The Complete Guide to RCN Internet Plans and Prices

Astound Broadband, powered by RCN Internet, is a company that offers a lot of perks. Their plans vary from 50 to 1000 Mbps and you can get Visa gift cards for joining. But when it comes to long-term pricing, how does RCN Internet stack up? 

Below, we are going to provide you with a complete pricing breakdown of everything RCN offers. To find out if this internet service provider fits your needs, check out this guide.

Is RCN internet good? 

Astound Broadband powered by RCN Internet is an excellent service provider. Their first-year pricing is incredibly low, they have no data caps, and there are no-contract plans available. However, much like AT&T, Astound suffers from limited availability. If you read our review on AT&T plans and pricing, you’ll be familiar with this issue, as you will mainly find RCN in major cities. 

In some cities, you might also see “Astound powered by Wave,” another internet company under RCN Telecom Services (the parent company). Astound and RCN are interchangeable in their use. 

RCN also relies heavily on introductory pricing, meaning that your second-year service will be much higher. RCN also has a habit of being somewhat confusing in equipment fees. However, we will go through both of those issues in our pricing guide. 

RCN internet plans and prices

RCN Internet offers three standard internet provider services:

  • Standard Internet
  • Home Phone
  • Television

The company structures its packages completely around its internet offering. So despite it offering home and television, you can’t get either without paying for internet. 

RCN internet only packages

RCN Internet offers incredibly deep discounts for new customers. These discounts are available for 12-month periods, but you don’t need a contract.

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of how much you will be paying for the first 12 months:

100 Mbps Internet

Good for up to two users

$14.99 per month

Offers one free month of internet

250 Mbps Internet

Good for several users and devices

$29.99 per month 

Free modem 

Available only in New York 

300 Mbps Internet

Good for many users

$19.99 per month 

Includes one free month and potential gift card

500 Mbps Internet

Good for several users and devices

$34.99 per month 

Three months free and free modem

Available only in New York 

600 Mbps Internet

Multiple users and many devices

$29.99 per month

Includes a free month and potential free installation 

940 Mbps Internet

Unlimited users and devices

$39.99 per month

Includes a free month, installation, and potential gift card. (or three months free in NY)

The rates you see above assume a $5 discount for enrolling in automatic payments and electronic bills. So if you want to save a tree and five bucks, there’s no reason you shouldn’t. 

While the introductory rates are really cheap, the renewal pricing is not. In fact, you might think that RCN is one of the cheapest internet providers if not for this next section. Their second-year pricing is much more expensive, seeing average increases of $100 per month

Here’s a breakdown:

  • 100 Mbps Internet - $122 per month
  • 250 Mbps Internet - $142.99 /mo.
  • 300 Mbps Internet - $147.99 /mo.
  • 500 Mbps Internet - $150.99 /mo.
  • 600 Mbps Internet - $152.00 /mo.
  • 940 Mbps Internet - $159.99 /mo. 

Other providers, like Xfinity and AT&T, have average rate increases of up to $30 per month (by comparison). However, these companies also have higher introductory rates, balancing the two out. 

RCN’s slower connections are far more expensive than other providers. However, their higher connections (500, 600, and 940 Mbps) are far more competitive. RCN heavily pushes their customers to choose the more cost-effective and faster plans.

When does RCN notify you of rate increases?

RCN notifies you of your increase a month before the promotional rate begins. You should expect a notification within 11 months of your service date.

If you decide to find other providers, it's best to run comparisons two months before the end of your promotional period. Focus on comparing the renewal rates (not the introductory rates) of any company you plan on moving to. Focusing on long-term expenses helps you avoid the frustration of changing internet providers every year.

RCN Internet and television bundle costs

RCN bundles television and internet service for similar bundle deals. Unlike other providers, RCN does not offer television by itself, so there are no “only TV” deals. 

Here’s a breakdown of RCN’s TV and internet bundles for the first 12 months:

100 Mbps + Basic TV

Offers local TV, on demand music, and streaming

$24.64 per month

Free month and ‌free install available.

100 Mbps + Basic + Signature TV

Offers everything above and more choices 

$94.51 per month

Free month and free install available.

300 Mbps + Basic TV

$29.64 per month

Free month, installation, and gift card available.

300 Mbps + Basic + Signature TV

$99.51 per month

Free month, installation, and gift card available. 

600 Mbps + Basic TV

$39.64 per month 

Free month and free installation. 

600 Mbps + Basic + Signature TV

$109.51 per month

Free month and free installation. 

940 Mbps + Basic TV

$49.64 per month

Free month, installation, and potential gift card. 

940 Mbps + Basic + Signature TV 

$119.51 per month

Free month, installation, and potential gift card. 

Much like the internet only deals, renewal pricing on their internet and TV deals. Much like the internet section, New York has some different deals. The major difference is that all of New York’s packages include Showtime, a popular television network and streaming service. 

Here’s the breakdown of New York’s special packaging: 

250 Mbps + Basic TV 

$52.73 per month

Free modem

250 Mbps + Basic + Signature TV

$86.82 per month

Free modem 

500 Mbps + Basic TV

$57.73 per month 

Three months of internet free plus a free modem.

