Complete List of Fiber Internet Providers in the U.S.

What Is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet connects to the internet by transmitting light pulses through a transparent glass fiber, which are about the same size as a human hair. An optical transmitter converts a light signal into an optical signal so that it is able to travel down the optic fiber. Optic fibers are routed underground and contain optical receivers that transmit the information to your computer.

Who Are The Top "Fiber" Providers?

  • Verizon Fios: Verizon Fios is able to offer customer the fastest symmetrical connection where they get the same download and upload speeds.
  • Frontier Fios: Frontier purchased fiber lines from Verizon to increase coverage across Florida, California, and Texas.
  • CenturyLink: CenturyLink is able to deliver blazing fast speeds of up to 1 Gbps in select areas in the U.S.
  • AT&T Uverse: AT&T waives all installation and equipment fees for fiber optic customers.
  • Google Fiber: Google Fiber brings their customers up to 1000 Mbps of speed and crystal clear, high definition TV.

Who Is The Largest Fiber Provider?

Verizon Fios is the largest fiber optic provider in the U.S. Because of its limited availability, Verizon Fios is able to reach slightly over 32 million customers in 10 states.

How Fast Is Fiber Internet?

Fiber optic is the fastest internet option but unfortunately its availability is limited across the U.S. If you have fiber optic available to you, you would be able to purchase speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

How Much Does "Fiber" Internet Cost?

Depending on what fiber tier you select, plans start at around $50 and go up to $150 per month. Because you are buying an upgraded service, many providers include benefits such as free installation or free premium television channels for a year.

Why Should I Get Fiber Internet?

Fiber is the fastest option compared to any broadband service if it available in your area. You also get more reliable and constant internet connection. The fast speeds can be attributed to the fact that fiber optic lines are dedicated lines, meaning your speed will not be slowed by the amount of users.

Cablevision of Marion County15,1731(352) 854-0408
FTX Networks14,9621(503) 749-3300
Ketchikan Public Utility14,4080(907) 225-1000
Plains Cooperative Telephone Association14,2961(970) 358-4211
Reservation Telephone Cooperative14,2892(888) 862-3115
Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative14,2352(870) 653-8222
Dickey Rural Telephone Cooperative14,2111(701) 344-5000
Halstad Telephone Company14,1232(800) 457-2125
Roosevelt County Rural Telephone Cooperative14,0941(575) 356-4491
Blue Valley Tele-Communications14,0301(785) 799-3311
Baraga Telephone Company13,8531(866) 353-6644
Logan Telephone Cooperative13,6691(270) 542-4121
Idea Tek13,6561(855) 433-2835
Salt River Project Telecom13,5311(602) 236-8779
CL Tel Internet13,5302(641) 357-2111
Union Springs TelCo13,3471(334) 738-4400
OregonFast13,2311(541) 902-1566
Leaco Wireless13,2001
West Wisconsin Telcom Cooperative13,1251(715) 231-2000
FiberNet Monticello13,0361(763) 314-0100
Marshall Municipal Utilities12,9171(660) 886-6966
SkyLine Membership Corp12,8503(800) 759-2226
Minburn Telephone Company12,8481(888) 677-1225
Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company12,7541(888) 397-4321
GoldField Access Network12,6401(515) 825-3996
Comspan Communications12,5081(866) 535-9858
ITS Telecom12,3621
Glenwood Springs Community Broadband Network12,2131(970) 384-4800
Mechanicsville Telephone Company12,0511(563) 432-7221
Gigabit Minnesota11,9621(651) 888-4444
Rock Island11,9231(360) 378-5884
Five Area Telephone Cooperative11,8531(806) 272-5533
Lakeland Communications11,7341(715) 825-2171
Community Network Services Camilla11,6081(229) 336-7857
Alpine Communications11,5961(800) 635-1059
Accipiter Communications11,5941(623) 455-4555
Skywave Wireless11,5411(402) 372-1975
AccessPlus Communications11,5361(888) 316-1986
Star Communication11,5341(800) 706-6538
Amherst Telephone Company11,3671(715) 824-5529
PACCESS11,3431(912) 653-4389
Nelson Telephone Cooperative11,3061(715) 672-4204
Stellar Computing11,2681(406) 265-6333
Tennessee Wireless11,2421(931) 729-4090
Myakka Communications11,0881(941) 932-8874
Horizon Telecom11,0241(866) 436-7163
Argent Communications11,0131(877) 295-1254
MTE Communications10,9643(800) 462-4523