Complete List of DSL Internet Providers in the U.S.

What Is DSL Internet?

DSL, which stands for digital subscriber line, which uses an existing copper telephone line as the medium for a high speed internet connection. Users simply connect to the internet through a phone wall jack and because your DSL and phone connection operate in different frequencies, you can use both at the same time. There are 2 types of DSL transmission: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical DSL offers you the same upload and download speeds, whereas asymmetrical DSL gives you more download speeds than upload speeds. Considering that the majority of people download more than they upload, asymmetrical is a more popular transmission type.

Who Are The Top DSL Providers?

When looking at top DSL providers, it is important to take into account more than just speed. Data caps, customer support, contract terms, and installations can each make a huge impact on your overall experience with your provider. Based on this crieria, the top 4 DSL providers are:

  • AT&T: AT&T has no installation fees for their DSL services and they offer customers a one year warranty for any issues you might have.
  • CenturyLink: CenturyLink allows customers to lock in their contract price for five years which is longer than any other DSL provider.
  • Frontier: Frontier has affordable DSL plans starting at $19.99 and going up $39.99. They also give you a complimentary modem with no monthly fee
  • Verizon: Verizon offers the fastest speeds and requires no credit check.

Who Is The Largest DSL Provider?

The largest DSL provider is AT&T, based on the amount of customers and states that they service. AT&T has over 120 million customers in 21 different states.

How Fast Is DSL Internet?

Average download speeds for DSL range from 1.5 Mbps to 8 Mbps. The speed of your service can be affected by the length of your line from the residence to the central network. The farther way you are, the slower your speed will be.

How Much Does DSL Internet Cost?

The initial setup fee for DSL can run anywhere between $100-$150. On average, DSL customers pay between $50-$60 for service.

Why Should I Get DSL Internet?

DSL is fairly easy to set up through your existing telephone wires, and you have your own dedicated circuit which means you never have to share bandwidth with your neighbors. DSL is also a very affordable broadband option compared to most.

Springville Cooperative Telephone Association2,7821(319) 854-6107
Glandorf Telephone Co.2,7231(419) 538-6987
Schaller Telephone Company2,6991(712) 275-4211
Nucla-Naturita Telephone Company2,6611(970) 864-7335
Colton Telephone Company2,6201(503) 824-3211
Rockwell Cooperative Telephone Association2,5751(641) 822-3211
Farmers Cooperative Telephone Company2,5561(319) 476-7800
ACS Networks Internet from Hawarden2,4981
Johnson Telephone Company2,4971(218) 566-2302
Brooklyn Mutual Telecommunications Cooperative2,4941(641) 522-9211
Danville Telecom2,4521(319) 392-4251
Citizens Telephone Company of Hammond, NY2,3341(315) 324-5911
Hershey Cooperative Telephone Company2,3031(800) 232-7094
Carnegie Telephone Company2,3001(580) 654-1002
Ayersville Telephone Company2,2991(419) 395-2222
Monroe Telephone Company2,2691(541) 847-5135
The Hancock Telephone Company2,2672(607) 637-9911
Monitor Cooperative Telephone Company2,2291(503) 634-2266
Yeoman Telephone Company2,2151(574) 965-2100
Glenwood Telephone2,2101(800) 352-8156
Woodhull Communications2,1881(309) 334-2150
Riviera Telephone Company2,1231(877) 296-3232
Palo Cooperative Telephone Association2,1161
Ragland Telephone Company2,1000(205) 472-2141
Beresford Municipal Telephone Company2,0991(605) 763-2500
Laward Telephone2,0911(361) 872-2211
Union River Telephone Company2,0691(207) 584-9960
Magazine Telephone Company2,0511(479) 969-2211
Dunkerton Telephone Cooperative2,0491(319) 822-4512
Oregon Idaho Utilities2,0473(800) 624-0082
Ayrshire Farmers Mutual Telephone Company2,0211(712) 426-2800
Buckland Telephone Co.2,0031(419) 657-2222
Flat Rock Telephone Co-Op1,9931(888) 372-4894
InteliPort1,9611(252) 426-4600
Western Wahkiakum County Telephone Company1,9471(360) 465-2211
WinDBreak Cable1,9291(308) 436-4650
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company - Stanton, IA1,8461(800) 469-2111
Olin Telephone Company1,8081(319) 484-2200
Mojave Development1,7851(775) 372-1034
Carr Communications1,7311(231) 898-2244
Readlyn Telephone Company1,7311(800) 590-7747
Ringsted Telephone Company1,7181(712) 866-8000
Modern Cooperative Telephone Company1,6701(319) 667-2375
Minerva Valley Telephone Company1,6571(641) 487-7399
Keystone Communications1,6531(800) 568-9584
Bristol Bay Telephone Cooperative1,6520(907) 246-3403
Roome Telecommunications1,6251(541) 369-2211
Mother Lode Internet1,6221(209) 536-5800
Russell Municipal Cable TV1,6011(888) 394-4772