500 Mbps + Basic + Signature TV

$91.82 per month

Three months of internet free plus a free modem. 

940 Mbps + Basic 

$72.73 per month

Three months of internet free.

940 Mbps + Basic + Signature TV

$106.82 per month

Three months of internet free.

RCN Internet offers TiVo with its television plans. TiVo was once an incredibly well known DVR for recording and storing shows. TiVo also includes a voice remote, allowing you to talk your way to your favorite channel.

You also have the option of additional add-on channels for niche pursuits (like sports). The cost of these vary heavily depending on different options, varying anywhere from $10 to $40 per month. 

RCN’s cable box is capable of supporting modern streaming platforms as well.

RCN Internet home phone, television, and internet bundles

RCN offers home phone plans as well. Their phone plans come with nationwide calling with international calling for up to 200 countries. Much like with television plans, you can’t purchase a home phone plan without the internet.

Adding a home phone to your plan will increase your bill by anywhere from $1 to $10 per month on the above packages. The home phone also includes some neat features like robocall blocking and the ability to switch lines to different phones. 

Does RCN offer smart home features or security?

RCN does not offer any smart home services for monthly costs. It does offer a smart home hub which doubles as a router with your RCN app. 

However, RCN offers WiFi security for an additional $19.99 per month. Its defense system is eero Secure+, which offers these features:

  • Anti-phishing features to help you avoid suspicious sites
  • Parental controls to help you block unwanted sites
  • Ad and pop-up blocking across your devices. 
  • A VPN to encrypt your connection data.
  • Scanning software to protect your computer from viruses
  • A password manager to help you safely store passwords 

RCN internet fees and costs you should know about

Most of RCN’s offerings include free installation or a modem. However, there might also be a chance you could pay for those things. 

First, you face the potential of monthly equipment rental costs. Here’s a breakdown of what you might expect:

  • Modem rental - $15.95 per month
  • Wireless router rental - $10.95 per month
  • Additional devices - $5 per month
  • Pro gaming router - $12.95 per month

To waive any of these fees, RCN lets you bring your own modem. Provided it meets your download speed requirements, you can use any modem.

The more unique equipment option is the “pro gaming” router. Gaming routers can optimize your connection for gaming. They also use features to provide faster wireless connections. 

Rental fees can add up if you choose to get a whole home WiFi system. While you can bundle your equipment together for discounts. 

Some more unusual rental options include Sonos speakers. These wireless smart speakers play from your WiFi, which is something other providers do not offer. 

Looking at Astound Broadband’s other partnerships

Astound Broadband powered by RCN is but one of the companies under Astound’s watch. The company also offers unique solutions for those living on the west coast and in Texas. 

Astound’s west coast (California, Oregon, and Washington) options are “powered by Wave.” Wave follows a similar pricing platform for its internet-only deals:

100 Mbps 

Internet only - $19.99 /mo.

With local TV - $47.90 /mo.

With expanded content (90 extra channels) - $127.65 /mo.

500 Mbps 

Internet only - $39.95 /mo.

With local TV - $67.90 /mo.

With expanded content - $147.65 /mo.

940 Mbps 

Internet only - $49.95 /mo.

With local TV - $77.90 /mo.

With expanded content - $157.65 /mo.

You can add an extra $10 per month for renting an eero Pro Modem with WiFi 6. You can also add phone service for another $10 per month on top of that. 

West coast customers can also choose to add streaming services. HBO Max costs $14.99 per month while a Showtime and TMC combo costs $7.95 per month if you sign up for 12 months. 

If you live in Texas, your introductory costs are slightly higher. You’ll also find that instead of RCN, the internet is powered by Grande Communications. Here’s the breakdown:

300 Mbps 

Internet only - $25.99 /mo.

With basic TV - $45.07 /mo.

With preferred TV (220+ channels) - $99.69 /mo.

With premium TV (290+ channels) - $131.68

600 Mbps 

Internet only - $39.99 /mo.

With basic TV - $59.07 /mo.

With preferred TV - $113.69 /mo.

With premier TV - $145.68 /mo.

940 Mbps 

Internet only - $49.99 /mo.

With basic TV - $59.07 /mo.

With preferred TV - $123.69 /mo.

With premier TV - $155.68 /mo.

If you want phone service, you can choose to add up to $12.95 per month to any of these plans. You can also get free installation with any of these plans by talking to an agent. 

Regional differences in Astound Broadband change the provider name a bit. There might also be availability differences, as not all locations offer slower internet plans. 

How to find out if RCN internet is near me? 

Whether RCN, Grande, or Wave, Astound Broadband is across 11 different states. As they expand to other large cities, there’s a fair chance you can find this internet service provider by your address. To make this process easier, you can use the InternetAdvisor “Find a Provider” tool:

This tool lets you find the best internet providers by your zip code. By entering your zip code and hitting that red “search” button on the far right, you can find the best internet providers near your area.

Even if RCN internet isn’t nearby you, you can easily find a list of awesome providers based on the latest speed tests, reviews, and plans. Because you deserve good internet, give it a shot today. 

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