The 6 Best Internet Service Providers in Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a cultural hot spot known for its golden sands, shining beaches, and culture. With a population of about 86,000 people and countless more tourists each year, it’s definitely a popular place to be. 

And our list of the best internet service providers in Miami Beach will help make sure you have the best service to stay connected with.

A summary: top internet providers in Miami Beach

At a glance, these are the best internet service providers in Miami Beach, based on speed, reliability, availability, and customer service.

  • AT&T Fiber
  • Xfinity
  • EarthLink
  • AT&T Preferred Dealers
  • HughesNet
  • ViaSat

We didn’t simply choose the fastest internet providers (though we do have a list for that) because we know that a great experience and great internet is about more than just connection speed. 

And though many of these overlap with our list of internet providers in Miami, we wanted to make sure Miami Beach residents had reviews that were tailored to their zip codes. That way, you can find the best internet provider that you know has service in your area.

So, without further ado, out of the full list of Miami Beach internet providers, these are our top picks:

The best overall: AT&T Fiber

AT&T Fiber is one-half of the AT&T system in Miami Beach, shared with DSL and cable options through authorized retailers. Fiber-optic internet offers the fastest WiFi in America (and globally), with AT&T being one of the best at 1 Gbps.

AT&T customers also get access to incredibly high-quality customer service. Much of this comes down to AT&T’s focus on reliability. When your system works, talking with tech support becomes much more accessible. 

AT&T offers pretty solid flexibility. You can choose between their month-to-month or contract-based internet plans. You can also choose to get some additional savings if you decide to bundle, because they are so much more than just one of the best internet service providers in Miami Beach, they have phone and other services too!

AT&T’s biggest struggle is the availability of its fiber optic infrastructure. It has about 30% coverage for the entirety of Miami Beach. Beyond this, AT&T Fiber offers some of the best internet services for your needs.


  • Offers some of the fastest internet services in Miami Beach
  • Provides both month-to-month and contract options
  • Many packages available for many needs
  • Bundles well with telephone and television services


  • Relies on introductory prices for further discounts
  • Doesn’t offer self-installation in some locations
  • Not available in all of Miami Beach

Compare AT&T Fiber internet plans in Miami Beach.

The fastest internet provider: Xfinity

Xfinity is another one of the best internet service providers in Miami beach. Its claim to fame mainly comes from its focus on being one of the fastest providers in the area. You can reasonably expect speeds up to 2 Gbps. 

But as America’s second-largest cable provider, their spread could be better. At 14% ability, that doesn’t cover much. However, Miami Beach residents who can get their internet plans will find the service worth it. 

Much of this service comes in the form of simple self-management. The Xfinity app allows you to track connections and controls what goes on in your home. If you are a busy parent with kids, you know it can be tricky. Xfinity makes that easy with parental controls.

And if you are out for a day or night on the town, Xfinity has a pretty good spread of hotspots. These hotspots are available across several major locations. So when it comes to good internet in Miami Beach, Xfinity has an incredible offering.


  • Offers the fastest internet in Miami Beach
  • Great self-service options
  • Reasonable pricing for what you get 
  • Widespread hotspots in major locations


  • Availability could be better 
  • One time installation costs 
  • Relies entirely on physical connections

Compare Xfinity internet plans in Miami Beach.

The best customer service: EarthLink

EarthLink is best known for offering a solid customer experience - and that’s exactly why it’s on our shortlist of the best internet service providers in Miami Beach. Much of this comes from their direct approach to customer care. In this case, the requirement of professional internet installation

EarthLink technicians are skilled and knowledgeable regarding internet access. So if you struggle with technical issues and jargon, EarthLink can provide you with a good solution. You can even get free antivirus, something most Miami Beach internet providers don’t offer. You also don’t have to struggle with data caps, which appeals to most people.

The download speeds of EarthLink products go up to 1 Gbps in Miami Beach. This speed puts it on par with AT&T. However. Some locations only have DSL and cable connections, which might be a bit slower, on average, though very reliable.

EarthLink also offers incredibly straightforward pricing with plans well below the average price of internet in Miami. And instead of relying on introductory pricing, you pay what you see. However, you’ll need to be good with signing up for a 12-month contract. 


  • Provides antivirus software with its internet
  • Excellent customer support
  • Huge range of packages
  • No introductory pricing


  • No month-to-month pricing
  • Professional installation required
  • Monthly equipment rental fees 

Compare EarthLink internet plans in Miami Beach.

The most reliable provider: AT&T Preferred Dealer

Where AT&T Fiber isn’t available, authorized retailers take up the gap. In this way, AT&T covers 99% of Miami Beach and making an appearance twice on this list, is a name that’s synonymous with the best internet service providers in Miami Beach. The plans feature pretty decent internet speeds up to 100 Mbps. While 100 is much slower than gigabyte internet, most households can work with 100 megabytes in order to meet all their needs (to be sure you can always check what speed internet you need here).

Prices for these speeds stay under $50, making it one of the cheapest internet providers in the area as well. You can get some of these savings by paying for a contract. But much like AT&T Fiber, you can also stick with monthly payments. 

You also still get access to AT&T’s stellar customer service team. You won’t see any preference towards those who happen to be in fiber areas. AT&T doesn’t discriminate against its customers based on how much they pay.

The best combination of reliability and availability comes through the preferred dealer option. Even with slower speeds, AT&T’s upload speeds match their download speeds. If you do video conferencing, AT&T is where you want to be.


  • The most reliable internet provider 
  • Great tech support
  • Available in 99% of Miami Beach
  • Offers decent speeds for availability


  • No gigabyte options
  • Additional cost for installation 
  • DSL internet options are fairly slow 

Compare AT&T Preferred Dealer internet plans in Miami Beach.

