These 10 Cities Have the Fastest WiFi in America

Do you find yourself asking, “what is the fastest WiFi in America?” When moving, you want to ensure your chosen city can meet your needs. Or, you might just want to smile with pride knowing your hometown made the top of the list. 

Whatever your reason, we’re sharing the top cities with the fastest WiFi in America. 

First of all, what is the fastest WiFi in America?

Before we dive in, we’ll answer the question what vs where. Regardless of the state and city you’re in, it’s generally safe to say that a fiber optic internet provider is going to offer the fastest type of WiFi in your area. 

But it really does depend on availability. You see, a full fiber network hasn’t been adopted in the US (unlike types of internet, which use existing infrastructures such as TV or phone lines). Therefore, fiber optic installation isn’t always an option, and the fastest internet provider in your town or city may actually offer cable, DSL, or satellite.

That being said, let’s get into the where. The cities with some of the best - and fastest - internet connections. Here’s a quick summary of the 10 cities we will be reviewing:

  • Jersey City, NJ: 216 Mbps
  • Raleigh, NC: 214 Mbps
  • San Antonio, TX: 209 Mbps
  • Austin, TX: 208 Mbps
  • Irving, TX: 207 Mbps
  • Corpus Christi, TX: 207 Mbps
  • Charlotte, NC: 205 Mbps
  • Lincoln, NE: 204 Mbps
  • Louisville, KY: 202 Mbps
  • Kansas City, MO 201 Mbps

Much like our other post - when we set out to find the states with the fastest high speed internet - this blog post is based on our own research and collective, third-party data. The majority comes from the latest figures of the Speedtest Global Index rankings.

1. Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City, NJ, supports about a quarter of a million people. It is a central hub for large corporations. It is also part of the greater New York City metro area, making it part of one of the largest population centers in the world. So, it may not come as a surprise that it’s home to the fastest WiFi in America.

Jersey City is known for housing the Goldman Sachs Tower, a financial services powerhouse. Along with numerous other businesses, this is mainly why Jersey City demands high speed internet. You’ll find the downtown environment to be bustling as well.

Despite their chart-topping speeds, Jersey City has a below-average number of internet providers. The other two providers are HughesNet and ViaSat, which are satellite providers available in 100% of the US. Jersey City is the answer to the “what is the fastest WiFi in America” question, but when it comes to finding which provider is best, you’ll want to do a zip code search to be sure.

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2. Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is the capital city of North Carolina and is known as The City of Oaks because of the large number of oak trees. The trees might deceive you into thinking this is a less populated city. However, there is absolutely no shortage of fast download speeds - and interesting things to do here. 

The average speed sits above 200 Mbps, which is well above the US average of 86 Mbps. Much of this speed demand comes down to Raleigh behind a high-demand location. Its history, culture, shopping, and food offer many things worth seeing.

Raleigh, NC is also a lovely coastal region that often avoids the nastiest parts of hurricane season that other Southern states see. Being in a low-risk zone, its last major storm was nearly 20 years ago. 

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3. San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX might be described as every American's dream due to its low taxes, high quality of life, relaxed feel, and great year-round weather. It is the seventh-largest city in America and has a reasonable cost of living for the location. And it’s very well connected: Over 95% of the population has their choice of all available connection types. 

San Antonio is working on expanding its fiber-optic internet structure (which we already mentioned is internet provider’s response to the question: “What is the fastest WiFi in America?"). With companies like AT&T Fiber leading the pack, the city is familiar with speeds up to 2 Gbps and residents have plenty of options when it comes to providers.

It doesn’t stop there, though. As the most visited city in Texas, you’ll find that San Antonio has a plethora of hotspots. Because of this, digital nomads, visitors, residents on the go, and those who work away from home see a lot of options here. 

