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The fourth-largest mobile network provider in the world, America Movil has an extensive reach through its huge subsidiary network. Based in Mexico City, the telecommunications company operates primarily through TracFone Wireless, extending its reach to 300 million wireless clients through Telcel America, NET 10 Wireless, TracFone, Straight Talk, SIMPLE Mobile, Page Plus Cellular, Total Wireless and others in the United States alone. Beyond that, America Movil services more than 20 million broadband clients across the globe.

America Movil Facts:

  • Aside from high-speed Internet packages, America Movil offers telephone bundles, fixed-line Internet and digital television.
  • With more than 360 million mobile users, broadband customers and digital television subscribers, America Movil is one of the globe's largest providers.
  • In addition, the company boasts one of the globe's biggest fiber networks, sporting nearly 300,000 kilometers of fiber-optic lines throughout the world.
  • Publicly traded on BMAD, BMV, NASDAQ and NYSE.
  • Once, America Movil was part of Telmex but eventually became its own company.

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