How to Enjoy Netflix When Data Caps Restrict You

4 Ways To Get More Out of Your Netflix Subscription

Watching Netflix has become an incredibly popular pastime. Not only is it the top Internet usage for Americans, it is also taking more and more TV watchers away from traditional TV options. In fact, eschewing cable TV for Netflix is a popular trend, especially amongst budget conscious TV watchers. Yet there is one stumbling block that many Netflix users face, and that is data caps.

We Know You Hate Data Caps

Data caps are the norm for certain types of high speed Internet, and are rapidly becoming the norm for others that have traditionally not had limited access. Satellite Internet has always had a limited capacity which is negatively affected by the number of people using a service at the same time. For that reason, the federal government put mandatory data caps in place for satellite Internet providers. For other types of Internet service, data caps are decided upon by the provider. Recently several of the big name cable providers have started implementing data caps on their service. But there are still many providers offering unlimited data to their customers. These data caps could limit the amount of time a subscriber can enjoy Netflix each month.

Here's How to Get More Out of Netflix

When data caps are a part of your Internet plan, you need to get creative in order to get the absolute most out of your Netflix subscription. This is especially important for those who are heavy Netflix users or those who are looking to cut the cord and have Netflix replace their cable service. Strategies to maximize your viewing hours are as follows.

Choose to watch Netflix in standard definition by setting the playback to default to that setting. It uses one-quarter of the data required for High Definition viewing. That means you get four times the usage for one small change which is barely noticeable.

Monitor your usage. All Internet providers offer online access to your account and some method of monitoring usage. Check regularly to ensure you don't surpass your monthly limit, especially when you are increasing or beginning your Netflix usage. This will ensure you don't get a bad surprise when your bill arrives.

Become familiar with your Internet plan. Does it have free time, when you can access the Internet without using up your data? If so, plan to use Netflix at this time.

Consider how much it would cost to get a bigger or even unlimited data plan, especially when you compare it to how much you are saving by using Netflix over cable.

With over 37% of Internet traffic being Netflix viewers, it is not going away anytime soon. Take the time to ensure you are getting as much Netflix time as you can from your ISP using our smart strategies today.

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