The best availability: HughesNet

HughesNet satellite internet is the most available service provider in the United States. In Miami Beach, the company covers 100% of the city. With coverage like that, they have to be on any list of the best internet service providers in Miami Beach. 

What’s more, satellite internet is a pretty good alternative for customers who don’t have access to other wired options. Being satellite-based, all you need is a clear view of the sky to get a good connection. Other providers require wires, whereas providers like HughesNet require almost nothing to get your home internet installed. 

The drawback of having satellite internet is that your quality is based on weather conditions. Given Miami Beach is sunny and clear pretty often, this isn’t a huge issue. But service drops might occur during storms.

HughesNet is well known for its high-quality customer service. Because they tend to work with rural customers, their customer service needs a deep understanding of the services they offer - including how to troubleshoot. If you aren’t tech-savvy, HughesNet is a great option.


  • Available in 100% of Miami Beach
  • Great customer service 
  • No need for physical lines
  • Free installation and no equipment costs


  • Speeds are fairly slow
  • Have to deal with data caps 
  • Impacted by weather conditions

Compare HughesNet internet plans in Miami Beach.

Faster satellite internet: ViaSat

ViaSat is the satellite alternative to HughesNet in Miami Beach. Much like HughesNet, it covers 100% of the area. It also offers faster speeds up to 100 Mbps, unheard of for most satellite providers. 

On paper, ViaSat should be in the number five position. But its credit check requirement can be frustrating for some customers. If you have good credit, this won’t be an issue. 

You’ll also find that paying 100 Mbps on satellite internet can get expensive. So in cases where you can get a standard wired provider, you should. These satellite providers are great but not ideal compared to the best internet service providers in Miami Beach that are offering fiber options.

If you need internet service and other providers struggle to provide a reliable connection, ViaSat is an excellent choice. 


  • Faster than alternative satellite internet providers in Miami Beach
  • Speeds up to 100 Mbps 
  • Free installation and no equipment costs
  • No physical lines required


  • Have to work around data
  • Inclement weather is an issue
  • Struggles with online gaming and VPNs

Compare ViaSat internet plans in Miami Beach.

How to find the best internet service providers in Miami Beach 

With so many great options, finding the best internet service provider in Miami Beach (based on your unique needs) can be a bit tricky. But you can use InternetAdvisor’s Find a Provider tool to make this easier.

By entering your zip code, we list the top providers based on coverage, speed, and starting price. You’ll also see average customer ratings, helping you understand if your preferred provider is likely to offer a helping hand.

You can also use the filters to search for specific services and find the best internet service provider in Miami Beach that also fits your budget. 

Your questions, answered: All about Miami Beach internet service

Below, we will go through some additional things to look out for when searching for the best internet service providers in Miami Beach. 

What is a good price for internet in Miami Beach? 

Miami Beach residents can expect to pay about $50 per month for internet service, which is very similar to average prices in all of Miami and the US. However, as long as your internet doesn’t exceed $80, you still have a pretty good deal for your internet. 

The cheapest internet provider in Miami Beach is Xfinity. Their low-cost internet plan starts at $20. This is known as the Performance Starter+ Plan.

What’s a good internet speed in Miami Beach? 

A good internet speed depends on your internet activities and the number of devices you have. However, most households find 100 Mbps to be ideal for their needs. This speed can handle streaming, gaming, and downloads for average families.

Gigabyte internet (1 Gbps or more) is excellent if you demand the best from your internet. Downloading large files within seconds and hosting servers are ideal for this speed. 

At most, streaming services (like Hulu) will require download speeds of 16 Mbps. This is based on those who regularly stream 4K content. Since this is typically the highest speed, keep this in mind when filtering and looking for the best internet service providers in Miami Beach. 

To reduce your research process, use the InternetAdvisor Internet Speed Wizard. It asks you a series of questions regarding your household habits. Those questions will lead to a better understanding of your actual need.

What is the most available internet in Miami Beach?

Some of the best internet service providers in Miami Beach have strong availability. Three that hit the top of this list are AT&T, HughesNet, and ViaSat.

AT&T offers a combination of DSL and cable internet. Because of its widespread influence in the area, it has nearly perfect availability. 

For the 1% of people who don’t receive this internet, satellite internet is available. Those people can choose between ViaSat and HughesNet.

Do these internet providers also supply North Miami Beach? 

All of the providers on this list also supply Mid, North, and South Miami Beach Areas. However, this list does not include the best internet in the city of Miami

Is Atlantic Broadband good? 

Atlantic Broadband is another internet provider in Miami Beach. Because customer reviews give it average scores nearing three stars, it wasn’t considered on this list. Keep your eyes on this list to see if anything changes. 

Is Hotwire Communications good?

Hotwire Communications is another provider available in Miami Beach. Because it averages a two-star customer rating, it wasn’t considered for this list. 

Does Miami Beach offer fast internet? 

Miami Beach is average when it comes to the entirety of the United States, offering speeds above 100 Mbps. The US typically offers rates at an average of 150 Mbps, according to the latest speed measurements. 

What does internet availability look like in Miami Beach?

It’s safe to estimate that 100% of the people in Miami have access to some form of internet. Most of those residents have a choice among multiple providers. A small percentage are stuck with one provider. 

Wrap Up

On this list of the best internet service providers in Miami Beach, AT&T Fiber wins handily. However, Xfinity is faster, while EarthLink offers more hands-on customer service. 

At the end of the day, your internet choice should always be based on your priority. 

To ensure the internet plans you choose are the best for your needs, use InternetAdvisor’s tools to narrow your search. By saving yourself time on the research process, you can find high-speed internet faster. 

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