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4. Austin, TX

Austin, TX is the next Texan city on our list of top places with the fastest WiFi in America. Though San Antonio does have more tourists, quirky Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in America when it comes to finding a place to live. Great nightlife, job opportunities, weather, outdoor activities, and internet connections are just a few of the things you can expect from Austin. 

Movie buffs may also recognize a few Austin spots from the many movies that have been filmed here. Dazed and Confused, Kill Bill, and Spy Kids are three famous examples. Because of Austin’s popularity, the fastest internet providers are in high demand from its businesses and residents. 

Austin is only slightly slower compared to San Antonio. So when searching “what is the fastest WiFi in America,” timing can often switch these Texas cities’ positions. There is no doubt that whatever internet access you can get, you can bet it will be fast. In fact, many of the best internet providers in Houston - just a few hours away - also offer fast, affordable service in Austin.

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5. Irving, TX

Irving is in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, another major location for many Texans. It’s also a few minutes away from DFW airport, meaning that it’s an excellent access point for almost any city in America - and a great city to live in for those who like to be near a busy international airport. 

Irving’s residents are no strangers to fast-paced business meetings, work travel, and a number of important conferences. Business is certainly a big driver for high speed internet service. As a result, the city’s home internet options are top-notch. Most of the top national internet providers are available here, but the fastest is likely between AT&T Fiber and EarthLink. Finally, being a large city, business center, travel stop-over, and tourist attraction in its own right, you’re likely to find an outstanding number of hotspots in and around Irving.

Irving is expected to experience a steady growth trend based on upcoming projects. Even without growth, the 10,000 companies in the area are a clear sign of a popular metropolis. Living in Irving (and other parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth area), you certainly have your choice of the fastest WiFi in America.

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6. Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi, TX is our last stop on this mini Texas internet tour. As another high-demand city and common snow-bird stop, their fast internet speeds make sense. 

Corpus Christi has high desirability of living. About three-fourths of it is covered in water. It’s also a significant hub for windsurfing and sailing. And when you have a lot of outdoor activities, you can bet there will be major hotspots all over the place. So you can spend a day on the beach and stay connected - whether it’s with work emails or your friends’ IG feeds.

Corpus Christi is also leaps and bounds ahead of the broadband game, being the first city in America to offer free city-wide WiFi. You’ll still have to pay to get a home internet service provider, but that’s a clear sign of a digitally-minded community. With this in mind, Corpus Christi is a clear top contender when it comes to answering the “who has the fastest WiFi in America” question. 

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7. Charlotte, NC 

Charlotte, NC takes our list back to the East Coast. Claiming some of the most densely populated parts of our entire country, it’s no surprise that some of the fastest internet providers make themselves available in this region, with full fiber infrastructure and a full list of service offerings. 

Charlotte is a commercial hub known for being a staging point for numerous businesses. You can also find the NASCAR Hall of Fame here, giving sports fans plenty of reasons to stick around. The commercialization and population of nearly three million people mean that this city simply needs high speed internet to keep going. The available attractions mean you can expect a solid number of high speed internet hotspots too. 

Regardless of which specific zip code you find yourself in, you’ll likely be able to find an internet service provider that’s exceeding expectations. Charlotte is a top performer when asking the “what is the fastest WiFi in America” question. 

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8. Lincoln, NE

Lincoln, NE is a diamond in the rough when it comes to internet speed - and is a small city that’s under the radar of most. After all, based on the Global Speed Index, Nebraska offers some of the slowest internet speeds in the United States. 

Lincoln, which has no less than 23 college campuses within a 50 mile radius and very loud and proud football fanbase, is a massive exception to this rule. If you follow college football, you’ve certainly heard of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (UNL) and the Cornhuskers, which have had a sold-out stadium for over 20 years. 

Hundreds of thousands of college students from all around the world demand high speed internet - and the nation’s fastest internet providers are happy to oblige. 

