Best Internet Providers in Camp Verde, AZ for April, 2020

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  • Price for Life guarantee ensures you’ll never see an unexpected price increase
  • Great speeds at a low price
  • No contracts so you can stay connected as long as you want
  • Stream, game online, upload and download content instantaneously
  • Super simple, easy-to-understand pricing
Download Speeds Up To

100.00 Mbps

Average Download Speed

24.77 Mbps

Price From

$40.00 Monthly



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CenturyLink is not only an internet service provider serving homes and businesses nationwide, it’s a pioneer in the world of technology. CenturyLink provides service to 37 states, and its mission is to maximize the customer experience by providing the best, possible connection to a world weaved together by the networks that we all depend upon to do business and to do entertainment each and every day. CenturyLink serves its mission to provide secure, reliable, and fast connections to all its customers via its far-reaching fiber network.

In areas where CenturyLink’s fiber network is available, customers will enjoy gigabit speeds at a great price. Even in areas where gigabit speeds are not available, customers enjoy the same great promotions, prices, and features no matter where they live. Not only does CenturyLink offer some of the most affordable internet prices in the United States, but it also offers customers the tremendous value of locking those prices in for as long they keep the same service at the same address and keep the account in good standing. CenturyLink’s Price for Life guarantee makes surprise price increases and long contracts a thing of the past. Now you can stay connected for as long as you need at the price you signed up for!

CenturyLink aims to give you the best internet experience and to accomplish that, it provides a state-of-the-art WiFi service that allows you to connect multiple devices to your network at the same time. You will be able to stream your favorite content, play your favorite games online, and upload effortlessly from any connected device in your home at any time. CenturyLink offers customers the option to either purchase the modem for a one time upfront fee of $150 or to lease the equipment for a monthly charge of $15. CenturyLink Ease offers added protection by offering round-the-clock tech support and online identity protection.

CenturyLink offers fiber or slower DSL speeds, depending on where you live. A one time installation fee will most likely apply if a tech is required to come out to your home to install the service. Self-installation is an option in some areas and is free when it is available. CenturyLink also offers home phone service to its customers and is also subject to the Price for Life guarantee. As long as you don’t change the service, move the service, or stop paying for the service, you’ll always pay the same low price for internet and phone. CenturyLink home phone service includes unlimited nationwide calling.

The Price for Life guarantee offered by CenturyLink makes it stand out from other providers, who typically want to entice you into signing long term contracts by offering you low introductory discounts that expire before the commitment ends. If you don’t want to pay the higher price, you will likely face paying a steep early termination fee. The peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what you are going to pay each month along with knowing that, if needed, you’re not obligated to anything beyond what you need makes CenturyLink, along with the other great features and prices, a great choice for internet service!

CenturyLink Internet Coverage in Camp Verde, AZ

DSL Internet Coverage: 67.09%

CenturyLink Provides Internet for the following school districts in Camp Verde, AZ

Camp Verde Unified District Internet Coverage: 6.56%
Cottonwood-Oak Creek Elementary District Internet Coverage: 6.83%
Mingus Union High School District Internet Coverage: 6.70%
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  • Suddenlink has the fourth-largest cable network in the nation
  • Covered in 19 states with millions able to access Suddenlink’s network
  • Suddenlink is currently expanding its fiber network to provide some of the fastest internet speeds in the nation
Download Speeds Up To

1.00 Gbps

Average Download Speed

299.48 Mbps



Service Offers


Operating out of 19 states, Suddenlink is a cable and fiber internet provider. Acquired by Altice in 2012, Suddenlink has rapidly grown since that time and has expanded its service from 1.5 million subscribers to a monstrous 4.6 million subscribers. That makes Suddenlink the fourth-largest cable internet provider in the nation. Suddenlink is actively trying to grow that network thus bringing more and more customers under the Suddenlink brand. Offering not only the internet but also cable television and home phone service making it a great choice for any residential consumer. Any entertainment needs a home may have can surely be covered by Suddenlink’s outstanding service.

Suddenlink was created by Cequel III after it had acquired a number of smaller communications and cable networks, originally forming the company under the name Cebridge Communications in 2003. The company continued to purchase different networks, taking on Thompson Cablevision in 2004 and expanding its coverage area into sixteen states. It acquired two more companies, Tele-Media and USA Media Systems, further increasing coverage into twenty-three states. Cebridge Communications continued these acquisitions until the company itself was acquired by Altice in July of 2015. Altice, keeping the Suddenlink brand, and combining it with another company they had acquired, Cablevision, then became the fourth-largest cable company in the nation with over four million customers. As of today, Suddenlink has coverage almost nationwide with nineteen states currently being served with particularly high coverage in areas like Texas, California, and Arizona.

