Internet Provider Services You Can Bundle for More Savings

Internet providers like to sell bundled packages. These packages are ways providers can make more money. However, customers can also use these internet provider services to save money. 

Below, you’ll find some of the best services you can get with your internet. You’ll also find out the top internet providers in the US on bundled internet products. 

Different internet provider services you can bundle for great savings

Here’s a quick list of various services often bundled with your internet:

  • Cable
  • Phones (both home and mobile)
  • Security 
  • Smart home

Not all internet providers offer these services. We also recommend that you only buy what you need. If you don’t need these services, don’t buy them.

Cable providers and television services

Cable internet is one of the most widespread internet types available. Those who purchase cable internet are often encouraged to include cable services. 

Unlike old-fashioned dial-up, cable internet and television work on two different lines within the same wire. So that means watching TV won’t slow your internet connection. 

Satellite providers (like Dish or DirecTV) also bundle with some internet services. However, these are still two different services. Satellite internet and TV require two different satellites due to the complexity of satellite communications.

Home phone providers

Home phone providers often bundle with DSL internet. Like cable, the two rely on different bands within the same wire. So there is no communication slowdown for making a phone call while using the internet. 

Internet provider services that don’t use DSL often rely on VoIP, or Voice over IP. VoIP makes use of a broadband connection to make calls. This feature prevents service providers from needing to install two separate cables during a professional installation. 

Mobile phone providers

Internet service providers and mobile home providers have more crossover these days. Mainly, this comes from the spread of 5G internet. For example, Verizon Fios makes use of Verizon’s vast wireless network. However, most internet providers do not offer mobile phone communications. 

You’ll find other examples of this through Xfinity plans, with its Xfinity Mobile being a segmented part of its business model. While you can bundle the two for savings (about $10 a month), they rely on different networks (unlike Verizon). As 5G grows, you might see this situation change.

Smart home providers

Almost 60% of households will have some form of smart home technology. Internet providers recognize this as a unique opportunity, offering it as part of some packages. Many of these systems rely on smart home platforms like Google or Alexa (Amazon).

Speaking to your Google Home or Alexa device to change your home lighting or brew coffee is pretty sweet. Scheduling times for your lights to turn off automatically can also save you a lot of money on electricity bills. So smart homes and internet integrations are likely to stick around.

Security providers

One of the less common internet provider services you can get is security. Security features often come as an aspect of smart home features. It is a natural fit if your home network can activate lights and cameras remotely. 

You can choose between both self-monitored and professional surveillance services. Professional services tend to add extra to your monthly bill but mean someone has your back if you get an intruder. Otherwise, self-monitored services will notify your smartphone of motion sensors or door alarms being tripped. 

Top internet providers for bundled savings (and the best bundles they provide)

Given that internet provider services you shop for all claim the best bundles, it can be hard to find what works. Below, we’ve covered you with the top internet service providers and their bundles. 

1. Cox Communications 

  • Bundled services: Internet, home phone, smart home (comes with security), and television 
  • Best deal: Internet, TV, and smart home services starting at $165.99 per month

Cox offers internet provider services alongside the home phone, security, and television. The best discounts come when you combine three services: TV, Internet, and smart home technology.

HomeLife, Cox’s smart home technology doubles as a security system. It has a free HD camera, protecting your home through continuous video recording. The default system has self-monitoring features. 

Cox includes a free Contour Stream Player for those who prefer streaming media. The player supports popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max. So when it comes to value and flexibility, you can save with these bundles.

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2. Xfinity 

  • Bundled services: Internet, home phone, mobile phone, smart home, and television 
  • Best deal: Internet, TV, home phone, and smart home services starting at $119.99 per month (for 24 months)

Xfinity plans enable the bundling of four different mainline businesses: internet, home phone, smart home, and television plans. The mobile plans are billed separately but can save you about $10 per month on your bill. 

Like Cox, bundling features allow you to add and remove things at will. You never have to feel forced into a contract, although Xfinity will encourage you to upgrade every two years. 

For the best deals on Xfinity, you’ll need to rely on bundling and 24-month contracts. With both, you can get staggering speeds up to 1200 Mbps at very low rates.

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3. AT&T 

  • Bundled services: Internet, home phone, mobile home, and television (DirecTV) 
  • Best deal: Internet, home phone, and TV starting at $154.98 per month

AT&T offers some incredible plans at solid pricing. Speeds in some locations can get up to 5 Gbps, with discounts mainly from its partnership with DirecTV and its mobile network. AT&T is available in some of the midwest and the eastern United States.

AT&T offers more discounts for those willing to go on autopay. Much like Xfinity, its mobile plans are billed separately. You can save yourself extra paperwork through combined billing with satellite services.

