The 9 Fastest Internet Providers in Houston

As the fourth largest city in the nation, it’s no surprise that there are many internet service providers in Houston. 

If you are looking for the fastest providers, it can be time-consuming to compare each and every option and their features. 

So we’ve done the research for you. Below, you’ll see the nine fastest internet providers Houston has available.

A summary of the fastest internet providers in Houston

Before we get too far, here’s a quick overview of some providers we will be discussing:

  • Xfinity Fiber: speeds up to 2 Gbps
  • EarthLink: speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • AT&T Fiber: speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Suddenlink: speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Spectrum: speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • AT&T Preferred Dealer: speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • CenturyLink: speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Frontier: speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • ViaSat: speeds up to 100 Mbps

All of them are different forms of high-speed internet. Below, you’ll see detailed reviews of each internet provider in Houston.

1. The fastest overall: Xfinity Fiber

Xfinity is number two on our original list of the best internet in Houston. Speed is a major factor when it comes to these lists. Xfinity understands this, so it is one of the few providers to offer 2 Gpbs.

Alternatively, customers can choose slower speeds. However, even these are pretty fast, with most of its speeds over 100 Mbps. Xfinity boasts these speeds because they are one of the US’s largest providers. Most of this is in cable, but cable internet has speeds up to 300 Mbps.

Xfinity also offers flexible options, allowing you to save money with a contract or choose a month-by-month option. Given there are multiple bundles to choose from, you can easily find something that meets your combination of needs.

Xfinity also encourages a lot of self-service. Its smartphone app is perfect for people who want control over their network. You don’t have to be a tech expert to sign up with Xfinity. 


  • Offers the fastest speeds of internet providers in Houston
  • Has a robust, reliable network
  • Great if you also want television and phone products


  • Customer service has long wait times
  • Equipment costs are extra

Compare Xfinity internet plans in Houston.

2. The best professional service: EarthLink

EarthLink is number one on our fastest internet providers list. But when it comes to internet providers in Houston specifically, they fall to number two. Despite offering some speeds at 5 Gbps, those speeds aren’t available to everyone. And, because Xfinity is more widespread, it is technically the faster overall provider.

This doesn’t mean you can count EarthLink out of the race, as they offer speeds up to 1 gig in most areas. This comes with no data cap, professional installation, and free antivirus. EarthLink is also known for its very hands-on customer service, primarily because it handles nearly everything for its customers. 

EarthLink directs its services toward those who have less tech knowledge. There is no self-installation, which might be frustrating if you know how to set up a router. EarthLink does make this up by having outstanding customer service. 

EarthLink also has a huge range of packages and different types of internet service. Whether you like DSL, fiber, or cable, EarthLink does it all. 


  • Hands-on customer service
  • No data limits
  • Has a wide range of packages 


  • No self-installation options are available 
  • Monthly fees for equipment rental 

Compare EarthLink internet plans in Houston.

3. The best upload speeds: AT&T Fiber

AT&T Fiber is often on the top of our best-of lists and that includes the fastest internet providers in Houston. In fact, it’s known as one of the most reliable service providers in the United States. 

Its speeds also include some of the best in the nation. Expect the high end to be 1 Gpbs with secondary speeds at 500 and 300 Mbps. Regardless of what package you choose with AT&T Fiber, you’ve got options. 

AT&T also offers excellent upload speeds. This means that those who play video games, stream 4K movies, or use video communication will find something exceptional here. Many providers like to skimp on upload speeds, but AT&T isn’t one of those. 

AT&T also offers a combination of monthly or annual plans. There’s a solid discount available with yearly plans, so keep this in mind. But regardless, AT&T is one of the best internet providers in Houston for the winning combo of speed and reliability.


  • Known for excellent customer service
  • Self-install is available in most areas of Houston
  • The upload speed is outstanding


Compare AT&T Fiber internet plans in Houston.

4. Great savings opportunities: Suddenlink

Suddenlink is the seventh-largest cable provider in the US. Their main call to fame is a price-for-life guarantee, which can save you a lot of money over the long term. So when it comes to internet providers in Houston offering amazing savings, Suddenlink is a great opportunity.

Speeds for most of Suddenlink’s offerings top out at 300 Mbps. Much like EarthLink, there are select locations where you can find 1 Gbps. Because of this, the average speed Suddenlink offers is somewhat weaker when compared to other providers. 

If you don’t prefer long-term commitments, Suddenlink also has no contract variants. They also don’t have data caps, meaning you won’t experience data throttling as much. So if you are looking for consistency in your internet speeds, Suddenlink is a good choice.

Suddenlink follows suit in charging people for equipment costs. You’ll also find that different areas have different pricing, so you’ll want to run some quotes when moving. Regardless, Suddenlink has proven itself as an incredibly reliable internet provider.


  • Has a price-for-life guarantee
  • Also offers no-contract options
  • No data caps 


  • Charges for equipment 
  • Prices vary depending on specific location within Houston

Compare Suddenlink internet plans in Houston.

5. Comes with unlimited data: Spectrum

Much like Suddenlink, Spectrum offers speeds averaging about 300 Mbps. Much of this comes from its limited availability of fiber internet installation. However, 300 is still considered well above average for high-speed internet.