Outside of academia, Lincoln is a beautiful city that is the perfect combination of Midwest history and modern culture, boasting a friendly, small-town living experience. So if you want slow, easy living - a la the state’s slogan “The Good Life” - and fast internet plans, Lincoln is worth a look.

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9. Louisville, KY

Louisville, KY is best known for being the birthplace of Muhammad Ali and the host of the Kentucky Derby. However, it also supports many businesses that hit the Fortune 500 list. These businesses include Humana, Yum! Brands, and Kindred Healthcare. You know what’s coming next…

Because of these large businesses and major events, fast WiFi speeds are simply non-negotiable. And hotspots are a-plenty. Major brands like AT&T dominate Louisville and surrounding areas. Even better, almost 70% of the city is covered by speeds leading up to 1 Gbps. 

Because of the spread of gigabyte internet and fiber networks at reasonable prices, slower speed plans aren’t usually even considered. Many locals go with cable providers, offering speeds up to 300 Mbps. This is one city where the answer to “what is the fastest WiFi in America” isn’t necessarily fiber.

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10. Kansas City, MO 

Kansas City, MO is the largest city in Missouri, a state not known for internet speed. Much like Lincoln, the KCMO has got a lot going for it, perhaps unexpectedly.

For starters, the population of the city is about 2.4 million. Those citizens have the choice to work with several federal agencies and businesses. The IRS, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors have significant manufacturing operations here. The location also houses Sanofi-Aventis, one of the largest US drug manufacturing plants. 

The job opportunities attract a lot of people and keep the local economy buzzing. And catering to all those people are some of the best internet providers with the fastest WiFi in America. The result is that Kansas City has faster speeds than the entirety of Kansas and Missouri, for which it straddles the state line. 

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Who are the fastest internet providers in each of these cities?

Each of these cities is home to some of the fastest internet providers in the US. Below is a quick list of providers based on the average speeds. Again, this information is based on the latest figures from the Global Speed Index and our own data points from working with hundreds of trusted internet providers.

  • Verizon: 184 Mbps
  • Xfinity: 179 Mbps
  • Cox: 174 Mbps
  • Spectrum: 166 Mbps
  • AT&T: 140 Mbps

Bear in mind the averages do not tell you about maximum potential. 

If you are lucky, you might reside in a location where EarthLink offers an astounding 5 Gbps. Looking at only top speeds, they’d be considered the fastest private internet provider. 

Finding the fastest internet providers near me

If you ask the question, “what internet providers are in my area,” you want to be sure you meet your internet speed requirements. However, finding out these requirements can be a bit tricky. Thankfully, the InternetAdvisor Internet Speed Wizard can help.

The wizard will ask you important questions related to your speed needs. These questions include the following:

  • How many devices do you have?
  • What do you use your devices for? (streaming, online gaming, etc.)
  • How many household members do you have? 
  • Do you download large files?

If you have specific needs - like working from home, or frequent streaming - you might want to get into a more detailed analysis to understand what speed internet you need. Regardless, with our free resources, you’ll be able to get clear answers to your questions.

Then, you can enter your zip code into our online tool and get a list of the best internet providers based on your requirements. 

Whether or not you live in one of the top 10 cities for the fastest WiFi in America, we’re confident we can help you find a reliable internet service provider in your area!

Final FAQs: fastest WiFi speeds in America

How have internet speeds changed over the past few years? 

Over the past few years, internet speeds in America have doubled. These days, the average speed of the internet is 86 Mbps (where it used to be below 40).

Can rural customers get faster speeds?

Even rural communities throughout America can get speeds up to 100 Mbps using HughesNet or Viasat. Though fiber networks may not reach your small town, satellite internet providers typically stick to around 25 Mbps. 

StarLink, a promising satellite internet option under SpaceX and Elon Musk, promises higher speeds. But it is a relatively new system not available in most parts of the world. 

Do upload speeds matter? 

Upload speeds dictate how fast your computer communicates with others. Video conferences and streaming benefit from this, so they do matter. 

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