AT&T doesn’t often spread to rural areas. Instead, they focus on major population centers in the eastern US. Those who can get them will find impeccable customer service. So if you are looking to bundle, you’ll find plenty of options available.

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4. Mobile phone and internet - Verizon 

  • Bundled services: Mobile phone, television, and internet service
  • Best deal: Internet, TV, and mobile phone services starting at $119.99 per month

Verizon shares many strategies similar to AT&T. So, if you are looking for mobile phone service, Verizon has you covered. You can bundle it with internet and television packages for a small discount.

Verizon calls these Triple Play packages similar to Xfinity. The difference between Xfinity and Verizon is that Verizon doesn’t offer any smart home packages. However, the lack of smart home features is made up with an extensive and robust mobile network. 

Not sure what television package suits you? Verizon allows you to pay the lowest price for a test phase. The Fios TV Test drive suggests the most appropriate television program based on your viewing habits. Internet plans also start at $24.99 for 300 Mbps, making it an excellent deal. 

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5. Suddenlink

  • Bundled services: Internet, mobile phone, and television 
  • Best deal: Internet and TV starting at $105.99 per month

Suddenlink’s internet provider services combine with television and mobile phone services for easy-to-understand discounts. Its best deal is much cheaper than most other bundled services, combining internet and television in a single package. If you are looking for this specific combo platter of services, Suddenlink is a good choice.

Suddenlink partners with Optimum Mobile to provide discounts up to $15 per month. The deals are broken up separately between each bill. So you will receive two separate bills with clear savings printed on each one. 

Suddenlink’s one bundling weakness is that they don’t have smart home or security features. So if you don’t need those, Suddenlink can offer some crazy discounts. Check them out if you are looking for straightforward billing. 

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6. Frontier

  • Bundled services: Internet, home phone, security, and television 
  • Best deal: Internet, TV, and security services starting at $94.99 per month

Frontier offers a wide range of services that cover most of what you need on your internet. Its internet speeds vary from 5 Mbps to 1 Gbps, covering many billing scenarios between these speeds. Bundling comes in the form of add-on services, including home phone and security services.

Frontier’s television offering involves a partnership with Dish Network, a satellite provider that competes with DirecTV. You will get two connection forms (satellite and wired) on your property among internet provider services. 

Frontier’s main claim to fame is its 36-month pricing guarantee. You can maintain your internet bills despite fluctuating costs over the next three years. Frontier offers a pretty solid package for those shopping for multiple deals. 

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7. CenturyLink

  • Bundled services: Internet and home phone 
  • Best deal: Internet home phone services starting at $90.00

CenturyLink offers the lowest starting price for bundling on this list. You’ll find that they provide a good combination of fast internet and home services. There is no television offering through CenturyLink.

CenturyLink instead takes the extra effort to focus on what they are good at: reliable internet. CenturyLink covers many areas, including some smaller population centers. CenturyLink is more likely to be found in rural locations.

Among internet provider services, CenturyLink is weak on bundling opportunities. However, those who don’t need much will find some excellent service. Give them a shot if you want home phone and internet coverage.

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How do I know I’m saving money on bundling internet provider services?

Bundling can provide you with some fantastic savings when done correctly. But not all internet service providers offer good enough discounts to justify bundled packages. Below are some tips you can use to be sure your bundling results in saving you money:

Only buy the services you need

If you want to save money, don’t buy something you don’t need. While internet providers offer killer deals on bundling home and internet, it doesn’t help if you don’t need these services. Focus on the services you want, not the ones that providers offer. 

Look for clarity in discount amounts

An internet plan needs a clear pricing breakdown on how much you can save. That way, you don’t have to guess how much you are saving. For example, Xfinity makes it clear you save $10 per month when getting a mobile plan. 

Use online comparison tools 

Larger internet companies like AT&T and Xfinity offer online comparison tools for different packages. These tools and clicking the “compare” checkbox will help you see the difference between internet-only and television plans. Otherwise, you can write these down manually in a notebook for later comparison.

Talk to someone 

Customer support teams for these internet providers are trained to handle billing breakdown questions. By talking to someone, you can clarify these terms. Be sure to write these down for later reference. 

How do I find the best internet provider services near me?

To save yourself some time and money, you should start by using the InternetAdvisor Find a Provider tool. By entering your zip code, you can save time on the research process. The tool also provides pricing comparisons between the best plans. 

Bundling information is also found on the tool. So if you are looking for specific services, you can narrow them down using search filters. You can call the numbers or click “check availability” to check further details. 

When bundling, always prioritize your needs over the special deals from the provider. We hope this guide helps you save some money through bundling. 

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