internet starts at $49.99, that means you can get some pretty decent savings. Alongside the free installation, Frontier can quickly come with some pretty good deals. 

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8. Awesome bundling features - Cox Communications 

  • Discounts available: Smart home, television, and home phone bundling discounts
  • Best price: $49.99

With the internet by itself, Cox Communications isn’t the cheapest. Its lowest price is $49.99, selling 100 Mbps. With that in mind, Cox’s benefits come as its excellent bundling potential.

Cox bundles four different packages: Internet, TV, smart home, and phone. The smart home features evolve into security features for customers who pay extra. However, if you want all four features, you can save some real money. 

Long-term savings can take $10 per month off if you sign up for a one year agreement. Outside of this, Cox doesn’t offer many special deals. However, the long-term savings are pretty good. 

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Tips for maximizing your internet discounts

This list includes some of the cheapest internet providers you can get. However, the special pricing period eventually goes away. For tips on how to handle this, check out our advice below.

Look for internet service bundles 

Internet providers almost always offer secondary services. The most common services you see are television and home phone. However, if you are lucky, you’ll also find home security and mobile phone connections. 

When calling your internet providers, take the time to ask them what they offer. You might find a convenient solution that offers you a discount. 

Be willing to sign a long-term contract

Internet companies are more willing to provide discounts for people who stick with them for long terms. This is doubly true for companies like CenturyLink and Suddenlink, who both offer price for life guarantees (these are not contracts). However, typical contracts go from one to two years. 

Long-term contracts commonly save anywhere from $10 to $20 per month. However, those companies also offer more expensive no-contract options. If you want to test them out, a good internet company will allow you to run a test phase before signing on permanently. 

Take advantage of introductory discounts 

While switching internet providers can be a nuisance, new customers always get the best deals. The idea is to provide incentives for newly incoming money. Astound Broadband (RCN Internet) is the best example of this in action. 

Switching between different internet companies also gives you an opportunity to find the best. Testing out multiple providers can help you identify the best internet for your needs. For example, if you want to know what internet speed you need to work from home, you might run through multiple providers until you find the best speed. 

Shop around for different providers

Regardless of what service you talk about, shopping around is a great way to know you are getting the best rate. New promotions happen all the time, giving you an opportunity for both short- and long-term savings. There’s no harm in asking around your local providers. 

When shopping around, write about the prices of various providers you find useful. Avoid additional products you don’t need, as those drive up the price over a long term. 

Ask your internet provider for savings 

When was the last time you asked for a discount from your provider? Most customers don’t consider this to be an option, as bartering for the internet seems impossible. However, internet service providers will work for your business.

Take that list of prices you have from our earlier step and call your current provider. Make sure you have the lowest available price for comparable internet. Inform your current provider of the cheaper prices elsewhere and ask what they can do.

If the provider says that there is nothing to do, inform them that this might end your continued patronage. This statement is a sign for the customer agent that they need to work on retaining your business. Most internet providers are pretty receptive, knowing they might lose your business. 

Leverage the Affordable Connectivity Program

Many internet providers take part in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The ACP can reduce your internet bills by about $30. If you are struggling or in poverty, you can leverage this plan to save yourself money. 

If you qualify for existing government help programs, the ACP is for you. Most providers offer plans in this area, some of them even offer internet for free. 

How to find the best internet deals near you

To find the best internet plans near you, it helps to do your research. To save yourself some time on that research, check out the InternetAdvisor “Find a Provider” tool. 

This tool lets you easily find the best internet plans in your area by zip code. It’s great if you want to save time and money. 

To use the tool, enter your zip code and click the red “search” button. From there, it will bring up a series of internet providers in your area, sorted by quality.

The filters on the left side of the screen let you sort through your budget. So if you can pay only $50, there’s a filter on this page that can help you out.

From direct links on this page, you can call these providers directly. Asking them about the latest promotions and discounts can help you find the best deals for the internet. 

Wrap up

The list above contains some of the best internet deals you can get in the United States. However, promotions and deals change regularly, so it’s best to check in to see how things change. Many of the deals above have long-term staying power, as they have been running for several years. 

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