Spectrum Internet Service

As the fourth largest cable service company in America, Charter Communications provides service to 30.5 million residential and commercial customers across 29 U.S. states. The cable communications company offers television, voice and high-speed Internet services as Charter Spectrum. In a bid to acquire Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications recently proposed a $67 billion buyout. Charter Communications was started and incorporated in St. Louis, Missouri in 1993 With only 3.9 million customers at the time, Charter Communications went public in November 1999 Despite slipping into bankruptcy in 1999, Charter Communications revised its strategies, eliminated more than $8 billion in debt and added new investments totalling $3 billion to emerge as a more financially solid organization Enhancement through post-bankruptcy organizational revisions and fiber-optic cable upgrades were reflected by the company's receipt of several "fastest IP" designations by PCWorld in 2011

Spectrum Internet Plans & Pricing

NameDownload SpeedsData CapPrice
Spectrum InternetN/A$39.99

Spectrum offers Internet service via the following technologies: CableFiber.

Spectrum is available in the following cities: Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, Austin, TX, Fort Worth, TX, Charlotte, NC, Detroit, MI, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Milwaukee, WI, Tucson, AZ, Long Beach, CA, Atlanta, GA, Omaha, NE, Minneapolis, MN, Cleveland, OH, Arlington, TX, Bakersfield, CA, Riverside, CA, Lincoln, NE, Madison, WI, Reno, NV, Baton Rouge, LA and Irvine, CA and many more.