Top 20 Young Internet Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs Who Are Making It BIG Online

Over the past year I have had 1000’s of young internet entrepreneurs contact me, some have incredible ideas and I know that one day they will make a list like this. Today I have created a list of the Top 20 Young Internet Entrepreneurs of 2008.
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“Proof that Internet Success Has No Age Limit”

1. Catherine Cook

MyYearBook – www.MyYearBook.comWhy Catherine Matters:Catherine Cook of managed to get 5 Million Members on Talk to Catherine Cook for any length of time and you get the distinct feeling you don’t need to remember this girl’s name because you’ll be hearing it often in the years to come.

2. Ashley Qualls

WhatEverLife – www.WhatEverLife.comWhy Ashley Qualls Matters:Ashley Qualls who is already a multi-millionaire, and has taken the young entrepreneurs world by storm.Aged just 14, Ashley created, a Myspace layouts site aimed at the female demographic, the site now gets over 250,000 visitors every single day, which is more than teen magazines such as Teen Vogue, Seventeen & Cosmogirl… combined.Ashley doesn’t charge users to use the site, instead, she strategically places ads on the site, and around 60% of her monthly income comes from Google Adsense.

3. Paul Bourqe

UberAffiliate – www.UberAffiliate.comWhy Paul Bourqe:When I mentioned to Paul that I was doing this post he let me know how many leads he had produced since starting Affiliate Marketing just over a year ago. He has manged to total over 544,120 Leads and at 19 years old – no wonder he has managed to total over $500,000 in one month.

4. David Wilkinson

Affiliate Defined – www.AffiliateDefined.comWhy David Matters:From Video Game Nerd to Internet Entrepreneur aged 14, David Wilkinson Super Affiliate reveals the secrets of his online success. As you read this interview you will be tempted to think ? is this guy REAL? Especially when you read the maturity of reply and the WISDOM of David.

5. Carl Ocab

Carl Ocab – www.CarlOcab.comWhy Carl Matters:Carl first started his website about making money online as a young entrepreneur at the age of 13. Now 15 he makes several thousands of dollars every month from affiliate sales and private ad deals.

6. Josh Buckley

Menewsha – www.Menewsha.comWhy Josh Matters:Josh Buckley achieved Financial Freedom at the young age of 15! This year he has earned $xxx,xxx and can now afford to take his family on a two week cruise around the Mediterranean, any gadgets he would ever want and could still afford a small house. Joshua even won the Best Idea Award here on Retire at 21, voted as the best idea for a website out of several 100 contestants.

7. Matt Wegrzyn

Bodis – www.Bodis.comWhy Matt Matters:A very young and very successful domainer. If you ever wondered how to make money buying and selling domains then this interview with Matt will inspire. Real step by step advice on making money buying and selling domains

8. Harrison Gevirtz

CPA Share – www.CPAShare.comWhy Harrison Matters:Harrison is old 16 years old who has been earning income online for the last 3 years. Much of his online focus has been on affiliate marketing, so he recently launched his own affiliate network at

9. Stanley Tang

EmillionsBook – www.emillionsblog.comWhy Stanley Matters:Stanley is just 16 and is just publishing his own book called eMillions where he interviews some of the internets biggest success’s. Stanley will be launching his book in December and it is quite possible that he will make over $100,000 over night!

10. Donny Ouyang

Battle Forums – www.battleforums.comWhy Donny Matters:Donny Ouyang, a 16 year old CEO who reveals how he is earning over $6,500 a month! He talks about how he earns 3 times as much as the average adult, got a $25,000 loan from the bank and the future for his business!

11. Long Zheng

I Started Something – www.Istartedsomething.comWhy Long Matters:Long Zheng is just 20 years old and runs one of the largest blogs for Microsoft enthusiasts. Long is unlike most bloggers, he claims to never make mystakes, always like to break stories first and expects no one else to blog apart from himself.

12. Andrew Galasetti

Lyved – www.lyved.comWhy Andrew Matters:Andrew is 20 years old and prior to launching Lyved has always been an entrepreneur. He has launched several online ventures including a search engine and has also launched one off line venture; a bottled water company.

13. Andrew Sutherland

Quizlet – www.Quizlet.comWhy Andrew Matters:Andrew Launched a quiz website to help make learning vocabulary not a chore. Andrew started Quizlet in October 2005, back when he was a mere 15-year-old and has had over 300,000 people register to play and over 35,000,000 games played!

14. Chloe Spencer

Neopets Fanatic – www.neopetsfanatic.comWhy Chloe Matters: Chloe is a web-savvy teenager who took her hobby to another level by monetizing from it. She launched a fan site for the game Neopets back in 2006 and has earn’t thousands of dollars a month since then.

15. Hansup Yoon

Zune Boards – www.zuneboards.comWhy Hansup Matters:This past month 15 year old Hansup Yoon, previous owner of Zune Boards, sold it for approximately $62,000 to other investors. It’s pretty amazing to see someone at such a young age making money via internet economics, but I suppose anything is possible these days.

16. Juliette Brindak

Miss O & Friends – www.missoandfriends.comWhy Juliette Matters:It all started when Juliette was 10, she drew people that she called cool girls. She then decided to create a website for her sketches which led to Miss O & Friends which has been valued at $15 million!

17. Gareth Hodson

HostedFx – www.HostedFX.comWhy Gareth Matters:When I first started creating websites I always looked upto Gareth and would check out what he was doing and try to base my websites on it. Gareth has now sold of some of his websites but still has two really successful websites, HostedFx and PageHole. Gareth host’s over 650 websites and has sold several thousand links on Pagehole, all while attending collage!

18. Joel Drapper

JoelDrapper – www.JoelDrapper.comWhy Joel Matters:He was 13 when he first started designing websites and 15 when he launched his company. He now runs his own successful blog about SEO and Link Building – Some solid advice from such a young entrepreneur!

19. Liam Goodwin

Filmonic – www.Filmonic.comWhy Liam is a UK based movie blog that covers a wide range of movies (although they do have a strict no ‘chick flick’ or ‘rom com’ policy). The site was started back in November 2007 and has been updated on a regular basis ever since, which apparently people like as 150,000 people visited the site last month.

20. Thilak Raj Rao

Tech Buzz – Thilak Matters:Thilak Raj Rao is a 18 year old collage drop out earning $1000’s every month from his tech blog. Thilak has been online with his website for 2 years now but was a internet addict folloding the top technology websites on the net.


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