What Middle and High Schoolers Need to Succeed

You might expect a variety of high-tech gadgets and brand-name gear and clothes to make a list of what every middle schooler or high schooler actually needs for a successful school year, our list is much shorter, more affordable, and addresses things that have nothing to do with the latest trends. Our list contains three necessities to any student's success in school and out of school as well.

#1. An Organization System

While there are some kids out there who are naturally organized, for the most part it is a skill that needs to be learned. Work with your student on a system of organization that works for him or her. It could be using an electronic calendar, a school planner, lists, or simply an old-fashioned wall calendar. Talk with your kids about time management and prioritizing. Learning these things now will serve them well, not just in school but in their future careers.

#2. An Outside Interest

No matter where you are in life, having just one thing that you focus on is never good. In addition to school, your student should have an extracurricular activity, a sport, or some interest that they can focus on outside of school. This does not include video games or TV shows. Some of the more traditional options include organizations like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or 4H, but it could be anything that they're passionate about. Many community organizations are excited to have young people join. Volunteering is always a great option, and will help tremendously when the time comes to start looking for a job. Having an outside interest to focus on helps your young person understand the importance of a work life balance.

#3. A High-Speed Internet Connection At Home

Having access to high-speed Internet service at home is a necessity today. It allows your student to access their schoolwork at times that are convenient for them and you. It gives them a variety of resources to use for help with subjects they struggle with. It also provides them the tool they need to do necessary research for school papers, college scholarships, and so much more. No matter where you live, high speed Internet options are available to you. An online search tool can help you find out what Internet providers are available in your neighborhood.

By ensuring that your student has these three necessary things you will be equipping them for the most successful school year ever and the foundation they need for the future.


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