A Complete Breakdown of AT&T Internet Plans and Prices

AT&T is one of the most reliable internet providers you can get. It boasts a 99% reliability rating and is number one for customer satisfaction, according to JD power. However, if the price is too high, you still might not get it.

To be sure that AT&T’s plans meet your needs, we’ve got a transparent review of what they offer. Let’s waste no time, here are the best AT&T internet plans for your budget. 

AT&T internet plans and prices - total breakdown

If you want the best AT&T wireless internet plans, they come in two varieties. These two options are priced similarly, but differ depending on location. 

The first, and most desirable, form is AT&T Fiber. Customers who live in areas with fiber-optic internet enjoy the fastest internet speeds. AT&T’s fastest plans offer speeds up to 5 Gbps. 

AT&T fiber plans and prices - cost breakdown

Internet 300 

300 Mbps download speeds

$55 per month 

Connects up to 10 devices 

Internet 500

500 Mbps 

$65 per month

Connects 11 devices

Internet 1000

1 Gbps

$80 per month

Connects 12 devices

2 Gig Internet

2 Gbps

$110 per month

Connects 12+ devices

5 Gig Internet

5 Gbps

$180 per month

Connects 12+ devices

[Need help understanding bandwidth numbers, read our guide that explains Kbps and Mbps]

The prices above include $5 off for including an autopay and paperless bill discount. You’ll find that pretty helpful if you’re looking for the cheapest internet provider (and plans). 

Another perk? Regardless of which AT&T internet plan you choose, the cost of renting equipment is already part of the package. So there is no “hidden cost” for equipment rental, it’s all very clear. 

AT&T DSL internet plans and prices 

For customers who do not live in major cities, AT&T internet plans and packages feature slower speeds, but the same trusted service. These packages require annual contracts for a maximum discount. Here is what AT&T internet plans might look like near you (if you’re in a non-fiber location):

Internet 100 

100 Mbps

$55 per month 

Up to 10 devices

Internet 50 

50 Mbps

$55 per month 

Up to 7 devices

Internet 25

25 Mbps

$55 per month 

Up to 4 devices 

These plans provide DSL internet, which is one of the slower kinds of internet. However, because of DSL’s widespread availability, you’re more likely to be eligible for these AT&T internet plans. 

AT&T fixed wireless internet cost breakdown

If you live in some rural locations along the eastern part of the United States, you likely have access to AT&T Fixed Wireless. 

Fixed Wireless internet makes use of radio connections. Much like satellite internet, it’s ideal for rural customers who normally can’t get internet. 

AT&T offers two internet plans for this type of internet service:

Standalone Fixed Internet 

10 Mbps 

$69.99 per month

Up to 3 devices 

Bundled Fixed Internet

10 Mbps

$59.99 per month

Up to 3 devices 

Here’s a tip, though: When you have access to any other type of internet, don’t choose fixed wireless. DSL, cable, and fiber internet are all more reliable and almost always faster. 

Does AT&T take part in the Affordable Connectivity Plan? 

Yes, AT&T participates in the Affordable Connectivity Plan (ACP). Those who qualify can save up to $30 per month from their bill. That means, if you live on tribal lands, you can save up to $75 per month on your AT&T internet plan.

To qualify for the ACP, your household needs to be 200% less than the federal poverty guidelines. For example, if you have a family of four, you would need to make less than $55,500 per year. If you qualify for existing federal help plans (like SNAP), you likely qualify for the ACP.

AT&T internet and television bundles - plans and prices

If you like television, you’ll want to find the best AT&T internet plans with television. Fortunately, this well-known provider partners with DirecTV to offer their customers top-tier television services. 

The partnership between DirecTV and AT&T provides three combo plans:

AT&T Fiber and DirecTV bundles - cost breakdown

DirecTV Stream Entertainment Package and AT&T Fiber

300 Mbps

$124.99 per month

40 thousand on-demand titles

20 hours of DVR storage

Three free months of SHOWTIME, STARZ, EPIX, and Cinemax

DirecTV Stream Choice Package and AT&T Fiber

300 Mbps 

$144.99 per month

45 thousand on-demand titles 

20 hours of DVR Coverage

All streaming services in the prior plan and HBO Max

DirectTV Stream Choice Package and AT&T Fiber (1 Gig)

1 Gbps

$169.99 per month

Everything else in the prior Stream Choice package

Thankfully, the cost of all equipment rolls into what you pay per month above. There’s also no annual contract necessary, which is great if you need short-term AT&T internet plans. The costs above also include the familiar $5 off for automatic payments and paperless billing. 

If you want more DVR recording, you can get unlimited DVR for another $10 per month. The recording is stored on the cloud, meaning you won’t need to wait for an equipment upgrade with this choice. 

DirecTV’s television box also has streaming capabilities. Once your three-month trial to the streaming services comes up, you’ll need to pay for those out of pocket. Here’s a breakdown of costs per streaming service:

  • SHOWTIME: $11 per month
  • STARZ: $11 per month
  • EPIX: $6 per month
  • Cinemax: $11 per month
  • HBO Max: $15 per month

AT&T non-fiber plans and television bundles

If you live somewhere with less demand or lower population density, you won’t have access to fiber. In those cases, your AT&T internet plans will likely be slower and leverage different TV packages. 

