A Complete Review of the Top 5 Internet Providers in Miami

Those who live in Miami know it's where everyone is moving. With a population of just over 440,000 people, there’s plenty to see and do. But if you want to stay connected, you need some excellent internet to keep you company.

We’ll be the first to admit that finding a balance of fast and affordable internet service in Miami can be tricky. To help you out, we’ve reviewed 5 of the best internet providers in Miami, Florida. 

How did we compare and find the best internet providers in Miami?

First things first, to find the best internet provider in Miami - and therefore the best internet service - you need to find a good combination of these three factors:

  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Customer service

Of course, none of these matters if your provider isn’t available. Thankfully, you can clock on the “check availability” button found on our Miami internet providers list to find out within seconds. 

Internet speeds in Miami vary from a few megabits to two gigs of speed. 

If you plan on gaming and streaming, shoot for 50 Mbps or higher rates. If you have a family who does the same, shoot for 100 Mbps (at least). The extra bandwidth will help maintain your speed. 

Cost should ideally be around $60, but check out the provider list to see your budget options. Only internet providers in Miami that offer a good range made our list here. 

You can also find out details on customer service using the star rations. But to find out what makes each service the best in its field, keep reading. 

The 5 best internet providers in Miami, Florida 

After looking at dozens of contenders, we determined the five best internet providers in Miami to be (in this order):

  • AT&T and AT&T Fiber - Offers the best combination of internet speed and service
  • Xfinity - Easily the fastest and cheapest internet service combo
  • HughesNet - Great for those in underserved areas
  • ViaSat - Offers the best range of options
  • EarthLink - Provides antivirus security and professional internet service installation 

1. Best overall: AT&T / AT&T Fiber

AT&T is our number one internet provider in Miami, Florida. The company offers the best combination of speed and services. And its focus on limited areas provides better customer service than other companies. The result is less waiting time when trying to resolve an issue with customer service. 

AT&T internet plans come in two forms: the preferred dealer form and the fiber option. 

When you speak with a preferred dealer, you communicate with a third-party provider that works on behalf of AT&T. Authorized retailers often have a bit more time to focus on local areas, giving them local understanding when installing service.

AT&T Fiber offers an antivirus service and parental controls. AT&T Fiber also provides gift cards for some qualifying residents. So there are some bonus points if you want to save money.

On the speed side, minimum speeds start at $100 Mbps and go up to 1 Gbps. The minimum pricing begins at about $35, making it cost-effective despite having above-average speeds.  

Given it starts at the level of family-sized internet, it might be overkill for single person households. However, regular gamers and those who download files will enjoy the extra speed. 


  • One of the highest-rated internet providers in Miami
  • Provides free antivirus and parental controls with some fiber plans
  • Speeds from 100 Mbps to 1 Gig
  • Easily supports large families 


  • Less flexibility on the bottom end of the internet speeds 

Compare AT&T internet plans in Miami, Florida

2. Fastest internet: Xfinity

Where AT&T offers an outstanding balance of services, Xfinity focuses primarily on internet speed. It’s one of the few internet providers in Miami that offer rates up to 2 Gigs, making it a rarity among internet companies. 

Xfinity was started in 1998, offering a long history of proven success. It also provides far more coverage than AT&T, so you might be able to keep your internet with the same company if you ever plan to move out of Miami - or even if you change zip codes within Miami. Its coverage is slightly weaker than AT&T, however. 

Xfinity also offers a wide range of hotspots throughout the city. These hotspots come from fellow Xfinity users. So you might unknowingly be providing your internet to nearby people. However, you can disable this feature under your account settings. 

Much like other internet providers, Xfinity bundles its services with television and phone. Be aware, this does make costs add up.

Though the total costs may not be the lowest Xfinity still stands out when it comes to finding affordable internet providers in Miami. Here’s why: despite having above-average speeds, you often pay less than you would for competing providers. 

Now for the downside: you will have to sacrifice some of your customer service expectations. The company is so widespread, that its customer service team is often spread thin. 

If you have the technical know-how, you might be able to troubleshoot your internet at home. Regardless, Xfinity isn’t a total loss on customer service, making it a great #2 internet provider for Miami residents. 


  • It offers some of the fastest internet speeds in Miami
  • Provides a wide range of hotspots for users 
  • Service is inexpensive for the internet 


  • Bundled services are not as cost-effective
  • Customer service suffers as a result of understaffing 

Compare Xfinity internet plans in Miami, Florida

3. Best coverage in Miami: HughesNet

HughesNet advertises itself as a satellite internet provider. Satellite services are best in rural locations, making it a seemingly unusual choice for Miami. But, despite it being a well-populated area, there are some underserved zip codes. 

HughesNet offers 100% coverage for all Miami residents. 

That means if you live in a difficult-to-reach location, you are covered. This level of internet coverage is impossible for almost any provider, in any location. 

It also offers something few other internet providers in Miami give: unlimited data. 

The data caps implemented by major companies (like Xfinity) are painful to swallow. After all, paying for a service and being told that you have a limit can be frustrating. HughesNet solves this problem. 

As a result of this problem-solving focus, HughesNet avoids most customer service fumbles. This satellite internet service is the highest-rated among stars on our list. It is nearly perfect and has an A+ BBB rating to back it up. 

The reason this company isn’t higher on this list comes down to two things: internet speed and reliability. 

