Why Your Family Needs Faster Internet.

Having the fastest high speed Internet available in your neighborhood has absolutely nothing to do with keeping up with the Joneses. It is all about opportunity, convenience, entertainment and working smarter instead of harder. If you have kids, it's even more important that you have high-speed Internet. Here's why.

Today schools rely on Internet research more often than research from books. In fact knowing how to research online is a skill even kids in elementary school need to master. With high speed Internet access at home, your children will be more comfortable and skilled at using the Internet, and they will be able to tackle online homework and projects easily. Where they are researching their favorite sport, a major event in history, an ancient civilization, or scientific facts, fast Internet will allow them to do what they need to do for school more effectively and without wasting time.

All the help your child needs for understanding complex concepts are available at their fingertips when they have a good Internet connection. Resources like Kahn Academy, educational websites/videos, and learning games all help to reinforce the things they're learning in school. These resources also make it much easier for a parent to help their child with homework. The Internet can provide a quick refresher course for parents who haven't done math problems in a decade or more.

Today's culture is increasingly connected to fast Internet. Instead of kids talking about the latest TV show, they talk about Netflix shows, which require a fast Internet connection in order to be streamed to your home. The overall structure of how kids and adults consume media has changed drastically. Apps and games that allow them to interact with others are also the norm. Even communication is often done via apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. Having a wifi network at your home allows them access without having to pay high cell phone data rates.

High speed Internet provides access to opportunities for your kids that they wouldn't have otherwise. They have the opportunity to learn more through virtual school and online courses, discover volunteer options, find jobs, get information on different colleges and scholarships, and even be able to start a new business, things that they might not be able to otherwise at their age. Limiting their online access because of underperforming Internet is taking great choices off the table.

If your household Internet is not fast enough to keep up with your kids, it's time to shop around and find out what other choices are being offered in your community.


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