These AT&T internet packages all cost the same, regardless of which speed you choose. With this in mind, these apply to 100, 50, and 25 Mbps download speeds. Below is a breakdown of television and internet plans you can get in AT&T’s DSL locations:

Internet and Entertainment Package

$124.99 per month

65+ channels

40 thousand on-demand shows 

Internet and Choice Package

$144.99 per month

90+ channels

45 thousand on-demand shows

Three months of HBO Max

Internet and Ultimate Package


130+ channels

55 thousand on-demand shows

Three months of HBO Max

Internet and Premier Package


140+ channels

65 thousand on-demand shows

HBO Max is included 

You can choose to add Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, Epix, and HBO to any of these packages. Follow the cost breakdown of streaming services above to find out how much your cost goes up. 

The extra $10 per month charge for unlimited cloud DVR still applies. So if you like recording a lot of television to binge later, AT&T has you covered. 

AT&T internet plans - adding home phone

Despite what the media might tell you, home phones are still a thing. The proof is in the number of internet plans that continue to offer home phone services. AT&T is no exception to this rule. 

Their bundling options for internet and home phone include:

  • Phone and internet - $79.99 per month
  • Phone, internet, and television - $154.98 per month

The internet speed offered on either plan varies from 300 to 100 Mbps. The cost of either speed stays the same regardless of speed. For AT&T, it’s a matter of whether they offer the plan in your area. 

If you want international calling, expect to add about $7 to that bill. The extra cost provides unlimited calls to 22 countries that include Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Domestic calling costs $24.99 (per month) by itself, while international calls cost $31.99 (per month) by itself. 

AT&T onetime transactions and fees you should know 

AT&T internet plans have a lot of clarity in what they charge you for. Thankfully, this holds true with their fee policy as well.

Monthly fees, such as those through a WiFi gateway, are already part of the general AT&T internet plan. However, if you were to rent a second WiFi gateway, you’ll need to pay the equipment rental fees, which are up to $10 per month

AT&T also implements a state cost recovery charge, which adds to the monthly bill you pay based on taxes and required payments from state or local governments. This varies depending on where you live. 

For onetime AT&T fees, here’s what you can expect:

  • Earthly termination fee - Up to $180
  • Gateway not returned fee - $150 
  • WiFi extender not returned fee - $65 
  • Internet activation fee - $49 (only with DSL customers)
  • Self-install assistance fee - $99 (excludes AT&T fixed wireless customers)
  • Technician install fee - $149 (for DSL) or $99 
  • Service repair dispatch fee - $99
  • Dispatch on demand fee - $149 (for DSL) or $99 (this fee refers to is when you refuse to help a technician troubleshoot your internet)

The good news is many of these fees are situational. Often, you can solve most internet problems with no technician. 

Does AT&T offer discounts for mobile phone and internet bundling?

AT&T’s mobile program is pretty widespread, covering more places than its internet. You can get significant discounts for bundling the two under one bill. 

Typically, these discounts come as onetime credits or multi-line discounts. Here are a few examples: 

  • You can get a $200 reward card as a new customer if you upgrade to AT&T fiber from a former, slower plan
  • Acquire $250 in bill credits when you bring your own phone to a current AT&T wireless plan. 
  • Current wireless customers can get a $300 reward card when you get an internet plan
  • You can get $200 in bill credits and save 25% if you sign up for mobile service as a current internet customer

Unlike other internet providers, there are no long-term discounts for bundling internet and mobile through AT&T. The discounts only come through specific promotional deals. 

Does AT&T offer discounts for smart home bundling?

AT&T does not offer any discounts for smart home bundling. The service comes as an included part of any AT&T plan.

Smart home features are accessed through AT&T’s gateway. The AT&T Smart Home Manager app (for iOS and Android) enables you to manage these devices. This app also works to manage user access. For example, it is an ideal solution for parents who want to control their kid’s screen time. 

AT&T does not offer home security. However, it offers mobile security through its ActiveArmor app. The ActiveArmor app provides robocall protection, a managed block list, and public wi-fi protection. It costs $3.99 per month and provides no discounts to your other services. 

How do I know if AT&T offers service in my area?

To find out if AT&T offers services near you, you can save some time by using InternetAdvisor’s “Find a Provider” tool. To use this tool, follow these steps:

  1. Center your zip code on the “search high-speed internet providers” page 
  2. Click the red “search” button on the far-right corner of the screen
  3. Browse the list of providers until you find AT&T (or AT&T Fiber) listed

Even if you can’t find AT&T in your area, you’ll find a list of excellent internet providers through this resource. The tool lets you call providers and check for availability based on your location. So if you want to save yourself the time, check it out.

Is AT&T a good choice for my internet needs?  

AT&T is frequently named one of the best internet providers throughout the US. Offering transparent pricing, different types of services, and a range of connection speeds, they certainly have something for everyone.

If you’re wondering where to get started, you’ll want to make sure that AT&T internet plans are available near you. To do so, you have two options:

  1. Search internet providers by zip code on our site to get a full list of companies in your area, or
  2. Go directly to our AT&T internet page to compare prices and talk to a customer service representative

AT&T plans start at $55 per month. So if that’s your budget, you are off to a great start. From there, a representative will help you find the exact plan or bundle for your internet needs.

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