Reasons You Need Premium TV This Fall

As temperatures start to get cooler and you are spending more and more hours at home, now is the best time to make sure you have an exciting TV lineup awaiting you when you want it. While streaming TV services like Netflix provide instant gratification and binge watching capability, you can get the same options and even more with cable TV or satellite TV services.

Check out our list of the top 7 reasons you need a great TV provider this fall.

  1. It's football season. Whether you love college ball or professional football you need a TV lineup that includes the best sports networks if you want to get the most football viewing possible this fall. Choose DirecTV and you even get the Sunday ticket, a plan exclusively for football lovers, with more football than you can handle. You get access to every Sunday game that is shown live all season long, as well as extra inside details.


  1. All your favorite shows are back. The summer hiatus is finished and all your favorite dramas, reality shows, and comedies are back in the regular season schedule. Check out the newest Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, The Blacklist, Shark Tank, Once Upon a Time, NCIS, Chicago PD, and Empire.


  1. Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas – the extravaganza of Christmas programming that runs from November 1st through Christmas – is an annual can’t-be-missed event for those who love Christmas. You have to have cable or satellite TV to get the Hallmark Channel.


  1. Holiday specials for all the special days during the last quarter of the year – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Year’s and Christmas. Traditional programming, specialty programming and more await you with lots of choices for the whole family.


  1. The launch of new programming such as HBO’s Westworld, Fox’s Pitch, HBO’s High Maintenance, FX’s Atlanta, ABC’s Notorious, and CW’s Riverdale. Every fall a new crop of unique programming is launched. Only when you have cable or satellite TV, will you get to enjoy all the latest shows that are being talked about.


  1. Advanced DVRs and OnDemand capabilities allow you to take control of what and when you watch the shows and movies that appeal to you. This advanced technology ensures that you always have something to watch on TV when you want it.


  1. Your favorite TV genre is always new and available. With cable or satellite TV, you get all the specialty channels, so if you are a fanatic about news, sports, animal programs, chick flicks or any genre of TV programming, you always have an array of the latest shows at your fingertips.

Check out the options in TV programming near you and find the best lineup of premium channels to meet your budget and TV viewing taste.

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