Complete List of Mobile Internet Providers in the U.S.

What Is Mobile Internet?

Mobile Internet is connected through either 3G or 4G phone networks, as opposed to getting a connection through a phone, cable, or fiber line. You can access a mobile connection through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Who Are The Top Mobile Providers?

When choosing a 4G service provider, it is very important to look at both data limits and price. You might be paying a low price but you will not have enough data to browse how you please. Based on price, data limits, 4G speeds, and contract offerings, the top 4 mobile broadband providers are:

  • Verizon: Verizon offers customers the largest network and fastest speeds compared to other mobile provider.
  • AT&T 4G LTE: AT&T is able to offer the most affordable 4G download speeds to customers.
  • Sprint: Sprint offers their customers unlimited plans.
  • T-Mobile: T-Mobile delivers the cheapest unlimited plans compared to its top competitors.

Who Is The Largest Mobile Provider?

AT&T is the top mobile broadband provider, servicing over 300 million customers in areas across all 50 states.

How Fast Is Mobile Internet?

3G mobile connection users are able to browse the internet at speeds ranging from 600 Kbps to about 2 Mbps. 4G networks can be up to 10x faster than 3G with speeds ranging from 3 Mbps to 50 Mbps.

How Much Does Mobile Internet Cost?

Data limits are important factor when researching mobile plans. With a mobile plan, you can pay as low as $20/month but you might not have the amount data you need to support your browsing habits. Depending on the data amount and carrier, plans range from $20-$450 each month.

Why Should I Get Mobile Internet?

Mobile internet gives you more flexibility by allowing to you connect anywhere there is 4G network.