We Reviewed the 9 Best Miami Beach Internet Providers

If you want a complete comparison of the top Miami Beach internet providers, you’ve come to the right place.

Miami Beach is a vibrant area offering world-famous nightlife and neverending activities, both in person and online. And whether you’re new to the area or just shopping for a new internet provider, it’s important that you have everything you need to stay connected.

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to, giving you a completely honest review of the 9 best Miami Beach internet providers to help you make the right choice today. 

How to find the best internet service providers in Miami Beach

The easiest way to find the best internet provider near you is to use the InternetAdvisor tools. These tools come in two forms:

  • Finding internet service based on your zip code
  • Learning how much internet speed you need 

You’ll want to go to the InternetAdvisor home page and type in your Miami Beach zip code:

  • 33139
  • 33140
  • 33141

After entering your zip code, you’ll find a long list of all the available Miami Beach internet providers. You can then use the filters on the left half of the screen to sort them by your preferences.  

The Internet Speed Wizard suggests a speed for you depending on your household. Your need for speed changes depending on these two main factors:

  • People in your household
  • What you do (stream, torrent, video games)

Start with those tools, then come back to our review of Miami Beach internet providers here for the most comprehensive comparison of all your available options.

The 9 best Miami Beach internet providers

We’ve identified the best internet service providers in Miami Beach by grading them each on speed, reliability, customer service, and price. Then, we’ve found areas where they stand out, giving you easy-to-compare reviews of the top internet providers in your area.

Here’s our final list:

1. Best combo of speed and reliability: AT&T Fiber

AT&T Fiber is part of the entire AT&T family - and their fiber plan reigns supreme when it comes to the best Miami beach internet providers. That’s because of a great combination of cost-effectiveness and speed. 

Cutting to the chase, fiber-optic internet is the fastest around. For most, it also has the highest price. AT&T manages to drop this price as they are one of the largest internet providers in the US. 

Depending on your zip code, cheaper pricing is offered at an introductory price. So you might end up paying more than other providers by the second year. 

Their service is offered in nearly 4,000 zip codes. However, not all of those places have fiber. In those cases, you’ll have to go with the authorized retailer option, which is still pretty good. 


  • Excellent customer service track record
  • Offers month-to-month plans instead of yearly contracts
  • It has reliable connections due to its established nature


  • Introductory pricing is only temporary
  • Self-installation isn’t available everywhere in Miami Beach

Compare AT&T Fiber internet plans in Miami Beach

2. Best non-fiber option: AT&T Preferred Dealer

The “Preferred dealer” option under AT&T is more widespread than their fiber plans. Much of this comes from the reliance on existing cable and DSL internet connections. 

With cable or DSL, installation tends to be cheaper, and many plans have a self-installation option available to Miami Beach residents. However, you’ll have to pay the price of slower speeds to use an authorized retailer. Plans start at 10 Mbps, which is okay for casual browsing, but not okay for gaming or high-definition streaming. 

The preferred dealer option does have the ability to bundle services too. Because of its widespread nature, having television and phone plans integrated with your internet saves you money. Just don’t expect any exposure in rural locations. 

Regardless of whatever AT&T version you choose, you get access to the company’s stellar customer support team, solidly locking in its ranking as one of the best internet service providers in Miami Beach.


  • Cheaper installation 
  • Greater availability
  • Bundling potential for more savings 


  • Slower than AT&T’s Fiber internet plans 
  • DSL connections are some of the slowest 

Compare AT&T Preferred Dealer internet plans in Miami Beach

3. Fastest overall service in Miami Beach: Xfinity 

If you want the fastest of the Miami Beach internet providers, look no further than Xfinity. Its Gigabit package offers speeds up to 2 Gbps - that's 2000 Mbps for those who want it. 

Even Xfinity’s “weaker” plans are faster than average, at better-than-average costs for internet in Miami. Plans start at $20 for 200 Mbps, which are the best rates you can get in most parts of Florida, let alone Miami Beach.

Xfinity offers a vast array of internet packages. These bundles come with different combinations of TV and phone. However, you will have to sign a contract to take advantage of a year of introductory pricing. This contract is optional. 

As the most prominent internet provider in the US, few companies can compete with Xfinity. Much like AT&T, you won’t find them in lower population densities. 



  • Requires contract signing for you to get a discount
  • One-time professional internet installation cost is required 

Compare Xfinity internet plans in Miami Beach

4. Best availability: HughesNet

Even in popular locations like Miami Beach, some zip codes receive no or little coverage. If you find yourself in one of those areas, HughesNet is the Miami Beach internet provider with the solution.

As a company that focuses on rural connections, HughesNet covers 98% of the United States. Their satellite internet enables you to connect from virtually anywhere. However, that spread comes with a few drawbacks. 

First, your speed will not exceed 25 Mbps. That speed is great for video streaming but not good for online gaming. 

Also, expect interruptions during stormy weather. This can be frustrating if you need consistency. 

You’ll also find steep data caps. The most you can get is 100 GB of data for $150 a month, but you can purchase data tokens for more. HughesNet manages to take this premium cost with expert customer service. Regardless, it is the 3rd choice you should make if you can choose any non-satellite provider. 


  • It is available almost everywhere 
  • They have well-trained customer agents and technicians 
  • Free installation in Miami Beach and the surrounding area is included 


  • Internet speed isn’t great
  • Data caps are painful 
  • Storms can interrupt service 

Compare HughesNet internet plans in Miami Beach

5. Fastest satellite internet: ViaSat

ViaSat is the wide-coverage alternative to HughesNet. There are a lot of similarities between the two. Both include free installation, use of satellites, and solid customer service. ViaSat is different in that they offer speeds up to 100 Mbps. 

