What’s the Average Cost of Internet in Miami?

When moving with your internet, Miami offers good options for coverage. However, many internet providers mean different prices. But the budget is vital, so you should answer this question: What’s the average cost of internet in Miami? 

When comparing the costs of all providers in Miami, the average is $70 to $80 per month. This comes from an average of the lowest ($35) and the highest ($250+) providers. But that’s only part of the picture. 

A more accurate number might be the median cost of internet in Miami, which would be a bit lower than the average. 

Even still, these numbers are only price points. They don’t speak to the speed of the internet service, the added features, the customer service experience, and all the other things that go into your home internet experience.

So, let’s look at all that.

What increases the average cost of internet in Miami? 

Whether you want cheap internet or simply want to know what goes into pricing, here are the things you need to know.

Higher internet speeds 

Internet service providers often charge more for higher speeds. While this might seem reasonable, you might not always want or need the fastest internet option. It’s important to understand how much internet speed you need. 

You can find out in just 5 minutes with InternetAdvisor’s Internet Speed Wizard

The Internet Speed Wizard fills in your speed requirements based on everyday needs. Some of the questions we ask include the following:

  • How many devices are in your home?
  • How many people use the internet in your home?
  • Does your household use video chat?
  • Does your household stream audio?
  • How often does your family play online video games?
  • How often does your household use streaming video?
  • Does your home download large files often?
  • What is your zip code?

The wizard will provide you with a minimum speed recommendation. Finding download speeds slightly above your suggested rate will help you narrow down the best speed options.  

No data caps

The more you use the internet, the more it can cost. In this way, data overages can provide you with penalty fees. 

You may feel inclined to seek out unlimited data plans to prevent this issue. But those plans tend to cost more overall. 

So what do you do? 

First, start by checking your current data usage. And, if you already have data-capped internet in Miami, find out how often you go over your provider’s data limitations. If it only happens once, you might be at the perfect tier. But if it’s a regular occurrence, you’ll want to level up. 

Some people can skip this step and go directly to prioritizing service with no data caps. For example, if you work from home, use online applications that require a lot of internet power, do gaming or crypto mining, you’ll want the fastest internet you can find. Uninterrupted service is the priority, regardless of whether it’s above or below the average cost of internet in Miami.

Types of internet connections

The different types of internet come with (often) wildly different pricing. Before we get fully into what that means for your internet in Miami, here’s a shortlist of service options:

Miami has support for all of the above internet services - and the costs vary between each. 

Typically, cable internet is the cheapest. This is mainly because it relies on TV wire, a widely available connection type in Miami. DSL, which relies on phone lines, is typically a bit slower at the same or similar cost. 

Fiber optic, fixed wireless, and satellite internet tend to be the more expensive options. Fiber is more costly typically because of the higher available speeds. Satellite and fixed internet services are more expensive based on their rural focus. 

Your location

If you live in an underserviced neighborhood in Miami or option for a type of internet that doesn’t have the infrastructure completely set up on your street (something that is common with fiber-optic, which is rapidly expanding), the cost of your internet might be higher than the average cost of internet in Miami. This might also just include a one-time fee at the beginning of your service.

Satellite internet seeks to overcome location limitations but it is usually a bit more expensive. This higher price comes from the higher challenge of reaching satellites in space. 

It is much easier to get a direct ethernet connection. For example, DSL internet connections tend to be cheaper, albeit somewhat older. Cable internet also falls into the same category.

Equipment fees

Equipment rental fees are standard among large providers. If you’re specifically looking for cheap internet in Miami, you’ll want to check for equipment costs.

Typically, these are nominal - about $5 to $10 per month. But if you want to stay on a budget, this is important to know. If you have your own router or buy one prior to your service installation, you can forego these fees. By doing so, you will be responsible for solving technical problems with the router and troubleshooting your own internet.

The flip side is that paying for rental equipment often comes with better technical support. After all, the company behind the router knows how to use it. 

Installation fees 

Professional installation fees cost anywhere from $50 to $200. The cost is often waived when you pay for an annual plan. 

You can also waive these installation fees by doing it yourself. Self-installation is quite simple if you buy a service that has pre-existing lines, such as cable and DSL connections. Most internet providers in Miami will walk you through the self-installation process - and some even have online or app-based tutorials!

Fiber-optic cables are usually an exception to this rule. Most companies don’t want you to run their fiber cable due to liability reasons, so a professional installation for fiber-optic internet in Miami is often required. 

Paying for connected services separately

Bundling is a buzzword for those in the internet industry. And for good reason. If you also have television and telephone services, the best internet package often comes with all three in one. On the convenience side, having all your services with one company means you only have one customer service line to call and one bill to pay each month.

When it comes to savings, this can vary from $10 to $30 per month. You can couple it with long-term contracts to save yourself even more money. Though the overall price is higher, you might find yourself well below the average cost of internet in Miami when you divide it up.

