How to Choose the Right Sized Internet Service Plan

As you are shopping for the right sized Internet service plan for your home, it can be easy to make a mistake. Purchasing a plan that is too small may mean that you pay more with overage fees. A plan that is too big is simply a waste of money. If you are seeking a perfect fit, ask yourself some questions. By knowing the answer to these questions, you will be able to easily get the help you need from an Internet specialist, in order to choose the right sized Internet plan.

  • How many Internet-enabled devices are in your home? It is easy enough to miscount because it is not just computers. Remember to count all smart-phones as often owners use wi-fi in order to save data charges. Tablets, smart TVs, and gaming systems should also be counted, as these also use Internet data.
  • How many users are there in your home? A household of one occasional Internet user has very different needs than a household of heavy users. More and more kids are heavy Internet users so be sure to count the minors in your household. They will likely be the most demanding on your Internet service.
  • Do you stream video? The occasional YouTube video does not affect your monthly data usage too much, but if you regularly use Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime for entertainment, you should consider investing in the largest and fastest Internet service you can find. Streaming video is the most data-intensive use of the Internet and as such can easily consume your data.
  • What do you typically use the Internet for? Streaming video is not the only high data use. Video conferencing and streaming audio like podcasts and music apps also take up considerable data. If you work from home and are constantly online, a larger plan is best. If you mostly surf the Internet, check email and do social media, chances are you can get by with a small plan.
  • Is your type of Internet service a good fit for what you want to do online? If you are looking to play real-time simulation games, be sure to choose a service that has minimal lag time and good upload speeds. Satellite Internet service is lacking in both these areas and as such, are a bad fit for such types of gaming.
  • What is your budget? Shopping around for service and bundling Internet with TV and/or phone service are the best ways to save on the cost of your monthly bills. Use an online search tool to find the best price possible on your plan.

Find the best fit possible for your Internet service so you are happy with your service speed, access, and price.

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