ViaSat can do this through a robust satellite network in Florida. But with extra power comes extra costs, and final prices on its highest plans are $300 a month. Many of our rural customers don’t use the internet much. If that’s you, you’ll likely stick with the company’s cheaper internet plans. Those are also reasonably pricy, but you do have a larger data cap. 

With double the speeds and data options of HughesNet at comparable prices, you might wonder why ViaSat is our second best of satellite internet service providers in Miami Beach.

Much of ViaSat’s weakness comes from a weaker customer service reputation. And you can be denied internet service if you don’t pass a required credit check. We weren’t fans of this - and ViaSat is one of the few Miami Beach internet providers that require this. 


  • Satellite internet coverage in almost 100% of the US
  • Faster speeds than HughesNet
  • Free internet installation 


  • Data caps 
  • Expensive home internet plans

Compare ViaSat internet plans in Miami Beach

6. Best security features: EarthLink

EarthLink is a unique Miami Beach internet provider. It offers comparable speeds to AT&T, but much of its lower ranking comes from the unusual requirements. However, those requirements might just fit your needs perfectly.

First, EarthLink requires you to receive professional internet installation. You are charged for this alongside the required monthly rental equipment fees. There is no way to opt-out of this and save money through self-installation. 

Second, it includes security software for your computer and router. You are given this for a 12-month contract period, meaning you and this service are married for a year. 

Those two requirements aside, EarthLink has excellent customer service. It also has insane speeds of up to 5 Gbps in some regions. You also aren’t stuck under introductory prices, offering more billing clarity. 

The people who need and want these added services will find that EarthLink is one of the best premium Miami Beach internet providers. 


  • Insane speeds up to five gigs
  • It offers a wide array of internet plans to Miami Beach residents
  • Provides security software 


  • Costs more than other Miami Beach internet providers
  • Requires a year-long contract

Compare Earthlink internet plans in Miami Beach

7. Best for no contracts: Verizon Internet

Verizon is likely not a name that comes to mind when you think of Miami Beach internet providers. That’s because their internet service is a secondary business. The company is best known for providing phone plans on a fast 5G network. 

However, if you already like their phone service, you’ll find that they are pretty good at the internet too. 

Even better, they don’t offer contracts, so you can cancel any time. 

Verizon offers fiber-optic internet with unlimited data options. While the cost by itself is above-average, you are encouraged to bundle your services for savings. This makes up (a bit) for the high $99 installation fee. 

Verizon mainly services the Northeast United States, making its southern service areas more spotty. Due to coverage it may not be one of the absolute best internet service providers in Miami Beach, but they are a worthy consideration if you can find them. You can always take advantage of the fact that there are no contracts.


  • Numerous bundling opportunities from phone to TV
  • No data caps 
  • Fast fiber service available


  • Less exposure than other Miami Beach internet providers
  • High installation fee 

Compare Verizon internet plans in Miami Beach

8. Best fee-free pricing: Google Fiber

Admittedly, Google Fiber covers a very small portion of Miami Beach. But, after a temporary halt of expansion in 2016, Google Fiber is returning and planning on expanding. Just at a slower pace compared to other already-established Miami Beach internet providers. 

Unless you demand the fastest internet, look elsewhere. Plans start at 1 Gig or 2 Gig options. There are no other plans in the Megabit range, so it isn’t ideal if you want to sacrifice some speed for cost. 

There is straightforward, no-fee pricing. You also get a free WiFi 6 router with some plans. So it is ideal if you are looking for wireless internet. 

Where it lags comes down to pricing comparison. Google is not the cheapest internet provider in Miami Beach. This option is best for people who are looking for premium internet options from a provider that’s going to be around for a long time. 


  • Internet comes from a reliable internet provider
  • Speeds are reasonable at one and two gig options
  • It comes with a free WiFI router 


  • No low-price cost options
  • Not available in many parts of Miami Beach 

Compare Google Fiber internet service plans in the Houston area

9. Best unknown (cheap) provider: Breezeline 

Breezeline is better known as Atlantic Broadband, as is best known for covering people in DC. It also provides cable service more often than home internet service. However, the company does indeed have a widespread reach that covers a lot of Florida. 

The company’s name change came after announcing its expansion into non-internet fields. It’s also a rising name in the list of Miami Beach internet providers, but not one that should be overlooked when it comes to pricing.

Where Breezeline exceeds comes from its ability to price below the competition. Costs for its internet service start at $20 for 100 Mbps. But these are introductory prices. You might also see a speed reduction if you keep your plan longterm.

Its widespread focus seems to have stretched the company. The customer service reputation is mixed at best. Overall, what once was Atlantic Broadband is going through some significant changes. And as this progresses, customer support is improving. 


  • Offers very competitive pricing for lower budgets
  • It’s one of the best internet service providers in Miami Beach when it comes to coverage
  • It comes with bundling opportunities 


  • Speed reduction typically comes after the first year with cheaper plans
  • Requires you to fill out an information form for more pricing information
  • Weak customer experience reputation 

Compare Breezeline internet service plans in the Houston area

Final thoughts about the best Miami Beach internet providers

If you want to find the best internet service providers in Miami Beach, here’s a quick roundup of advice you can use: 

  • Focus on bundles that include stuff you plan on using 
  • Ask yourself how you plan on using the internet 
  • Ask around and compare quotes before buying
  • Check custom reviews to see about their experience 

Want to make the whole process even easier?

Our internet provider search tool can help you find internet providers in Miami Beach. It’s as simple as entering your zip code. By using the filters, you can also find providers based on customer service reviews, budget, and speeds.  

InternetAdvisor is here to help you avoid making calls for Miami Beach internet providers you know won’t work for your needs. Our tools and careful reviews are here to help you make the best choice in less time. 

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