How to find the best Miami internet providers 

When finding high-quality internet, Miami has a lot of different options. However, finding reliable internet at a good price can be a bit more complex. To reduce your research time, you can use InternetAdvisor’s “Find Provider” toolset. 

Here are the steps you can follow to get started:

  • Go to InternetAdvisor’s main page to find an internet provider by zip code 
  • Enter your zip code in the text box (upper-right hand corner)
  • Tap/click the search button
  • Use the filters on the left side to search for things you need

The tool will help you see your available internet options in all areas of Miami. But, we’ll also take you through some of the providers you’re likely to come across in your search. 

The six cheapest internet providers in Miami

Most questions about the cost of internet in Miami are followed up with additional questions about finding the cheapest internet providers or learning how to save money on your internet plans. 

So, we’re starting our list with the lowest non-bundled package. Check out your options below: 

1. Starting at $20: Xfinity

If you want cheap internet, Miami’s best provider is Xfinity. You can expect starting costs of $20 per month for the Performance Starter+ plan. 

The plan’s speed is 50 Mbps, which is good for most uses. The upload speeds of the plan also stay close to download speeds. This means Xfinity offers some of the fastest internet in Miami - and in the nation. 

Xfinity also provides discounts with its lineup of bundled products. Whether you want TV, a telephone, or high-speed internet, Xfinity is an excellent choice.

Find out if Xfinity is in your zip code

2. Starting at $35: AT&T Fiber

AT&T Fiber is surprisingly cheap despite being known for using an expensive connection type (fiber). Its entry-level costs are $35 per month for AT&T Internet 300. 

With speeds up to 300 Mbps, you’ll find that this is the best combination of speed and price. AT&T also has higher than average customer service ratings, offering even more value. 

AT&T also offers month-to-month plans, lettings you test out the service before you commit. As one of the most reliable options in the nation, they also offer plans that are well below the average cost of internet in Miami.

Find out if AT&T Fiber is in your area

3. Starting at $45: AT&T Preferred Dealer

The AT&T preferred dealer option refers to is further spread than AT&T Fiber. The broader audience target results in slightly higher prices and greater availability. 

AT&T still offers decent speeds at this price, leading up to 100 Mbps, which supports about six devices. The company also prices its two lower rates at the same price (depending on what part of Miami you live in). 

More good news about all this: self-installation is more likely. After all, the reliance on DSL and cable means you don’t usually have to pay for a technician. In this case, the sacrifice you take is the potential for slower speeds in certain pockets of the city. 

See if AT&T Preferred Dealers are in your area

4. Starting at $49.95: EarthLink

On paper, EarthLink is one of the more expensive options on this list. In reality, you can receive some excellent savings. Much of this comes from EarthLink’s clear pricing structure.

Unlike most companies, EarthLink doesn’t do introductory pricing. The $49.95 you see is what you get—so there is no need to adjust your budget after year one. 

EarthLink also offers extraordinary bundling opportunities. If you plan on buying an antivirus program, EarthLink comes with one. This is one less purchase you have to make. 

As a result, EarthLink is more hands-on, requiring professional installation. You’ll also find rental fees made available in most cases. However, EarthLink saves you time with fewer headaches and better service. 

See if EarthLink is in your zip code

5. Starting at $49.99: ViaSat

ViaSat’s Bronze 12 plan offers great satellite internet in Miami. It provides decent speeds for a small number of devices, perfect for checking your email and casual browsing. Being satellite internet, it also offers coverage for 98% of the United States. So it follows you and maintains its price, wherever life may take you.

With its strong point being that it can provide reliable service to more rural areas, you might not find a lot of need for satellite internet in Miami. After all, you have a lot of high-speed options. But if the price is right and the speed is what you need, why not?

ViaSat offers transparent pricing and free installation, so it’s very easy to know where your service stacks up when it comes to average internet prices in Miami.

See if ViaSat is available near you

6. Starting at $59.99: HughesNet 

HughesNet is the more expensive of the two well-known satellite companies, though its starting packages are well below the average cost of internet in Miami.

HughesNet also offers free installation and reliable service. Given the fantastic customer service most people describe, that’s less time on the phone with technical support. 

Speeds start at 25 Mbps, with the cheapest internet plan having a data cap of 10 GB. This might not be an issue for people who have light internet service. But if you have more internet needs, or multiple devices in your home, ViaSat generally offers more data in their plans.

Given all you need is clearly a line of sight to the sky, HughesNet makes your life easy. So if you want simple internet that saves you time with good service, HughesNet is a good option. 

See if HughesNet is available for your home


When looking at the average cost of internet, Miami holds at nearly $80. This coverage includes prices that vary from $20 to several hundred dollars and everything in between. With this range, you can be sure to find reliable internet in Miami that checks all of your boxes.

And remember, whether you crave faster speeds or better service from your Miami internet providers, InternetAdvisor can help. 

Using our handy provider-finding tools, you can find the best internet plans in your area.

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