Spectrum offers an awesome combination of bundled services. Through them, you can expect telephone and television services as well. Spectrum is across 41 states, so you’ll likely keep them if you plan to move.

Spectrum also offers the often-desired unlimited data caps and no contracts. So this means you aren’t married to the service for a year. The trade-off is that you’ll pay a bit more for the non-contract service. You can offset a lot of this cost with bundling. 

Spectrum charges a one-time installation fee. However, equipment rental fees are an option, saving you more. Spectrum might not be the fastest, but it is one of the most reliable and widely-available internet providers in Houston.


  • No equipment rental is necessary
  • Widespread across most of Texas and the US
  • Great bundling and savings


  • Slower average speeds 
  • Limited fiber availability

Compare Spectrum internet plans in Houston.

6. Great bundling opportunities: AT&T Preferred Dealer

If you want internet providers, Houston has AT&T in two forms: fiber and preferred dealer. The preferred dealer option is still through AT&T but at a much slower speed. The good news is that you trade greater availability, meaning it's more likely to be in more locations. 

If you were to move to the suburbs, you could easily trade out fiber for alternate options. AT&T Preferred Dealer options include all connection types. This includes DSL and cable wires which focus on maximum availability. 

Speeds average at about 100 Mbps in this category. However, this does qualify as high-speed internet. Most households can efficiently work with 100, but it might be challenging if you have a big family with numerous high-demand services - like needing reliable internet speeds to work from home.

Beyond greater availability, people choose AT&T for reliability, customer service, and bundling opportunities. Even the preferred dealer option covers these needs. So if you want a good balance of service and speed in your Houston internet provider, choose AT&T.


  • Excellent customer service ratings
  • Greater availability than AT&T Fiber
  • Offers excellent bundling opportunities


  • Not ideal for large households with high demands
  • DSL and cable connections are slower 

Compare AT&T Preferred Dealer internet plans in Houston.

7. Great flexibility in plan choice: CenturyLink

CenturyLink is another internet company in Houston known for its widespread availability. Covering 31 states and over seven thousand zip codes is no joke. Despite offering Gig-level speeds in some areas, its average speed is a bit lower.

Most of Houston will see speeds top out at 100 Mbps. In cases where you live in a suburb, this puts it on the level with some low-speed providers. But the plan flexibility works well with almost any budget, ensuring it meets your needs when saving money.

CenturyLink also offers bundling opportunities, offering home phone services in most markets. Television is less common, which might not be a problem if you use streaming services (like many households). CenturyLink keeps many available technicians to help, going to places other providers don’t.


  • Offers great plan flexibility for multiple budgets
  • Bundles with home phone services
  • Covers areas most providers avoid


  • Fiber services are not widely available in Texas
  • Sometimes suffers from data throttling

Compare CenturyLink internet plans in Houston.

8. Great for working from home: Frontier

Frontier falls into the same category as many providers on this list. Average speeds are around 100 Mbps, but select locations can benefit from gigabyte internet. So when it comes to speed, Frontier delivers a pretty consistent package to Houston residents.

Frontier’s main claim to fame comes from its limitless approach to being a provider. Removing data caps means removing overage charges. The company also offers symmetrical upload speeds, making it ideal if you do regular video calls.

Frontier is available across 25 states, offering numerous plans in those states. Most of those states require an installation charge. However, equipment rental fees are less common.

Those who rent a modem will see it act as a WiFi hotspot. This is ideal for mobile workers who want to access a regular hotspot. So if you work from home (or anywhere), Frontier is a standout internet provider. 


  • Offers coverage across 25 states
  • Provides symmetrical download/upload speeds
  • Provides a network of hotspots


  • Fiber speeds are pretty limited
  • Requires activation fee to start

Compare Frontier internet plans in Houston.

9. The fastest satellite provider: ViaSat

ViaSat is a satellite internet provider known for being available in 98% of the country. The one thing to know about satellite providers is that they don’t offer the fastest internet. However, ViaSat tops out at 100 Mbps, rare for a satellite provider.

The problem with choosing the faster speeds under satellite is that they are relatively pricy. However, these higher speeds come with generous data caps. So you can live your high-speed internet dreams in the outskirts of Houston and even more rural parts of Texas. When you know you can avoid overages, that helps you plan for a tight budget.

If you live in town, satellite isn’t the best choice for you. Admittedly, there are faster and more reliable options available. But if you struggle to find internet, ViaSat will likely have the coverage you can use.


  • Coverage for almost any location
  • No wired connection required
  • Excellent customer service and free installation


  • Other connection types are faster
  • Not ideal in densely populated areas

Compare ViaSat internet plans in Houston.

How to find the fastest internet providers Houston has to offer

When looking for the fastest internet providers, Houston has a lot of options. Sorting through them can be a pain. The InternetAdvisor Internet Speed Wizard and search tools can help. 

The wizard will help you determine what internet speed you need

You can narrow down what providers will be appropriate for your needs by answering questions.

Once answering those questions, you’ll be prompted to enter your zip code. You can see a list of different providers in your area. Your minimum speed requirements will be at the top of this screen as a reminder. 

You deserve fast internet, so don’t be afraid to call around or compare a few of the options on the list.

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