Its highest rate is 25 Mbps. This speed limit makes it barely functional for streaming. Don’t expect to be able to play video games or do more than one thing at a time with this. 

It also relies on a satellite dish to connect to its wide-availability network. The result is that any stormy weather or thick clouds can destroy your internet. So be prepared for those frustrations. 


  • Highest-rated customer service on this list
  • No data caps across its internet plans
  • Free installation included for your satellite under some plans 


  • Weak speeds even under its more expensive plans
  • Storms can take out the satellite internet 

Compare HughesNet internet plans in Miami, Florida

4. Fastest satellite internet: ViaSat

Much like HughesNet, ViaSat is great for rural and underserved areas. If you can’t access cable or fiber lines, this is your alternative. Satellite internet is a great option for underserved populations. 

As a satellite internet provider in Miami, ViaSat suffers from many of the same problems as HughesNet. 

To reiterate: a satellite provider can be taken out by any rogue thunderstorm. This can be a bit of a problem for the active seasons that Miami deals with. 

You also typically pay more, as satellite providers need to put extra effort into your internet plan. ViaSat does manage to solve one problem that HughesNet struggles with, though; speed. 

With speeds up to 100 Mbps, ViaSat is more than double what HughesNet offers on its best day. At the same time, this is a far cry from the one gig internet we expect in these cities; it is better for places that don’t have that option. 

ViaSat has traded away some of its customer services due to having faster internet. Rants behind the company are a full star lower, meaning that it struggles compared to other internet providers in Miami. Regardless, its customer service isn’t so low that it eliminates itself from our list. 

Overall, ViaSat is great and offers more flexibility than most satellite providers. But those who struggle more with internet issues might prefer HughesNet. 


  • Offers high-speed internet for rural customers
  • Great flexibility if you live in underserved zip codes
  • More control over what you pay 


  • Satellite internet service in Miami is still not very fast
  • Your internet service can easily be interrupted by storms 

Compare ViaSat internet plans in Miami, Florida

5. Best for people who aren’t tech savvy: EarthLink

When looking for the best internet providers in Miami, EarthLink isn't the first that comes to mind. This mainly comes from its lower advertising budget, shadowed by Comcast (Xfinity) and AT&T. Despite this, EarthLink is still one of the best choices.

First off, the company has a solid customer service rating. Much of this comes from the company’s hands-on approach to support. To get the service, though, you must agree to a professional internet installation. The company will also take this opportunity to present its (optional) antivirus program to you. 

Those who use EarthLink and opt for the added protection are usually more secure as a result. 

EarthLink also offers an alternative to other fiber internet providers in Miami, offering speeds up to one gig. This company is the next step for those who want a bit more personal experience than you’d get at big-name AT&T or Xfinity. The hands-on approach helps reduce customer complaints. 

EarthLink’s most significant problem comes from its coverage. It only hits about 70% of Miami homes. This number isn’t alarming, but you are more likely to run into a situation where you can’t have them. So make sure you double-check Miami internet providers by zip code

If you can get EarthLink, definitely give them a shot. Even as a lesser-known provider, you won’t be disappointed. 


  • Offers internet speeds comparable to AT&T
  • Provides professional internet installation and antivirus software
  • No introductory teaser pricing to get people in 


  • Professional installation might not be suitable - or needed - for everyone
  • They do not cover up to 30% of Miami households

Compare EarthLink internet plans in Miami, Florida


Our comparisons all point to AT&T being the best internet provider in Miami, Florida, offering the best overall plans for the largest majority of Miami residents. Much of this comes from their flexibility in offerings, going from cable internet to fiber internet in their speeds. Finally, despite its broad reach, AT&T’s approach offers a great customer service experience. 

Ultimately, the best internet providers in Miami will depend on your priorities. If you prioritize available customer service above all, you might prefer HughesNet. If you want speed, Xfinity's your best available option. 

Regardless of what you pick, check out Internet Advisor’s provider list for Miami. The available internet-finding tool will help you find the best internet provider based on your zip code. 

FAQs about the best internet providers in Miami

What’s the best internet provider for gaming in Miami?

Xfinity offers the fastest download and upload speeds for its customers. Because gaming is a bandwidth-intensive activity, it's best to stick with the fastest provider. 

What is the best internet provider for streaming in Miami?

If you have multiple devices streaming at once, choose Xfinity or AT&T. Streaming still requires a decent chunk of bandwidth, but not as much as gaming. 

Who are the best television and internet providers in Miami (bundled)?

Dish and DirectTV offer excellent television packages if you want some television to go with your internet. However, none of them provide internet services. 

If you want bundling discounts, you should stick with AT&T and Xfinity, which offer a complete array of services. 

How do I find out how much internet speed I need in Miami?

The best way to determine how much speed you need is through InternetAdvisor’s Internet Speed Wizard. To decide on your minimum requirements, it uses data from the number of devices, people in your household, and what you use it for. We want to make sure you’re only paying for the internet that you need. 

What is the best internet provider for people who move often?

Companies with widespread coverage are best in these cases. If you are moving within Miami but to a new zip code, most of the companies on this list will be fine. If you’re moving from Miami, Xfinity provides the best internet coverage across the United States. Finally, HughesNet is preferred if you are moving into a rural community. 

Why should you get HughesNet in Miami?

HughesNet is only necessary if you live in an underserved area of Miami. Since Miami is a major city, there is not much chance of this happening. 

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