Suddenlink operates off of a mix of cable and fiber lines to provide its customers with service. Most of its signals transmit through fiber lines, eventually transferring over to a cable connection to connect to the residential end-user. This has allowed Suddenlink to take its already substantial cable television network and leverage it to offer internet as well. To further improve speeds, Suddenlink uses a hybrid fiber-coaxial method to deliver speeds that are normally not available. This hybrid fiber-coaxial line can handle far more bandwidth than other forms of internet connections like fixed wireless, satellite, or DSL. Suddenlink is in the process of upgrading many of its markets with a true fiber connection. Fiber coverage is only likely to grow as demand across the nation for the fastest internet speeds possible increases. Though hybrid fiber-coaxial is able to deliver truly incredible speeds, the upgrade to fiber lines will increase available bandwidth not only for download speeds but upload speeds as well.

Suddenlink has a whole suite of products to choose from. With different speeds, prices, and the ability to bundle Suddenlink’s internet service with cable television and home phone service, it gives its customers multiple ways to connect their home. Without being locked into one option per market, Suddenlink subscribers have the ability to choose the best plan that not only fits their digital lifestyle but also their budget. This has become a significant selling point for Suddenlink, especially as consumers are looking to reduce how much they spend on a monthly basis to connect to a fast, reliable network.

Suddenlink Internet Coverage in Camp Verde, AZ

Cable Internet Coverage: 45.95%

Suddenlink Provides Internet for the following school districts in Camp Verde, AZ

Camp Verde Unified District Internet Coverage: 4.49%
Cottonwood-Oak Creek Elementary District Internet Coverage: 1.62%
Mingus Union High School District Internet Coverage: 1.36%
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  • Built for rural areas without access to DSL, cable, or fiber lines
  • All that’s need to connect is a clear line of sight to the southern sky
  • Multiple plans with multiple speeds to meet any lifestyle and budget
  • Free standard installation on all new orders
Download Speeds Up To

30.00 Mbps

Average Download Speed

19.87 Mbps

Price From

$50.00 Monthly



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Though having been around since 1986, ViaSat didn’t launch its first internet plans until 2012. ViaSat is a satellite internet service provider with a general focus on serving areas that normally do not have access to a reliable internet connection. Covering 98% of the country and all 50 states, all that is needed to be able to connect is a clear line of sight to the southern sky, a modem, and a satellite dish to send and receive signals. This has helped many of those who would otherwise have to spend thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, to run a DSL, cable, or fiber line to their home.

ViaSat has continually upgraded its service. When the company first launched, its entire service survived off the back of one satellite, the ViaSat-1. Since then, they’ve acquired three additional satellites, either through additional launches or acquisitions from other companies to greatly expand its capabilities. The last of these to launch, the ViaSat-2, was said to increase the total bandwidth and network capacity available by 300 Gigabits per second as well as take ViaSat’s service internationally. They have plans to increase this further. They’ve announced three more launches of their newest satellite, the ViaSat-3, that will increase the total bandwidth by a full terabit per second. The first of these is set to launch in 2020 with a second launch planned by 2022.

Offering free standard installation on all orders, ViaSat makes connecting to the internet easier than ever. ViaSat offers multiple different plans that feature different speeds and different levels of priority data. Priority data? I’m sure the question being asked is “Does ViaSat have a data cap?” The answer is a resounding no. Viasat offers unlimited data without charging overage fees or shutting your internet connection off. If one does go over their priority data, then at that point, customers just have to contend with network congestion much like any other internet service provider. If there is no congestion, then speed should be unaffected. This makes ViaSat a perfect option for activities like streaming, checking social media, or visiting a favorite site on the web.

ViaSat is perfect for almost any web-based application. Connecting your smartphone, sharing videos online, and watching your favorite streaming service are perfect fits for ViaSat’s network. The only limitations ViaSat has are gaming and Virtual Private Networks(VPN). When it comes to gaming, there should be a half a second to full second lag time when playing online. If you’re playing single-player games, this interruption is non-existent and will not interfere with any updates that a game may release after launch. A VPN is another matter. VPNs put a significant strain on any network and satellite networks doubly so. When using a VPN with ViaSat, speeds can be expected to drop anywhere from 50 to 75 percent. That doesn’t mean ViaSat is an inferior service though.  However, when looking to game or use in-home VPN, it’s important to be aware of the technology’s limitations so that you can plan accordingly and choose the best service that will fit your needs.

ViaSat Internet Coverage in Camp Verde, AZ

Satellite Internet Coverage: 100.00%

ViaSat Provides Internet for the following school districts in Camp Verde, AZ

Camp Verde Unified District Internet Coverage: 9.75%
Cottonwood-Oak Creek Elementary District Internet Coverage: 9.02%
Mingus Union High School District Internet Coverage: 9.05%
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  • HughesNet has coverage in all fifty states
  • All that is needed to connect is a clear line of sight to the southern sky
  • With Multiple packages available, there’s an option for any household
  • All plans offer No Hard Data Limits
  • All plans offer 25 Mbsp Download and 3 Mbsp Upload
Download Speeds Up To

25.00 Mbps

Average Download Speed

25.00 Mbps

Price From

$39.99 Monthly



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HughesNet currently has the highest coverage area in the nation with all fifty states falling under its service area. One of the two major satellite providers in the nation, HughesNet has focused the core of its business on providing internet to underserved or un-served areas, often rural or small towns. Its recently increased speeds up to 25mbps with the launch of its new Gen 5 satellite, the “EchoStar XIX.” With ninety-eight percent of the country under HughesNet’s coverage area, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll be an option available to any consumer.

