Do You Need A Pay TV Service or a Streaming Service

Today more and more TV viewers are doing away with traditional cable TV in favor of streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime. While these services offer a fantastic variety of entertainment at a great price, there are definitely some downsides to having streaming video as your only TV option. In fact, many viewers are surprised to find that they miss traditional TV, and subsequently reinstate some form of regular TV service.

As you're considering moving away from regular TV service, there are some factors that should be red flags to make you reconsider completely abandoning traditional TV. If any of the following situations describe you, it may be wise to look at a different option for TV service or go with a smaller home service in addition to your streaming TV provider.

  • If you enjoy being up-to-date on the shows you watch, you need regular TV service. Streaming services provide past seasons only, and because of this you will be always behind in your favorite show if you only have Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.
  • If you use satellite Internet, there is a monthly data limit imposed by the federal government. That means you do not have unlimited access to your streaming TV service. Without unlimited access to streaming video you may find that what appears to be a cheaper alternative to TV is not the reality. By choosing streaming video, your TV viewing may turn out to be the cause of a much higher Internet bill each month.
  • If you are a sports lover, you need cable TV or satellite TV in order to access live games. In many households, watching the game is a weekly (or multiple times weekly) tradition. With streaming video, the option is not available and family members who enjoy televised sports will be unhappy with the new service.
  • If you are a news junkie, you need regular TV service. Streaming TV does not provide local or national news channels that you can watch for the latest in what's going on in your neighborhood and around the world.

From personal experience we've discovered that the best option to meet all your TV needs is to choose a satellite TV provider like DirecTV or Dish Network, as well as a streaming video service like Netflix. You get the best of both worlds  sports, news, and the latest in your favorite shows, while you enjoy choice in movies and TV shows that you can binge watch to your delight.


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