Aeronet Wireless Broadband

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Summary of Top School Districts Served by Aeronet Wireless Broadband

DistrictGradesMax SpeedAvg SpeedType
New York City Department Of EducationPK - 121 Gbps340 MbpsCable, DSL, Fiber and Fixed Wireless
Austin Independent PK - 121 Gbps293 MbpsCable, DSL, Fiber and Fixed Wireless
Dade County PK - 121 Gbps229 MbpsCable, DSL and Fiber
Houston Independent PK - 121 Gbps222 MbpsCable, DSL and Fiber
Littleton 6PK - 121 Gbps210 MbpsCable, DSL, Fiber and Fixed Wireless
Columbia 93 PK - 121 Gbps187 MbpsCable, DSL and Fiber
Auburn PK - 121 Gbps173 MbpsCable, DSL and Fiber
Lake Havasu Unified DistrictPK - 121 Gbps164 MbpsCable, DSL and Fixed Wireless
Cambridge PK - 121 Gbps162 MbpsCable, DSL, Fiber and Fixed Wireless
Woodbridge Township PK - 121 Gbps158 MbpsCable, DSL and Fiber
Data provided by various data sources including the FCC. For more information please view our sources page.
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