HughesNet uses geosynchronous satellites to provide its customers with broadband internet connections. Since HughesNet was initially founded, it’s launched multiple satellites with its latest launch occurring in 2017 with the “EchoStar XIX,” powering HughesNet’s Gen 5 service. This launch allowed the company to reach broadband levels, increasing speeds to 25 Mbps across the board. It also increased the available bandwidth that HughesNet offered its customers as well as simplifying their pricing structure to a tiered system that was based on available data caps. HughesNet does operate off of priority data caps though its internet can be considered unlimited. At no point does HughesNet charge overage prices or shut the internet off if a customer goes over their “priority data” limit, instead just having to deal with reduced speeds until their next billing cycle. If a customer does need more data before their next billing cycle rolls around, HughesNet has made data tokens available, increasing priority data and increasing available speeds in the process.

HughesNet is a great choice for rural customers as wired connections are often completely unavailable in America’s more remote locations. Satellite internet allows them to access the world wide web at broadband speeds allowing for almost any activity. It does have its drawbacks though. The biggest activities this can be seen in is online gaming and virtual private networks. This is in large part due to the latency, or ping, that satellite internet experiences. The time signals take to transmit from the customer’s dish to the satellite to the receiving and then back again can take anywhere from a half-second to a second. For most activities like browsing the internet or streaming video, this latency is almost entirely imperceivable. For gaming though, that often required split-second reaction times, it is unavoidable. VPNs, in particular, are affected, as well. When using a VPN, download speeds even when within the priority data limit can tank anywhere from fifty to seventy-five percent. This reduction in speeds is not guaranteed with some VPN users not having any issues whatsoever. With that being said, it is something to take into account when considering a satellite internet provider.

For many rural customers, satellite internet is going to be one of the only viable options open to them. That doesn’t make it a lesser product though. When choosing the right package for you, assess your needs, your internet usage, and your budget to choose the package that will leave you satisfied and meet all of your digital requirements.

HughesNet Internet Coverage in Camp Verde, AZ

Satellite Internet Coverage: 100.00%

HughesNet Provides Internet for the following school districts in Camp Verde, AZ

Camp Verde Unified District Internet Coverage: 9.75%
Cottonwood-Oak Creek Elementary District Internet Coverage: 9.02%
Mingus Union High School District Internet Coverage: 9.05%
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Internet Provider Availability Map

Fixed Wireless Coverage


Fixed wireless is a form of internet that uses directional radio antennas to connect to your home or business. Great for areas that don’t have access to cable, DSL, or fiber, it allows you to have internet access without the often prohibitory price tag that getting those lines laid would cost.

DSL Coverage


A Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a method of connecting to the internet through an existing telephone line. Faster and more reliable than dial-up, DSL has been the choice for most Americans ever since it gained traction in the late 1990’s. Seeing as all that’s needed is a telephone line, most households and businesses will have some form of DSL to choose from.

Cable Coverage


Using the same infrastructure as cable television, cable internet access has quickly grown in popularity among ISPs and consumers alike. Generally offering faster speeds than a DSL line, it’s often the first choice when looking to use the internet for things such as streaming, gaming, or just visiting some of your favorite sites.

Summary of School Districts in Camp Verde, AZ

DistrictGradesMax SpeedAvg SpeedType
Camp Verde Unified DistrictPK - 121.00 Gbps58.44 MbpsCable, DSL and Fixed Wireless
Cottonwood-Oak Creek Elementary DistrictPK - 081.00 Gbps148.12 MbpsCable, DSL and Fixed Wireless
Mingus Union High School District09 - 121.00 Gbps148.75 MbpsCable, DSL and Fixed Wireless
Data provided by various data sources including the FCC. For more information please view our sources page.

Summary of Fastest Internet Providers in Camp Verde, AZ

ProviderMax SpeedAvg SpeedType
Suddenlink1.00 Gbps299.48 MbpsCable
CenturyLink100.00 Mbps24.77 MbpsDSL
ViaSat30.00 Mbps19.87 MbpsSatellite
HughesNet25.00 Mbps25.00 MbpsSatellite
Bolt Internet15.00 Mbps15.00 MbpsFixed Wireless
SpeedConnect7.00 Mbps6.86 MbpsFixed Wireless
Data provided by various data sources including the FCC. For more information please view our sources page.

Summary of All Internet Providers in Camp Verde, AZ

ProviderTypeCoverageMax SpeedAvg Speed
ViaSatSatellite 100.00%30.00 Mbps19.87 Mbps
HughesNetSatellite 100.00%25.00 Mbps25.00 Mbps
Bolt InternetFixed Wireless 69.81%15.00 Mbps15.00 Mbps
CenturyLinkDSL 67.11%100.00 Mbps24.77 Mbps
SpeedConnectFixed Wireless 52.90%7.00 Mbps6.86 Mbps
SuddenlinkCable 45.96%1.00 Gbps299.48 Mbps
Data provided by various data sources including the FCC. For more information please view our sources page.